CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2016


All Projects

Athletics & Sensing Devices

Beating Daily Fantasy Football [poster] [report]
Matthew Fox

Beating the Bookies: Predicting the Outcome of Soccer Games [poster] [report]
Steffen Smolka

Beating the Odds, Learning to Bet on Soccer Matches Using Historical Data [poster] [report]
Soroosh Hemmati, Bardia Beigi, Michael Painter

Building an NFL performance metric [poster] [report]
Seonghyun Paik

Cuff-Less Blood Pressure Monitoring using ECG and PPG Signals [poster] [report]
Andrew Stirn

Data-Driven Insights into Football Match Results [poster] [report]
Kevin Bishop

Do you even lift, bro? [poster] [report]
Matthew Katzman, Christina Ramsey, Samuel Sowell

Embodied Music Meditation: A Real-time Interactive Audio-Visual System for Buddhist Mudras Exploration [poster] [report]
Yun Zhang, Yijun Zhou, Mark Rau

GNSS Pseudorange Classification and Satellite Selection [poster] [report]
Kazuma Gunning

GPS Trace Modality Classification [poster] [report]
Diana Hernandez Juarez Madera, Matej Kosec, Yi Cao

Human Activity Recognition [poster] [report]
Heguang Liu, Wei Ji, Jonathan Fisher

Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Data [poster] [report]
Nicholas Canova, Fjorabla Shemaj

Human Activity Recognition using Smartphone Sensors [poster] [report]
Jessica Moore, Binghai Ling

Predicting Fantasy Football Production for Daily Fantasy Leagues [poster] [report]
Alexei Bastidas, Ingerid Fosli

Predicting Future NBA Scores from Play-by-Play Data [poster] [report]
Jesus Guzman, Batuhan Balci, Grant Avalon

Predicting Pitchers' Early Career Value From Rookie Year Performance [poster] [report]
Austin Poore, Joey Asperger

Predicting Point Spread in NFL Games [poster] [report]
Christina Wadsworth, Francesca Vera

Predicting Run vs. Pass Plays in the NFL [poster] [report]
Vihan Lakshman, Peter Lee, Ryan Chen

Predicting the Trajectory of an NBA Player's Career [poster] [report]
Michael An, Evan Liang, Michelle Zhang

Remote Surface Classification for Robotic Platforms [poster] [report]
Will Roderick, Connor Anderson, Aaron Manheim

Sensor-based Semantic-level Human Activity Recognition using Temporal Classification [poster] [report]
Chuanwei Ruan, Rui Xu, Weixuan Gao

Audio & Music

Applying Machine Learning to Music Classification [poster] [report]
Matthew Creme, Charles Burlin, Raphael Lenain

Classifying an Artist's Genre Based on Song Features [poster] [report]
Mitchell Dumovic, Richard Ridley

Conditioning WaveNet on Learned Formant Characterizations for Speech Audio Enhancement [poster] [report]
Kyle Fisher, Adam Scherlis

Detecting Musical Key with Supervised Learning [poster] [report]
Robert Mahieu

Keyword Spotting in Arabic Speech [poster] [report]
Mohamed Mahmoud

Music Composition with RNN [poster] [report]
Jason Wang

Music-Speech Discrimination [poster] [report]
Shiv Kaul, Yash Malviya, Kushaagra Goyal

Neural Network for Music Instrument Identification [poster] [report]
Zhiwen Zhang, Hanze Tu, Yuan Li

Predicting Imagined Meters in Musical Patterns from MEG Data [poster] [report]
Aashna Shroff, Ben Limonchik, Zoe Alanah-Robert

Recurrent Neural Networks with Attention for Genre Classification and Music Compositon [poster] [report]
Elliott Chartock, Jeremy Irvin, Nadav Hollander

Video Game Genre Classification by Soundtrack [poster] [report]
David Wugofski, Zhiming Shi, Bojiong Ni

Computer Vision

3D Point Estimation Using Recursive Networks [poster] [report]
Hanna Winter

ASL Fingerspelling Interpretation [poster] [report]
Shalini Ranmuthu, Ishan Patil, Hans Magnus Ewald

Adversarial Attack on Image Recognition [poster] [report]
Masha (Mikhal) Itkina, Yu Wu

Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Steering Angle Prediction in Self-Driving Cars [poster] [report]
Petar Penkov, Vinay Sriram, James Ye

Are Anime Cartoons? [poster] [report]
Haritha Ramesh, Zi Xian Justin Yeo, Chai Jia Xun

Artistic Style Transfer for Face Portraits [poster] [report]
Marcus Pan, Chen Zhu, Daniel

Automated Image-based Detection of State of Construction Progress [poster] [report]
hesam hamledari

Automated Restyling of Human Portrait Based on Facial Expression Recognition and 3D Reconstruction [poster] [report]
Cheng-Han(Dennis) Wu, Hsin Chen

Chinese Calligraphy Font Classi cation and Transformation [poster] [report]

Classification of Driver Distraction [poster] [report]
Danni Luo, Sam Colbran, Kaiqi Cen

Classification of Garbage Into Different Waste Classes [poster] [report]
Mindy Yang, Gary Thung

ColoRNN Book: A Recurrent Deep Learning Approach to Consistent Video Colorization [poster] [report]
Divyahans Gupta, Sanjay Kannan

Create your own Chinese calligraphy artwork [poster] [report]
Tao Jia, Haoli Guo, Yujie Zheng

Deep Learning Approach to Planogram Compliance in Retail Stores [poster] [report]
Idawati Bustan, Yan Ru Mervyn Wee, Zhi Xian Timothy Chong

Deep Learning Based Food Recognition [poster] [report]
Dongyuan Mao, Qian Yu, Jingfan Wang

DeepCrop: Whole Object Auto-Cropping with Deep Learning [poster] [report]
Andrey Kurenkov

Denoising Low Light Images [poster] [report]
Paroma Varma, Nitish Padmanaban, Geet Sethi

Detect Distracted Driver [poster] [report]
Yundong Zhang

Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy with Convolutional Neural Networks [poster] [report]
Alex Tamkin, Iain Usiri, Chala Fekadu Fufa

Driving a car with low dimensional input features [poster] [report]
Jean-Claude Manoli

End-to-End Driving Controls Prediction from Images [poster] [report]
Jan Felix Heyse, Maxime Bouton

Example-Based Image Super-Resolution Techniques [poster] [report]
Mark Sabini, Gili Rusak

Generative adversarial network based adversarial examples generation and defense [poster] [report]
Fei Xia, Ruishan Liu

GoGoGo: Improving Deep Neural Network Based Go Playing AI with Residual Networks [poster] [report]
Xingyu Liu

Guqin Notation and Music Style Recognition [poster] [report]
Helen Shi

Is He Chinese, Korean or Japanese? [poster] [report]
ShuYing Zhang, HaoXuan Chen, Yiran Deng

Machine Learning for Different Calligraphers Style Recognition [poster] [report]
Yu-Sheng Chen, Haihong Li, Guangjun Su

Machine Learning for Human Activity Recognition [poster] [report]
Shikhar Shrestha

Measuring Aristic Similarity of Paintings [poster] [report]
Yancheng Xiao, Jay Whang, Buhuang Liu

Monitoring Illegal Fishing through Image Classification [poster] [report]
Antariksh Mahajan, Jason Frost, Taylor Geisler

Neural Networks for Video Frame Interpolation [poster] [report]
Mark Koren, Kunal Menda, Apoorva Sharma

Out-of-focus: Learning Depth from Image Bokeh for Robotic Perception [poster] [report]
Eric Cristofalo, Zijian Wang

PDF Table Extractor [poster] [report]
Nick Pether, Todd MacDonald

Painfree LaTeX with Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning [poster] [report]
Joseph Chang, Andrew Zhang, Shrey Gupta

Plant Leaf Recognition [poster] [report]
Albert Liu, Yangming Huang

Predicting Gentrification with Satellite Imagery [poster] [report]
Kenneth Xu, Soraya Karimi, Ramin Ahmari

Real-time Object Detection [poster] [report]
Ziyi Yang, Zibo Gong, Tianchang He

Recognition of Tourist Attractions Using Convolutional Neural Networks [poster] [report]
Yuanfang Li, Xin Li, Chang Yue

Seeing Beyond Seeing with Enhanced Deep Tracking [poster] [report]
Zhiyang He

Single RGB Image Depth Estimation in Indoor and Outdoor Scenes [poster] [report]
Yuanfang Wang, Yuan Gao, Yinghao Xu

Socially Aware Neural Nets for Effective Crowd Navigation [poster] [report]
Maximilian Chang, Karthik Raju

Study Impact of Architectural Style and Partial View on Landmark Recognition [poster] [report]
Ying Chen

Target Tracking with Particle Filtering and Recurrent Neural Nets [poster] [report]
Jonathan Kuck, Dan Iter, Philip Zhuang

Viewpoint Invariant Person Detection in RGB-D Data [poster] [report]
Alisha Rege

YOLOFlow [poster] [report]
Konstantine Buhler, John Wheatley, Matthew Vilim

Finance & Commerce

Boozed‰Ûªd Trees‰ÛÓBeer Sales Forecasting [poster] [report]
Dan Zylberglejd, Ludwig Schubert

Comparative Automated Bitcoin Trading Strategies [poster] [report]
Kareem Hegazy, Sam Mumford

House Price Predictions with Advanced Regression and Classification Techniques [poster] [report]
Hujia Yu, Jiafu Wu

NLP Analysis of Company Earnings Releases [poster] [report]
Charles Pratt, Philipp Thun-Hohenstein, Thomas Ulrich

Portfolio Management using Reinforcement Learning [poster] [report]
Olivier Jin, Hamza El-Saawy

Predicting Flight Delays Using Weather Data [poster] [report]
Samir Menon, Neil Movva

Predicting News Sharing on Social Media [poster] [report]
Joseph Johnson, Noam Weinberger

Predicting Stock Price Movement Using Crowd Sentiment Analysis [poster] [report]
Derek Tsui

Predicting Success of Restaurants in Las Vegas [poster] [report]
Sang Goo Kang, Viet Vo

Predicting film box office in the United States [poster] [report]
Pengda Liu

Stock Market Trends Prediction after Earning Release [poster] [report]
Chen Qian, Wenjie Zheng, Ran(Emma) An

Unstructured Document Recognition on Business Invoice [poster] [report]
Yaqi Zhang, Wenshun Liu, Xizheng Wan

Wind Power and Electric Load Forecasting [poster] [report]
Xuhua Gao, Mengwei Liu, Jie Wu

General Machine Learning

A Personalized Recommendation System for Yelp Users [poster] [report]
Yinuo Yao, Fangmingyu Yang, Xin Niu

AI Plays 2048 [poster] [report]
Yun Nie, Wenqi Hou, Yicheng An

Achieving Better Predictions with Collaborative Neighborhood [poster] [report]
Edison Alejandro Garcia

Adversarial Machine Learning against Keystroke Dynamics [poster] [report]
Parimarjan Negi, Ankita Sharma

Allocating aid to right people [poster] [report]
Adem Dugalic, Tram Nguyen

American Immigrants Classification and Naturalization Time Prediction of Different Groups [poster] [report]
Yixiao Sheng, Yu-Chung Lien, Ching-Hua Wang

Applying machine learning to the board game Pylos [poster] [report]
Lucia Gan, Stan Fort, Allen Zhao

Automatic Recognition of Pick and Roll Plays [poster] [report]
Will Qiu

Autonomous Super Mario Agent [poster] [report]
Sean Klein

Bayseian Knowledge Tracing [poster] [report]
Qandeel Tariq, Richard Lee Davis, Alex Kolchinski

Bias In Wikipedia: Different Links, Different Stories [poster] [report]
Raine Hoover

Binary Multi-layer Neural Network Implemented with Non-volatile Memory Crossbar for Efficient Neuromorphic Computing [poster] [report]
Weier Wan, Ling Li

Click Recommendation [poster] [report]
Sudhanshu Singh, Lisa Yamada, Julien Hoachuck

Complementary Venue Recommendation Model for Yelp [poster] [report]
Ryan Wong, Hyun Sik Kim

Creating a Dominion AI using Genetic Algorithms [poster] [report]
Mok Ming Foong

Deep Q-learning on Atari Assault [poster] [report]
Fabian Chan, Xueyuan Mei, You Guan

Developing a Regression Algorithm for Predicting Magic: The Gathering Card Efficiency in Draft Format [poster] [report]
Jonathan Tuck

Distance Correlation [poster] [report]
Yoann Le Calonnec

Ensembling and Other Defenses Against Adversarial Examples [poster] [report]
Brendon Go, Evan Liu

Fingerprint Identification using SVM [poster] [report]
Xuan Xu

Generating Ad-Hoc Curricula [poster] [report]
Andrew Lampinen

Hacking AES-128 [poster] [report]
Konstantinos Kaffes, Timothy Chong

High-Speed Autonomous Driving through Unknown Map [poster] [report]
Xiaobai Ma, Zhenkai Wang, Siyan Guo

League of Legends Match Outcome Prediction [poster] [report]
Lucas Lin

Learning Long Term Dependencies with Deep Logarithmic Residual LSTMs [poster] [report]
Zihua Liu, William Hang, Joseph Suarez

Learning Multiagent Congestion Control Schemes [poster] [report]
Saied Mehdian, AmirMahdi Ahmadinejad

Learning To Cook [poster] [report]
Jake Rachleff, Rachel Lim, Travis Arffa

Learning a Double Dummy Bridge Solver [poster] [report]
Michael Mernagh

Learning from Yelp [poster] [report]
David Nichols

Learning the Network Structure of Heterogeneous Data [poster] [report]
Jong Ho Kim, Youngsuk Park

Machine Learning for Aircraft System Identification [poster] [report]
Brandon Jones, Kevin Jenkins

Machine Learning with Insufficient Data Amount [poster] [report]
Phan Minh Nguyen

Making Our Cities Safer: A Study of Neighborhood Crime Patterns [poster] [report]
Ariel Sagalovsky, Alyson Kane

Minority Report: ML Fairness in Criminality Prediction [poster] [report]
Torin Rudeen, Dominick Lim

Modeling Flight Delays [poster] [report]
Romain Sauvestre, Louis Duperier, Jonathan Leaf

Motion Planning in Unknown Environments [poster] [report]
Vikranth Dwaracherla, Varsha Sankar, Radhika Pramod Patil

Movie Recommendation: Aggregation of Collaborative Filtering and Low-rank Matrix Recovery [poster] [report]
Yanjun Han, Yuan Chen, Yixin Wang

New York City Cab Pricing [poster] [report]
Christophoros Antoniades, Delara Fadavi, Antoine Foba Amon Junior

Outbrain Click Prediction [poster] [report]
Girish Limaye, Prashant Jaiswal, Vijayaraj Gopinath

Predict Commercial Promoted Contents Will Be Clicked By User [poster] [report]
Gary(Xinran) Guo

Predicting Compensation for Job Seekers [poster] [report]
Jennifer Kilpatrick, Darren Baker, Megan Fazio

Predicting Emergency Incidents in San Diego [poster] [report]
Tyler Romero, Zach Barnes, Frank Cipollone

Predicting Freeway Traffic in the Bay area [poster] [report]
Jacob Baldwin, Chen-Hsuan Sun, Ya-Ting Wang

Predicting K-5 School Enrollment for the New York City Department of Education [poster] [report]
Deepti Mahajan, Michael Fairley

Predicting Median Income from Yelp Review Language [poster] [report]
Stephanie Chen, Michael Zhu

Predicting Movie Popularities Using Their Genomes [poster] [report]
Jing Siang Ng, Ting An Ian Ngiaw, Bili Xu

Predicting NFL Score Differences using Markov Models [poster] [report]
Stanley Xie, Guy Blanc, Eric Luxenberg

Predicting Popularity of Posts on Hacker News [poster] [report]
Yang Yuan, Zhenglin Geng, Chao Wang

Predicting Sexual Orientation Based on Facebook Status Updates [poster] [report]
Michael Xing, Aaron Loh, Kenneth Soo

Predicting Which Recommended Content Users Click [poster] [report]
Lingjie Kong, Stanley Jacob

Predicting Yelp Users Rating Based on Previous Reviews [poster] [report]
Yue Li, Haomiao Song

Prediction of Research Impact : A Case Study for Nanotechnology [poster] [report]
Patrick Tae, Raisul Islam

Predictive analysis on Multivariate, Time Series Datasets using Shapelets [poster] [report]
Hemal Thakkar

Real-time learning and prediction of public transit bus arrival times [poster] [report]
David Nissimoff

Reviving our infrastructure to save lives [poster] [report]
Alec Arshavsky

San Francisco Crime Classification [poster] [report]
Charles Hale, Feng Liu

Sensitivity of Jury Trial Outcomes to Trial Factors [poster] [report]
Mac Abruzzo

Sparse Estimation of Movie Preferences via Constrained Optimization [poster] [report]
Alexandros Anemogiannis, Ajay Mandlekar, Matthew Tsao

Spectral Learning of General Latent-Variable Probabilistic Graphical Models: A Supervised Learning Approach [poster] [report]
Borui Wang

Sports Data Mining: Predicting Results for Professional Basketball Games [poster] [report]
Weronika Swiechowicz, Jacob Perricone, Ian Shaw

Use of unstructured learning to detect gerrymandering across school districts [poster] [report]
Divya Siddarth, Amber Thomas

Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Identify Undervalued Baseball Players [poster] [report]
Tatsuya Ishii

Using Yelp Reviews to Improve Businesses [poster] [report]
Stephanie Mallard, Bonnie Nortz

Where Can Clean Technology Help? Machine Learning to Identify Environmentally At-Risk Communities in the United States [poster] [report]
Shiran Shen, Blane Wilson

ZSY Playing [poster] [report]
Wei-ting Hsu, Hua Feng, Leon Lin

Life Sciences

Annotating pathogenicity of genetic variants [poster] [report]
Somit Gupta

Applying Boosting Algorithm for Improving Diagnosis of Interstitial Lung Diseases [poster] [report]
Jason Yang

Applying LSTM Deep Networks for Human Seizure Prediction [poster] [report]
Cagan Alkan, Ehsan Dadgar-Kiani, Ali Shameli

Applying Machine Learning to Predict and Explain Primate Consortship [poster] [report]
Vayu Kishore, Filippo Ranalli, Josh King

Automatically Quantifying Radiographic Knee Osteoarthritis Severity [poster] [report]
Suhas Suresha, Nathan Dalal, Akash Mahajan

Bianca: Mouse behavior tracking [poster] [report]
Piper Keyes, Sal Valdes

Building a Better Risk Prediction Model for ASCVD [poster] [report]
Jonas Kemp, Aditya Kanukurthy

CNNs for Segmenting Confluent Cell Culture [poster] [report]
Bruno Beltran, Nalin Ratnayeke

Classification of Neonatal Brain Ultrasound Scans Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks [poster] [report]
Dongwoon Hyun, Leandra Brickson

Computational prediction of clinical outcome of sepsis from critical care database [poster] [report]
Yosuke Tanigawa, Stephen Pfohl

Data driven prediction of Material Bandgap [poster] [report]
Fariah Hayee, Isha Datye, Rahul Kini

DeepEyes: Extraocular Disease Classification [poster] [report]
Shloka Desai, Chelsea Sidrane, Zachary Maurer

Determining Disinfection Byproduct Formation during Disinfection using Treatment Parameters [poster] [report]
Aleksandra Szczuka

Diabetic Retinopathy Identification and Severity Classification [poster] [report]
Sagar Honnungar, Sanyam Mehra, Joseph Samuel

Encoding the natural response of primate retina [poster] [report]
Nandita Bhaskhar, Ananth Saran Yalamarthy, Arushi Arora

Ensemble Prediction of Intrinsically Disordered Regions in Proteins [poster] [report]
Ahmed Attia

Generative models for the trajectories of slow-progressing mobility diseases following medical interventions [poster] [report]
Ferdinand Legros

Genome Dreaming [poster] [report]
Akshay Maheshwari, Oguz Elibol, Bohan Wu

Independent Component Analysis (ICA) of functional MRI (fMRI) data [poster] [report]
Seul Lee

Investigating Autism and The Human Microbiome [poster] [report]
Michael D. Salerno, Christine A. Tataru, Filip Zivkovic

Models of Neuron Coding in Retinal Ganglion Cells and Clustering by Receptive Field [poster] [report]
Claire Hebert, Brett Larsen, Kevin Feigelis

Predicting Energy Usage of School Buildings [poster] [report]
Rohith Desikan, Daniel Sambor, Vikhyat Chaudhry

Predicting Image Categories using Brain Decoding [poster] [report]
Charles Akin-David, Aarush Selvan, Minymoh Anelone

Predicting prokaryotic incubation times from genomic features [poster] [report]
Maeva Fincker

Segmentation of Medical Ultrasound Images using Convolutional Neural Networks with Noisy Activation Functions [poster] [report]
You Li

Separation of MR multiband images using complex independent component analysis [poster] [report]
Yuxin Hu, Minda Deng, Haiyu Lu

Using Genomic Data to Identify Co-Variation Patterns and Predict Outcomes in Human Cancers [poster] [report]
Nathan S Abell

Natural Language

Automatic Generation of Lyrics in Bob Dylan's Style [poster] [report]
Chao Liang, Dongzhuo Li, Tianze Liu

Classifying Social Unrest through Twitter Sentiment [poster] [report]
Tariq Patanam, Dan Sadaati, Farah Uraizee

Detecting Temporal Relations of Events in Short Narratives [poster] [report]
Delenn Chin, Kevin Chen

Disentangling Multiple Narratives through Natural Language Processing [poster] [report]
Maggie Engler, Brett Harvey

Improving Yelp Restaurant Recommendations [poster] [report]
Tuan Nguyen, Gil Rosen

Key-sentence extraction with Neural Networks [poster] [report]
Jie Tang

Language Models for US Presidential Candidates [poster] [report]
FNU Budianto, Jeff Nainaparampil, Shruti Murali

Language Recognition and using Speech Recordings [poster] [report]
Cindy Catherine Orozco Bohorquez, Leopold Cambier, Matan Leibovich

Multiclass Classification of Tweets and Twitter Users Based on Kindness Analysis [poster] [report]
Wanzi Zhou, Chaosheng Han, Xinyuan Huang

Paragraph Topic Categorization [poster] [report]
Edward Ng, Eugene Nho

Predicting Mass Movements with Google Trends Data [poster] [report]
Justin Lai, Brian Higgins

Predicting the Likelihood of Response in a Messaging Application [poster] [report]
Tushar Paul, Kevin Shin

Prediction of the crude oil price thanks to natural language processing applied to newspapers [poster] [report]
Arthur Morlot, Sophie Trastour, Maxime Genin

Removing Bias from Word Embeddings [poster] [report]
Tuhin Chakraborty

Semantic Analysis of Political Speeches [poster] [report]
Ambika Acharya, Mike Maduabum, Nicole Crawford

Sentiment Classification and Opinion Mining on Airline Reviews [poster] [report]
Peng Yuan, Yangxin Zhong, Jian Huang

Stack Overflow Query Outcome Prediction [poster] [report]
David Lin, Robbie Jones

Tracking the relevance of conferecens [poster] [report]
huizi mao

Visual-Tex [poster] [report]
Nick Troccoli, Kat Gregory, Dylan Moore

Physical Sciences

A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Motion Planning of Hopping Rovers [poster] [report]
Benjamin Hockman

Beam Detection Based on Machine Learning Algorithms [poster] [report]
Haoyuan Li, Qing Yin

Classification of River Delta Channel Bifurcation Points in Remote Sensing Imagery [poster] [report]
Erik Nesvold

Data classification for diffraction images [poster] [report]
Po-Nan Li

Data-Driven Earthquake Location Method [poster] [report]
Weiqiang Zhu, Kaiwen Wang

Determining Aircraft Sizing Parameters through Machine Learning [poster] [report]
Timothy MacDonald, Michael Vegh, Brian Munguia

Digital Predistortion Using Machine Learning Algorithms [poster] [report]
James Peroulas

Facies Characterization of a Reservoir in the North Sea Using Machine Learning Techniques [poster] [report]
Peipei Li, Yuran Zhang

Galaxy Morphology Classificatoin [poster] [report]
Archa Jain, Alexandre Gauthier, Emil Noordeh

Human Fall Detection in Indoor Environments Using Channel State Information of Wi-Fi Signals [poster] [report]
Sankalp Dayal, Paraskevas Deligiannis, Hirokazu Narui (Auditing)

I Know Where You Are: Indoor WiFi Localization Using Neural Networks [poster] [report]
Tong Mu, Tori Fujinami, Saleil Bhat

Implementing Machine Learning to Earthquake Engineering [poster] [report]
Cristian Acevedo

Improving efficient collapse intensity measures using machine learning [poster] [report]
Hector Davalos, Pablo Heresi

Learning Catalysts, One Piece at a Time [poster] [report]
Philip Hwang, Michael Tang, Robert Sandberg

Machine Learning The Optimal Power Flow Problem [poster] [report]
Thomas Navidi, Aditya Garg, Suvrat Bhoosan

Markov Model in Time for Transport in Porous Media [poster] [report]
Amir Hossein Delgoshaie, Yang Wong

Neural Networks for calibrating ATLAS jets [poster] [report]
Murtaza Safdari, Nicole Hartman

Predicting Earthquake Characteristics from a Single Seismic Station [poster] [report]
Jeremy Maurer, Shanna Chu

Quark-gluon tagging in the forward region of ATLAS at the LHC [poster] [report]
Rob Mina, Randy White

Rainfall Prediction in California [poster] [report]
Swarna Sinha

Reduced order modeling approach for cardiovascular stent design [poster] [report]
Berkin Dortdivanlioglu

Reimaging Shallow Structure [poster] [report]
Greg DePaul, Jeremy Wood

Temperature predictions for the Y2E2 building [poster] [report]
Balthazar Donon

Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis of reservoir forecasts with machine learning [poster] [report]
Jihoon Park

Weather Forecasting [poster] [report]
Dylan Liu, Mark Holmstrom, Christopher Vo

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Enhanced by Machine Learning [poster] [report]
Alexander Gabourie, Connor McClellan, Sanchit Deshmukh

Theory & Reinforcement

AI for Chrome Offline Dinasour Game [poster] [report]
Junjie Ke, Yiwei Zhao, Honghao Wei

Aerobatics Aircraft Controller with Reinforcement Learning [poster] [report]
Jean de Becdelievre, Kevin Poulet, Bertrand Bevillard

Algorithms for Learning Good Heuristics [poster] [report]
Brian Zhang, Manikant Tiwari

Application of Machine Learning to Link Prediction [poster] [report]
Kyle Julian, Wayne Lu

Control of Inverted Double Pendulum using Reinforcement Learning [poster] [report]
Fredrik Gustafsson

Deep Q-Learning with Recurrent Neural Networks [poster] [report]
Dillon Laird, Clare Chen, Vincent Ying

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Atari games aided with human guidance [poster] [report]
Kshitiz Tripathi

Deep Reinforcement Learning for General Game Playing [poster] [report]
Noah Arthurs, Sawyer Birnbaum

Deep learning based motor control unit [poster] [report]
Viktor Makoviichuk, Peter Lapko

Implementing Q-Learning for Breakout [poster] [report]
Jiaming Zeng, Jennie Zheng, Edgard Bonilla

Killing Zombies in Minecraft Using Deep Q-Learning [poster] [report]
Hiroto Udagawa, Shim Young Lee, Tarun Narasimhan

Predicting users‰Ûª political support from their Reddit comment history [poster] [report]
Silviana Ilcus, Michal Wegrzynski, Aaron Acosta

Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Racing in Simulation [poster] [report]
Nancy Xu, Adithya Ganesh, Matthew Das Sarma

Reinforcement Learning for Dam Control [poster] [report]
Isabel Bush, Matthew Shultz

Reinforcement Learning for Feature Selection in Affective Speech Classification [poster] [report]
Eric Lau, Chiraag Sumanth, Suraj Heereguppe

Reinforcement Learning for Rapid Roll [poster] [report]
Bera Shi, Zhecheng Wang, Yang Li

The Applicability of Machine Learning Concepts to Game Artificial Intelligence [poster] [report]
Qiujiang Jin, Garrett Gutierrez

Using Reinforcement Learning to Play Othello [poster] [report]
Frank Zheng, Kevin Fry, Xianming Li

When does stochastic gradient descent work without variance reduction? [poster] [report]
Huseyin Atahan Inan, Chuan-Zheng Lee