Machine Learning
 Spring 2016


  • [8/1/16] Autumn Quarter 2016-17 students: This website will be updated in mid September.

  • [6/12/16] Project reports and posters have been posted here.
  • [6/9/16] Letter grades have been posted on Axess.
  • [6/3/16] The Friday final exam has been posted under materials.
  • [6/2/16] If you are taking the final exam, select your exam date here.
  • [5/24/16] Problem set 3 solutions released on Piazza.
  • [5/19/16] Problem set 4 posted.
  • [5/7/16] Problem set 2 solutions released on Piazza.
  • [5/6/16] Supplemental notes on Hoeffding's inequality posted.
  • [5/6/16] Practice midterm solutions posted on Piazza.
  • [5/5/16] Problem set 3 posted.
  • [5/2/16] Practice midterm posted.
  • [4/28/16] Problem set 1 solutions released on Piazza.
  • [4/20/16] Project guidelines updated. See the pdf.
  • [4/20/16] Supplemental notes on the representer theorem posted.
  • [4/20/16] Problem set 2 has been posted.
  • [4/13/16] Supplemental notes on boosting posted.
  • [4/6/16] Problem set 1 is released.
  • [4/6/16] Supplemental notes on binary classification posted.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all items are posted on the materials section of the website.

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