CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2009

A Framework for Stock Prediction. Hung Pham, Andrew Chien and Yongwhan Lim. [pdf]

A Generalized Method to Solve Text-Based CAPTCHAs. Jason Ma, Bilal Badaoui and Emile Chamoun. [pdf]

A Machine Learning Approach to Stroke Risk Prediction. Yu Cao, Hsu-Kuang Chiu, Aditya Khosla and Cliff Chiung Yu Lin. [pdf]

A Novel Authentication Mechanism Using Mobile Virtual Signatures. Nikhil Handigol,Te-Yuan Huang and Chi Liu. [pdf]

A SVM approach to stock trading. Christopher King, Christophe Vandrot and John Weng.[pdf]

Adaptive Execution with Online Price Impact Learning. Beomsoo George Park.[pdf]

AI Mahjong. Wan Jing Loh.[pdf]

Algorithm Trading using Q-Learning and Recurrent Reinforcement Learning. Xin Du, Koupin Lv and Jinjian Zhai.[pdf]

An Adaptive Agent for No-Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker. David O'Steen.[pdf]

An Empirical Study of Machine Learning Techniques used for Enhancer Classification. Harendra Guturu and Ankush Singla.[pdf]

Applying Machine Learning in Game AI Design. Yanzhu Du, Shisheng Cui and Stephen Guo.[pdf]

Automatic Beat Alignment of Rap Lyrics. Sang Won Lee and Jieun Oh.[pdf]

Automatic Fatigue Detection System. Tomas Tinoco De Rubira.[pdf]

Automatic Graph Classification. Brian Lukoff.[pdf]

Automatic identification of glomerulus in the antenna lobe of Drosophila . Li Liu, Liang Liang.[pdf]

Automatic Ranking of Images on the Web. HangHang Zhang, Zixuan Wang.[pdf]

Automatic Recognition of Satire in Web Content. Michael Abercrombie.[pdf]

Automatic Segmentation of Clothing for the Identification of Fashion Trends Using K-Means Clustering. Michael McDaniels and Marcelo Worsley.[pdf]

Automatic Segmentation using Learning Algorithms for High Resolution MRI of the Larynx. Reeve Ingle, Kie Tae Kwon.[pdf]

Automatic Transcription of Solo Piano Music. Alex Landau.[pdf]

Bot Detection via Mouse Mapping. Evan Winslow.[pdf]

Bubble Clustering: Set Covering via Union of Ellipses. Matt Kraning, Arezou Keshavarz and Lei Zhao.[pdf]

Chinese Sentence Tokenization Using a Word Classifier. Benjamin Bercovitz.[pdf]

Classification of Amazon Reviews. Mayank Agarwal and Maneesh Bhand.[pdf]

Classification of Genes Using Codon Usage. Christina Fan.[pdf]

Classification of Hyperspectral Breast Images for Cancer Detection. Sander Parawira.[pdf]

Classification of Synapses Using Spatial Protein Data. Jenny Chen and Micol Marchetti-Bowick.[pdf]

Classifying Relationships Between Nouns. Jun Araki and Heeyoung Lee and Erik Kuefler.[pdf]

Click Prediction and Preference Ranking of RSS Feeds. Steven Wu.[pdf]

Clustering Blogs Based on Stylistic Characteristics. Matin Movassate and Christopher Lin.[pdf]

Collaborative Filtering on Sparse Rating Data for Jason Fennell.[pdf]

Controller Design For a Wall Landing Airplane. Alexis Lussier Desbiens and Etienne Le Grand.[pdf]

Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machine Features for TD Learning in Go. Peter Pham and Yan Largman.[pdf]

Deep Networks on the GPU. Michael Harris, Jae Hyun Park and Jeffrey Wang.[pdf]

Detecting Chronic Pain with Structural MRI. Hoameng Ung.[pdf]

Detection of faults in Antenna Array using SVM. Srkanth Rajagopalan, Mandar Joshi and Vinesh Gudla.[pdf]

Discovering Visual Hierarchy through Unsupervised Learning. Haider Razvi.[pdf]

Document Retrieval by Similarity. Firouzeh Jalilian, Haiyan Liu and Jia Pu.[pdf]

Does This Shirt Go With This Tie?. Monique Ryan, Dave Willis and Pranav Khaitan.[pdf]

EigenHot or EigenNot. Noah Youngs.[pdf]

Enabling intelligent traffic flow management in Wireless LAN's using Markov Decision Process tools. Sonali Aggarwal and Shrey Gupta.[pdf]

Estimating Human Pose in Images. Navraj Singh.[pdf]

Estimating Missing Temporal Attributes In Genealogical Data. Nam Wook Kim.[pdf]

Face tracking in video. Hamidreza Khazaei, Pegah Tootoonchi Afshar.[pdf]

Favorites-Based Search Result Ordering. Ben Flamm and Geoffrey Schiebinger.[pdf]

Feature Selection Methods for SVM Classification of Microarray Data. Mike Love.[pdf]

Finding a Basis for the Neural State. Chris Cueva.[pdf]

Finding Optimal Hardware Configurations For C Code. John Clark and Ilana Segall.[pdf]

Finding the Augmented Neural Pathways to Math Processing. Gary Tang.[pdf]

Force Feedback Learning Applied to Robot Object Handling. Cason Male.[pdf]

Formation Flight. Zouhair Mahboubi and Tao Wang.[pdf]

Functional Connectivity and Distributed Classification of the Human Brain . Barry Chai.[pdf]

Generalized Neutral Portfolio. Sandeep Bhutani.[pdf]

Grant Prediction with Network Features. Stefan Krawczyk.[pdf]

Hedging and Pricing Options using Machine Learning. Jacob Kolind, Jonathan Harris and Karol Przybytkowski.[pdf]

Identification of Cancer-relevant Variations in a Novel Human Genome Sequence. Robert Bruggner.[pdf]

Identification of nano-particle absoption by circulating macrophage. Melisa Orta, Kimberlee Shish, and Brendan Tracey.[pdf]

Identification of Neuroimaging Biomarkers. Dan Goodwin, Tom Bleymaier and Shipra Bhal.[pdf]

Identifying Hand Configurations with Low Resolution Depth Sensor Data. Sameer Shariff and Ashish Kulkarni.[pdf]

Inferring Passenger Boarding and Alighting Preferences for Marguerite. Adrian Albert.[pdf]

Integrated Analysis of Breast Cancer Gene Expression, Morphology, and Patient Survival. Andrew Beck, Winnie Cheng and Franklin Wu.[pdf]

Intuition. Kevin Montag.[pdf]

Investigation of error tolerant nature of machine learning algorithms. Hyungmin Cho.[pdf]

Learning 3D Point Cloud Histograms. Brian Jones and Michel Aoun.[pdf]

Learning and Visualizing Political Issues from Voting Records. Erik Goldman, Evan Cox and Mikhail Kerzhner.[pdf]

Learning Stereo Features with Stacked Autoencoders. Jin Hao Daniel Chia, Pang Wei Koh and Zhenghao Chen.[pdf]

Learning the Statistics of Wireless Links. Sina Firouzabadi.[pdf]

Learning to Grasp Objects: A Novel Approach for Localizing Objects Using Depth Based Segmentation. Deepak Rao, Arda Kara and Serena Yeung.[pdf]

Learning to Splash. Wen Zheng.[pdf]

Lifetracker. Carlin Eng, Tim Su and Vala Dormiani.[pdf]

Machine Learning for PreEmptive Identification of Unix Servers with Performance Problems. Helen Cunningham.[pdf]

Machine Learning for Well Testing. Yang Liu and Yinfeng Qin.[pdf]

Machine Learning In Statistical Arbitrage. Xing Fu and Avinash Patra.[pdf]

Mapping geometry in heart rate data. Jeffrey Danciger, Gunnar Carlsson, Jason Morton.[pdf]

Markov Decision Process Social Recommender. Ruangroj Poonpol.[pdf]

Mean Variance Optimization and Beyond. Vasileios Skylogiannis and Jing Xu.[pdf]

Mining Sentiment from Form 10K. Praveen Kumar Bodigutla.[pdf]

Mood Detection: Implementing a facial expression recognition system. Neeraj Agrawal, Rob Cosgriff and Ritvik Mudur.[pdf]

MRI Based Machine Learning For The Identification of Novel Subtypes in Autism.. Chris Piech, Divye Khilnani, Sudarshan Thitte.[pdf]

Multi-touch Multi-robot Interface. David Millman.[pdf]

Multiclass SVM's for Olfactory Classification. Michael Styer.[pdf]

Musical Instrument Signal Separation from Popular Songs. Seung Choi.[pdf]

N-gram-based Text Attribution. Patrick Leahy.[pdf]

Online Learning for URL Classification. Onkar Dalal, Devdatta Gangal.[pdf]

Online Parameter Estimation for the Adaptive Control of UAVs. Tristan Flanzer, S. Andrew Ning.[pdf]

Opponent Modelling in Heads-up NL Holdem. Jon Harris, Vianney Hocquet and Pierre Thomas.[pdf]

Person Following on STAIR. Carl Case.[pdf]

Playing Strong Poker. Rafael Witten, Haithem Turki and Yuze Huang.[pdf]

Portfolio Optimization Under Time-Varying Economic Regimes. Jiho Han and Cory Turner.[pdf]

Practical Option Pricing with Support Vector Regression and MART. Ian Choo.[pdf]

Predicting Age Using Biomarkers and Physiological Measurements. Huy Seng.[pdf]

Predictions and Rankings in College Football. Dennis Qin.[pdf]

Question Classification. Richa Bhayani, Tejaswi Tenneti, Gaurav Aggarwal.[pdf]

Rapid Natural Scene Text Selection. Ben Newhouse.[pdf]

Recognizing Informed Option Trading. Alex Bain, Prabal Tiwaree, Kari Okamoto.[pdf]

Region of Interest Identification in Breast MRI ImageRegion of Interest Identification in Breast MRI Images. Jason Forshaw and Ryan Volz.[pdf]

Relational RSS Clustering Techniques. Richard Roesler.[pdf]

RISK: A Case Study In Applying Learning Algorithms To Strategy Board Games. Chris Meill and Bharath Sitaraman.[pdf]

RoboChef: Automatic Recipe Generation. Rahul Agarwal, Daniel Jachowski, and Shengxi David Wu .[pdf]

Sentiment Analysis of Microblogs. Vipul Pandey and C.V.Krishnakumar Iyer .[pdf]

Server Load Prediction. Suthee Chaidaroon, Joon Yeong Kim and Jonghan Seo.[pdf]

Single Image Depth Estimation from Predicted Semantic Labels. Beyang Liu.[pdf]

SNPrints: Defining SDP signatures for prediction of onset in complex diseases. Linda Liu, Daniel Newburger, Grace Tang.[pdf]

Spoken Language Identification With Hierarchical Temporal Memories. Dan Robinson, Kevin Leung, and Xavier Falco.[pdf]

Starcraft Map Imbalance Prediction Based on Chosen Build Order. Andrew Spann, Eleanor Lin and Hyunseung Kang.[pdf]

Static Positional Evaluation of Chess Positions. Sam Cross.[pdf]

Stock Forecasting using hidden markov processes. Minyong Shin and Joohyung Lee.[pdf]

Structural Motif detection in high-throughput structural probing of RNA. Diego Munoz, Sergio Pablo Sanchez Cordero.[pdf]

Supervised Entity and Relation Extraction. Andrey Gusev and Mason Smith.[pdf]

Supervised Learning in Genre Classification. Mohit Rajani, Luke Ekkizogloy.[pdf]

Tag Recommendation for Photos. Gowtham Kumar Ramani, Rahul Batra and Tripti Assudani.[pdf]

Toward a NIRS Brain Computer Interface. Ilya Sherman, Nikil Viswanathan and Tony Wu.[pdf]

Transcription start site description. Matt Fisher, Max Libbrecht.[pdf]

Unsupervised Clustering with Axis-aligned Rectangular Regions. Sung Hee Park and Jae-Young Kim.[pdf]

Value Iteration and DDP for an Inverted Pendulum. Greg Horn.[pdf]

Variants of Pegasos. SooWoong Ryu, Youngsoo Choi.[pdf]

Video Presentation Slide Alignment. Apurva Shah.[pdf]

Video Restoration using Multichannel-Morphological Component Analysis Inpainting. Adam Backer, Benjamin Rolfs, Felix Yu.[pdf]