CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2011

3D Kinect Object Recognition. Thiraphat Charoensripongsa, Yue Chen, Brian Cheng. [pdf]

A Hard Science Is Good to Find. Susan Biancani. [pdf]

A Learned Approach for Lump Identification in Soft Tissue via Palpation. Kirk Nichols. [pdf]

A multi-task feature learning approach to human detection. Tiffany Low. [pdf]

A Stock-Purchasing Agent from Sentiment Analysis of Twitter. Alvin Chyan, Tim Pei Hung Hsieh, Chris Lengerich. [pdf]

Accent Recognition. Matthew Seal, Matthew Murray, Ziyad Khaleq. [pdf]

Acoustic Features for Multimedia Classification. Stephanie Pancoast. [pdf]

Analysis of gene expression time series. Marco Cusumano-Towner. [pdf]

Applying Machine Learning to Product Categorization. Irving Lin, Sushant Shankar. [pdf]

Attentional Based Multiple-Object Tracking. Mark Calafut. [pdf]

Audio Source Separation. Wei FANG. [pdf]

Automated Market Sentiment Analysis of Twitter for Options Trading. Stephen Trusheim, Rowan Chakoumakos, Vikas Yendluri. [pdf]

Automated Patent Classification. Ian Christopher, Sydney Lin, Sigurd Spieckermann. [pdf]

Automatic genres classification of movies. KaWing Ho. [pdf]

Automatically Identifying Valid Web Form Inputs. Patrick Mutchler. [pdf]

Box Office Prediction for Upcoming Films. Rui Xue, Yanlin Chen. [pdf]

Breast Tumor Imaging and Drug Trials: Prediction of Response to Treatment. Katie (Catherine) Planey. [pdf]

Building fast proxies for optimization of thermal reservoir simulation. Matthieu Rousset. [pdf]

Can a machine learn to teach?. Brandon Rule. [pdf]

Characterizing Densities from Semi-Analytical Models of Galaxy Formation. Steve Lesser, Amir Kavousian, Alex Ji. [pdf]

Classification of Malicious Network Activity. W. Nicholas Greene, Nathan Newsom. [pdf]

Classification of Video Game User Reviews. Derek Huelsman. [pdf]

Classifying Galaxy Morphology using Machine Learning Techniques. Julian Kates-Harbeck. [pdf]

Classifying Private Data. Kevin Nguyen. [pdf]

Complex Sentiment Analysis using Deep Learning. Shashank Sashihithlu, Siddhi Soman. [pdf]

Creating a Better Above-the-Fold Experience: Predicting News Article Preferences. Anil Das, Walter Mostowy. [pdf]

Creating a Guided Water Rocket. Kairen Wong, Gongmyung Lee, Daniel Sohn. [pdf]

CRF Based Point Cloud Segmentation. Jonathan Nation. [pdf]

Decoding Neural Stop State. Werapong Joe Goo. [pdf]

Decoding visual stimuli from neural responses. Niru Maheswaranathan, Benjamin Naecker, Hannah Payne. [pdf]

Design Space Characterization in Micro-Architecture Design and Implementation. John Brunhaver, Haowei Zhang. [pdf]

Detecting Audio Video Misalignment. Michael Jones, Alex Perelygin. [pdf]

Detecting Emotion in Human Speech. Alex Mordkovich, Daniel Zilber, Kelly Veit. [pdf]

Detection of Whistler Waves. Evan Jeng. [pdf]

"Dinner table object segmentation. classification and grasping by the pr2 robot with a head mounted kinect", Abhishek Sharma, Bharath Bhat. [pdf]

Directed Learning WiFi SLAM Applications. Alexander Huang, Chris Pak. [pdf]

Early defect identi?cation of semiconductor processes using machine learning. Anton Vladimirov, Saul Rosa. [pdf]

Electricity Demand Prediction in California. Bill Carson, Bettina Chen, Eric Glover. [pdf]

Empirically Verifying and Innovations on Several Machine Learning Theorems and Techniques. Yisheng Jiang. [pdf]

Estimating Road Friction for Autonomous Vehicles. Shruti Gupta, Joe Funke, Thomas Lipp. [pdf]

Final Approach. Oren Hazi. [pdf]

Finding Answers to Non-factoid Questions Using a Recursive Neural Network. Imran Thobani, Deepak Merugu, Reed Nightingale. [pdf]

Finding the Best Photo. Jeremy Pack. [pdf]

Flame War detector. Louis Boval, Jimmy Tobin. [pdf]

Football Futures. Adrian Sierra, James Fosco, Charlie Fierro. [pdf]

Forecasting Stock Market Behavior based on Public Sentiment. Seyed Reza Mir Ghaderi , Nima Soltani, Ali Reza Sharafat. [pdf]

Forecasting Video Analytics. Sami Abu-El-Haija. [pdf]

Forecasting with Expert Opinions. Khalid El-Awady. [pdf]

Foreign Accent Classification. Po-Chuan Chen, Julia Lee, Julia Neidert. [pdf]

Groundwater level prediction with linear regression. Sara Maatta. [pdf]

Identifying leaders in group movement of cows using proximity information. Yang Li. [pdf]

Identifying Optical Trap. Yuxin Zheng, Yulwon Cho. [pdf]

Identifying Transcription Factor Binding by the DNase Hypersensitivity Assay. Shin Lin. [pdf]

Image Segmentation from Point Cloud Data using Fully Connected CRFs with Gaussian Kernel for Autonomous Driving. Ido Ofir. [pdf]

Improving Accuracy of Inertial Measurement Units using Supervised Machine Learning. Saran Ahuja, Wisit Jirattigalachote, Art Tosborvorn. [pdf]

Improving Grad Student Romantic Life. Emma Pierson, Andrew Suciu. [pdf]

Improving Response Modeling with Facebook engagement data. Louis Lecat. [pdf]

Improving Tictoc With Machine Learning. David Cordoba. [pdf]

Incorporating Gryroscope Information in 3D Gesture Recognition. Clayton Mellina, John Hiesey, Zavain Dar. [pdf]

Indoor scene recognition. Lu Li, Siripat Sumanaphan. [pdf]

Inference of Structured Cell Populations from CyTOF Data. Panagiotis Achlioptas. [pdf]

Interpreter aided salt boundary segmentation using SVM regression shape deformation technique. Yang Zhang. [pdf]

Interpreting American Sign Language With Kinect. Frank Huang, Sandy Huang. [pdf]

Kinect Object Recognition. Charles Chen, Jack Chen, Alex Ryan. [pdf]

KLearn: Simulated Robot Actions using Model-Based Reinforcement Learning . Kevin Watts. [pdf]

Learning Analytics in Education. Austin Gibbons. [pdf]

Learning from High Dimensional Data. Madhu Advani. [pdf]

Learning Invariant Features for Action Recognition. Sylvon Huang, Kris Sankaran, Robin Jia. [pdf]

Learning Market Performance Using Keyword Search Volume. Yan Yang. [pdf]

Learning Unsupervised Features from Objects. David Vetrano. [pdf]

Local Structure and Evolution for Cascade Prediction. Jake Lussier. [pdf]

Machine Learning for Baseball Statistics. Richard Harris, Allan Joshua, Justin Sirignano. [pdf]

Machine LearnNG Wikipedia: Recommending Interesting Articles. Emin Topalovic, John Rothfels, Brennan Saeta. [pdf]

Measuring Student Confusion with Proof Helper. Jeffrey Chen, Ethan Fast, Colleen Lee. [pdf]

Modeling the Stock Market Using Twitter Sentiment Analysis. Anshul Mittal, Arpit Amar Goel. [pdf]

Modeling the Stock Market Using Twitter Sentiment Analysis. Daniel Debbini, Philippe Estin, Maxime Goutagny. [pdf]

Multi-Level Automatic Music Classification. Mickey Haggblade, Yang Hong, Kenny Kao. [pdf]

Multiple Feature Learning for Action Classification. Ben Poole. [pdf]

Music Mood Classification. Jose Padial, Ashish Goel. [pdf]

Musical Signal Separation. Alex Favaro, Aaron Lewis, Garrett Schlesinger. [pdf]

Neuron Detection In Fluorescence Microscopy. Tony Hyun Kim, Lacey Kitch. [pdf]

News Feed Prediction. Brennan Burns, Vijay Harid, Fadi Zoghzoghy. [pdf]

News Recommendation. Chi Wai Lau. [pdf]

Node Classification in Multirelational Information Networks. Mirela Spasova, Rick Barber. [pdf]

Nonlinear Extensions of Reconstruction ICA. Apoorv Gupta, Apaar Sadhwani, Nikhil Ghare. [pdf]

Object Classification Using SURF Descriptors. Nick McCoy , Drew Schmitt. [pdf]

Occupation Classifier. Sebastian Jimenez Bonnet Preciado. [pdf]

OCR for Telugu Script. Rakesh Achanta, Ajith Moparthi, Monis Rahman. [pdf]

Optical Character Recogntion. George Margulis. [pdf]

Optimization Algorithms for Non-smooth ML Problems. AJ Friend, Akshay Mittal, Edward Schmerling. [pdf]

People Detection with DSIFT and SVM Algorithms. Bing Han, Dingyi Li, Jia Ji. [pdf]

Predicting Borrow's Chances of Defaulting on their Loans. Junjie Liang. [pdf]

Predicting Controversial Wikipedia Articles Using Edit History. Caitlin Colgrove, Julie Tibshirani, Remington Wong. [pdf]

Predicting Couchsurfing Experiences. Jan Overgoor , Ellery Wulczyn. [pdf]

Predicting differential drug response using clinical informatics. Bob Arrigo, Michael Januszyk, Sarah Xing. [pdf]

Predicting Disease States From Genetics. Sara Hillenmeyer. [pdf]

Predicting Gene Expression Using CAGE Data. Hrysoula Papadakis. [pdf]

Predicting glance appeal for web sites. Lahiru Jayatilaka. [pdf]

Predicting Movie Rating based on Text Reviews. Sagar V. Mehta, Rose Marie Philip, Aju Thalappillil Scaria. [pdf]

Predicting Movie Revenue. Nikhil Apte, Mats Forssell, Anahita Sidhwa. [pdf]

Predicting Movie Revenues using IMDb Data. Woonyeon (Steven) Yoo, Robert Kanter, David Cummings. [pdf]

Predicting Movie Success. Darin Im, Minh Thao Dang Nguyen. [pdf]

Predicting News Preference. Jing Ma, Chi Zhang. [pdf]

Predicting News Preferences. Rory MacQueen, Gil Shotan, Deniz Kahramaner. [pdf]

Predicting News Preferences. Vinay Raj Manjunath Hampapur, Helen Lu. [pdf]

Predicting Outcomes of NFL Games. Albert Shau. [pdf]

Predicting Preferences: Analyzing Reading Behavior and News Preferences. Soravis Srinawakoon, Potcharapol Suteparuk. [pdf]

Predicting probability of Loan default. Jitendra Nath Pandey, Maheshwaran Srinivasan. [pdf]

Predicting Rating Satisfaction based on Text Reviews with Sentiment Analysis. Jason Jong. [pdf]

Predicting socio-economic factors with traffic data. Lynne Burks, Mahalia Miller, Daniel Wiesenthal. [pdf]

Predicting the Dow Jones using Twitter. Volodymyr Kuleshov. [pdf]

Predicting the immediate future with Recurrent Neural Networks. Brandon Richardson. [pdf]

Predicting Tourism Trends with Google Insights. Evan Gawlik, Hardik Kabaria, Shagandeep Kaur. [pdf]

Prediction of Price Movement in the Foreign Exchange Market. Noam Brown, Robert Mundkowsky, Boon Shiu. [pdf]

Promoting Student Success in Online Courses. Frank Chen, Chuan Yu Foo, Bryan Hooi. [pdf]

Pulse News Prediction. Abhishek Arora, Preyas Shah. [pdf]

Pulse Project. Yijun Liu, Yinan Na, Jinchao Ye. [pdf]

Real-time object detection and recognition. Andrej Karpathy. [pdf]

Reddit Recommendation System. Daniel Poon, Wayne (Yu) Wu, David (Qifan) Zhang. [pdf]

Reduced Rank Regression. Ka Wai Tsang. [pdf]

Resampling Detection for Digital Image Forensics. John Ho, Derek Ma, Justin Meyer. [pdf]

Sentiment Analysis of Occupy Wall Street Tweets. Robert Chang, Sam Pimentel, Alexandr Svistunov. [pdf]

Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Feeds for the Prediction of Stock Market Movement. Ray Chen, Marius Lazer. [pdf]

Sentiment-based model for reputation systems in Amazon. Milad Sharif, Soheil Norouzi. [pdf]

Sign Language Gesture Recognition with Unsupervised Feature Learning. Justin Chen, Debabrata Sengupta, Rukmani Ravi Sundaram. [pdf]

Stock Trend Classifier. Arthur ChihChi Kao. [pdf]

Structured Completion Predictors Applied to Image Segmentation. Dmitriy Brezhnev, Raphael-Joel Lim, Anirudh Venkatesh. [pdf]

Supervised Link Prediction through Social Group Attributes and Geographic Data. Wonhong Lee, S. Jun Yu. [pdf]

Supplementing Checkers AI Evolution with Game Classification. Karl Cobbe, Paul Lee, Andres Gomez. [pdf]

Support Vector Machine Classification of Snow Radar Interface Layers. Michael Johnson. [pdf]

Tactical and Strategic Game Play in Doppelkopf. Daniel Templeton. [pdf]

Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation with Recursive Neural Network. Thang Luong. [pdf]

Using NYC Big Data to Predict Housing Prices in NYC. Hari Arul, Andres Morales. [pdf]

Using spatiotemporally distributed patterns of intracranial encephalographic activity to classify previously encountered versus novel stimuli. Alexander Gonzalez, Alan Gordon, Karan LaRocque. [pdf]

Using Twitter to Estimate and Predict the Trends and Opinions. Hooyeon Lee. [pdf]

Using Twitter to Predict Stock Market Movement. Esther Hsu, Sam Shiu, Dan Torczynski. [pdf]

Webcam Sign Language Recognition. Ruslan Kurdyumov, Justin Ng, Phillip Ho. [pdf]

Website Classifer. Chanh Nguyen, Alan Guo, Taesung Park. [pdf]

What It Took To Win: Predicting College Football Wins from the Box Score. John Hamann. [pdf]

What Makes for a Hit Pop Song?. Nicholas Borg, George Hokkanen. [pdf]

Yelp - Star Ranking Prediction and Snippet Extraction using Sentiment Analysis. Patrick Bechon, Léo Grimaldi, Yacine Merouchi. [pdf]

Yelp++: 10 Times More Information per View. Sean Choi, Ernest Ryu, Yuekai Sun. [pdf]