CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Spring 2016

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Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis on Hotel Reviews [report] [poster]
Yangyang Yu

Assigning Style Grade and Providing Style Feedback by k-means Clustering and Softmax Regression [report] [poster]
Roman Roman, Homero

Automatic Segmentation and Diagnosis of Mass Lesions in Mammograms [report] [poster]
Margaret Shen, William Du

Building on existing Bayesian learning for Safe High Speed Planning in Partially Observable Environments [report] [poster]
Toby Buckley

Campus Location Recognition using Audio Signals [report] [poster]
Reid Westwood, James Sun

Characterizing United States Presidential Candidates' Speech Patterns [report] [poster]
Kyana Van Houten, Brendan Corcoran

Classification of Abdominal Tissues by k-Means Clustering for 3D Acoustic and Shear-Wave Modeling [report] [poster]
Kevin Looby

Classification of Hand Gestures using Surface Electromyography Signals For Upper-Limb Amputees [report] [poster]
Gregory Luppescu, Michael Lowney, Raj Shah

Classification of Transcription Start Sites in the Human Genome [report] [poster]
Ann He, Zandra Ho, Chloe Siebach

Demystifying the workings of Lending Club [report] [poster]
Pujun Bhatnagar, Nick Chow, Max Lai

Discovery of Transcription Factor Binding Sites with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks [report] [poster]
Reese Pathak

Dynamic Throttle Estimation by Machine Learning from Professionals [report] [poster]
Nathan Spielberg, John Alsterda

Energy Measurement in EXO-200 using Boosted Regression Trees [report] [poster]
Mike Jewell, Alex Rider

Exploration of Reinforcement Learning to SNAKE [report] [poster]
Bowei Ma, Meng Tang, Jun Zhang

Exploring review quality and social network influence in the Yelp Academic Dataset [report] [poster]
Taylor Dahlke, Giovanni Campagna, Tamirlan Seidakhmetov

Exploring the Efficacy of Machine Learning in General Game Playing [report] [poster]
Aaron Brackett, Antonio TanTorres, Martin Kalev

Exploring Video Game Recommendation Techniques [report] [poster]
Stephany Liu, William Zeng

Finding Your Way, Courtesy of Machine Learning [report] [poster]
Chaitanya Asawa, Marcus Gomez, Viraj Mehta

Have You Met The 1? A Machine’s Approach to Human Relationships [report] [poster]
Jiayu Lou, Hang Yang

Hotel Recommendation Based on Hybrid Model [report] [poster]
Jing Wang, Jiajun Sun, Zhendong Lin

Household Energy Disaggregation based on Difference Hidden Markov Model [report] [poster]
Ali Hemmatifar, Manu Mogadali

How Much Is My House Worth? Predicting Housing Prices in McKinney, Texas [report] [poster]
Nadin El-Yabroudi, Paul Harrison

Human Action Recognition Using CNN and BoW Methods [report] [poster]
Max Wang, Ting-Chun Yeh

Humanities Research Recommendations via Collaborative Topic Modeling [report] [poster]
Nitya Mani, Andy Chen

Initial Steps Toward Automating Legal Document Editing [report] [poster]
Lauren Blake

Learn To Rate Fine Food [report] [poster]
Jiacheng Mo, Lu Bian and Yixin Tang

Learning hypernymy in distributed word vectors via a stacked LSTM network [report] [poster]
Irving Rodriguez

Learning online dating preferences from neuroimaging data [report] [poster]
Mira Nencheva

Machine Learning for Autonomous Jellyfish Orientation Determination and Tracking [report] [poster]
Adam Wiktor

Machine Recognition of Squiggles in SETI Signal Data [report] [poster]
Travis Chen, Kenny Smith, Jason Wang

Material decomposition using neural network for photon counting detector [report] [poster]
Picha Shunhavanich

Modeling HLA ligands for binding prediction of new peptides [report] [poster]
Alex Han

Modeling Malicious Network Packets with Generative Probabilistic Graphical Models [report] [poster]
Ashe Magalhaes, Gene Lewis

Modeling Political Identity [report] [poster]
Katharina Roesler, Ben Ray Krausz

Non-stationary autoregressive filters for prediction of subsurface geological structure [report] [poster]
Anshuman Pradhan

Online Active Trajectory Classi cation for Motion-based Communication of Robots [report] [poster]
Haruki Nishimura

Optimised Prediction of Stock Prices with Newspaper Articles [report] [poster]
Christopher Yuan, Bryan Cheong, Stephen Ou

Playing Chinese Checkers with Reinforcement Learning [report] [poster]
Sijun He, Wenjie Hu, Hao Yin

Predicting an Aptamer's Target Binding Autumnnity Using its Nucleotide Sequence [report] [poster]
Andrew Naber

Predicting Expedia Hotel Cluster Groupings with User Search Queries [report] [poster]
Jarrod Cingel, Liezl Legaspi Puzon

Predicting International Restaurant Success with Yelp [report] [poster]
Angela Kong, Vivian Nguyen, Catherina Xu

Predicting Life Expectancy of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Patients Based on Gene Expression of Cancer Cells [report] [poster]
Max Hsiao Drach

Predicting Media Bias in Online News [report] [poster]
John Merriman Sholar, Noa Glaser

Predicting Medicare Costs Using Non-Traditional Metrics [report] [poster]
John Louie, Alex Wells

Predicting Perfume Rate and Popularity [report] [poster]
Yao Li

Predicting Stock Prices and Analyst Recommendations [report] [poster]
Saumitra Thakur, The Vadpey, Sandeep Ayyar

Prediction of Stock Price Movements Using Options Data [report] [poster]
Charmaine Chia

Question Answering with Neural Networks [report] [poster]
Ye Tian, Nicholas Huang, Tianlun Li

Recognizing Emotion from Static Images [report] [poster]
Jason Chen, Theodora Chu, Priyanka Sekhar

Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Optimization [report] [poster]
Matt Stevens, Christopher Yeh

Shale Gas Production Decline Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms [report] [poster]
Wentao Zhang, Shaochuan Xu

Social Network Circle Discovery Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation [report] [poster]
Frank Fan, Jaimie Xie, Matthew Kim

Structure Prediction of Optical Functional Devices with Deep Learning [report] [poster]
Kai Zhang, Shiyu Liu, Qing Wang

Supervised Learning to Predict Human Driver Merging Behavior [report] [poster]
Derek Phillips, Alex Lin

The Automated Travel Agent: Hotel Recommendations Using Machine Learning [report] [poster]
Michael Arruza, John Pericich, Michael Straka

To what extent are color percepts and motor choice represented in dorsal premotor cortex? [report] [poster]
Kiah Hardcastle, Megan Wang

Topic Retrieval and Articles Recommendation [report] [poster]
Yu Wang, Xinyu Shen, Jinzhi Wang

Twitter US Airline Recommendation Prediction [report] [poster]
Xiaotong Duan, Tianshu Ji, Wanyi Qian

Using Convolutional Neural Networks to Perform Classification on State Farm Insurance Driver Images [report] [poster]
Diveesh Singh

Using Spatio-Temporal Data To Create A Shot Probability Model [report] [poster]
Ankit Goyal, Eli Shayer, Younes Bensouda Mourri

Visual Attention Models of Object Counting [report] [poster]
Steven, Jack William Lindsey

Will our new robot overlords play Hearthstone with us? [report] [poster]
Hubert Teo, Yuetong Wang, Jiren Zhu