CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2010

4-Way-Stop Wait-Time Prediction. David Held. [pdf]

A Better BCS. Rahul Agrawal, Sonia Bhaskar and Mark Stefanski. [pdf]

A Framework for Assessing the Feasibility of Learning Algorithms in Power-Constrained ASICs. Alexander Neckar. [pdf]

A Framework for Recognizing Hand Gestures. David Knight and Matthew Tang. [pdf]

A Machine Learning Approach for Future Career Planning. Yu Lou, Ran Ren and Yiyang Zhao. [pdf]

A Machine Learning Approach to Address the Issue of False Positives and False Negatives in Active Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Surajit Roy, Fatih Sunor and Kranthi Kode. [pdf]

A Machine Learning Framework for Biochemical Reaction Matching. Tomer Altman, Eric Burkhart, Irene M. Kaplow and Ryan Thompson. [pdf]

A Novel Machine Learning Based Prediction Model for Energy Expenditure in relation to Varying Load, Incline, and Body Composition. Katherine Swanson, Aubrey Gress and Vlad Andrei.. [pdf]

A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Pricing Derivatives. Thomas Grassl. [pdf]

A Spam Classifier For Biology: Removing Noise from Small RNA Datasets. Diane Wu. [pdf]

A Step-by-Step Approach to Footstep Detection. Francisco Cai, David Philipson and Salik Syed. [pdf]

A Survey of Document Clustering Techniques & Comparison of LDA and moVMF. Yu Xiao. [pdf]

Accent Classification. Phumchanit Watanaprakornkul, Chantat Eksombatchai and Peter Chien. [pdf]

Action Recognition in Video. Pierre Kreitmann.[pdf]

Across-Subject Classification of Single EEG Trials. Blair Bohannan, Jorge Herrera and Lewis Kaneshiro. [pdf]

Adult Website Classifier. Saikat Sen. [pdf]

An Unsupervised Approach to Email Label Suggestions. David Harwath, Nikhil Johri and Edouard Yin. [pdf]

Applying Entropy Encoding to High Frequency Trading. Yijia Zhou. [pdf]

Assessing the Value of eBay Listing Features. Leon Lin and Vasant Ramachandran. [pdf]

Audio Source Separation Using Probabilistic Latent Component Analysis. Yinyi Guo and Mofei Zhu. [pdf]

Autism. Nelson Ray and Praveen Bommannavar.[pdf]

Automated Agent for the Game RoShamBoFu. Adrian Marple. [pdf]

Automated Classification of Galaxy Zoo Images. Michael Broxton. [pdf]

Automated Parameterization of the Joint Space Dynamics of a Robotic System. Josh Petersen. [pdf]

Automatic Virtual Camera View Generation for Lecture Videos. Derek Pang, Sameer Madan, Serene Kosaraju and Tarun Vir Singh. [pdf]

Autonomous Generation of Bounding Boxes for Image Sets of the Same Object. Jean Feng, Shui Hu, and Marc Rasi. [pdf]

Battery Management in Datacenter Using Machine Learning. Hyun Goo Kang. [pdf]

Beating Elo. Jeffrey Pennington. [pdf]

Beating the NCAA Football Point Spread. Brian Liu and Patrick Lai. [pdf]

Caloric and Nutritional Information Using Image Classification. Arne Bech. [pdf]

Classification and Quantification of Matrix Micro-cracks in Composite Structures. Cecilia Larrosa, Kuldeep Lonkar and Santhosh K. Shankar. [pdf]

Classification of Book Titles. Gongmyung Lee. [pdf]

Classification of Fast Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Using Matching Pursuit Family Algorithm. Aldi Gunawan.[pdf]

Classification of handwritten digits by the set of partial linear and quadratic models. Youngsik Kim.[pdf]

Classification of RNA splice junctions based on genomic signals. Mavis Li, Yun (Sammy) Long, John Chong Mu. [pdf]

Classification of Road Images for Lane Detection. Mingyu Kim, Insun Jang and Eunmo Yang. [pdf]

Classifying Parts Of Songs. Nick Colonnese.[pdf]

Classifying Structural MRI Scans of Patients with Major Depressive Disorder . Estelle Comment, Guillaume Davo, Joseph Marrama, Christie Paz. [pdf]

Comparison of Supervised & Unsupervised Learning in Ôs Estimation between Stocks and the S&P500. J. Wei, Y. Hassid, J. Edery, and A. Becker. [pdf]

Diagnosis of Fragile X and Turner's Syndrome. Kevin Miller and Raj Paudel. [pdf]

Domain Adaptation for Relation Extraction. Daniel Posch, Sheldon Chang, and Matthew Watson. [pdf]

Emotion Recognition with Deep-Belief Networks. Tom McLaughlin, Mai Le, and Naran Bayanbat. [pdf]

Enhancing Automated Question Classification. William Mee and Seung-Yeoul Yang. [pdf]

EPiC: Earthquake Prediction in California. Caroline Suen, David Lo, and Frank Li. [pdf]

Extracting Latent User Preferences Using "Sticky" Sliders. Garrett Eastham. [pdf]

Fast Detection of Risk Signals in Post-marketing Drug Surveillance Using Costs in Claims Data: A Machine Learning Approach. Yihan Guan and Yiliang Jin. [pdf]

Feature selection and dimensionality reduction of neural data to model adaptation in the retina. Neda Nategh. [pdf]

Forecasting Avalanches in the Pacific Northwest. Wes Dyer. [pdf]

Geometric Understanding of Indoor Scenes. Moontae Lee. [pdf]

Graduate School Application Evaluation Based on SVM. Wei Li, Yu Zhou, and Yi Yang. [pdf]

Handwritten Character Recognition. Saurabh Mathur. [pdf]

Hearst Challenge : A Framework to Learn Magazine Sales Volume. Reza Omrani. [pdf]

Hessian Free Deep Learning. Subodh Iyengar. [pdf]

Human Accuracy Analysis on the Amazon Mechanical Turk. Chun-Chang Chen and Justin Hsu and Stefan Wager. [pdf]

Identifying Keywords in Random Texts. Ibrahim Alabdulmohsin and Gokul Gunasekaran. [pdf]

Identifying Looping Components of Audio Mixtures. Sean Coffin. [pdf]

Identifying Morphological Markers for Differential Diagnosis of Liver Lesion. Francisco Gimenez, Ting Liu, and Yi Liu. [pdf]

Information Flows on Twitter. Yu-Wei Lin. [pdf]

Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Linguistic Predictors of Court Verdicts. Anastasia Svetlichnaya. [pdf]

Janitor Bot - Detecting Light Switches. Jiaqi Guo and Haizi Yu. [pdf]

JIT Compilation of Common Kernels in Sequoia using Supervised Learning. Michael Bauer and Kushal Tayal. [pdf]

Joint Supervised Learning of Ratings and Rankings. Rafael Moreno Ferrer, Avinayan Senthi Velayutham, and Ying Wang. [pdf]

Learning the Genetic Causes for Schizophrenia through Copy-Number Variations. Xin Gao, Shan Liu. [pdf]

Learning the Structures and Predicting Behavoir of Potential Function Based Multi-Agent Formations. Doug Beck, Tzong-han Lee and Chun-Yeon Lin. [pdf]

Local Image Histograms for Learning Exposure Fusion. Justin Solomon and Ravi Sankar. [pdf]

Low-Cost Localization of Mobile Robots Through Probabilistic Sensor Fusion. Brian Chung. [pdf]

Machine Learning Approaches to Automatic BI-RADS Classification of Mammography Reports. Bethany Percha. [pdf]

Machine Learning for Sentiment Analysis on the Experience Project. Raymond Hsu, Bozhi See, and Alan Wu. [pdf]

MAUL: Machine Agent User Learning. Robert Holley and Daniel Rosenfeld. [pdf]

Measuring Occlusion Invariances in Deep Networks. Kyunghee Kim. [pdf]

Modeling Activity Patterns. Nipun Dave, Aditya Gudipati, and Shantanu Kurhekar. [pdf]

Multiclass Clustering using a Semidefinite Relaxation. Jason Lee. [pdf]

Multiple Experts with Binary Features. Ye Jin and Lingren Zhang. [pdf]

Musical Pitch Identification. Manoj Deshpande. [pdf]

Neuro-Fuzzy Inverse Forward Models. Brian Highfill. [pdf]

Neural Prediction Challenge: Primary Auditory Cortex. Kevin Nam Truong, MoorXu and Daniel Hawthorne. [pdf]

Object Detection with Partial Occlusion Based on a Deformable Parts-Based Model. Johnson Hsieh and Alexander Chia. [pdf]

Object Identification in Dynamic Environments. Andrew Chou, Elliott Jin, and Wendy Mu. [pdf]

Online Dynamics Estimator for Adaptive UAV Control with Uncertain Model. William Grossman and Marcus Hammond. [pdf]

Online learning of control policies for dynamical systems based on input/output data recorded on the fly. Roberto A. Bunge. [pdf]

Optical Character Recognition for Handwritten Hindi. Aditi Goyal, Kartikay Khandelwal, and Piyush Keshri. [pdf]

Optimizing Leakage Power using Machine Learning. Shuhan Bao. [pdf]

OS fingerprint classification using a support vector machine. David Fifield. [pdf]

Parallel Unsupervised Feature Learning with Sparse AutoEncoder. Milinda Lakkam and Siranush Sarkizova. [pdf]

Parallelizing Machine Learning Algorithms. Juan Batiz-Benet, Quinn Slack, Matt Sparks, and Ali Yahya. [pdf]

Parallelizing the Sparse Autoencoder. Tom Jiang. [pdf]

Parking Spot Detection from Aerial Images. Mehmet Ozan Kabak and Ozhan Turgut. [pdf]

Particle classification. Kahye Song. [pdf]

Predicting and Understanding Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Premature Infants. Laney Kuenzel. [pdf]

Predicting Magazine Sales Using Machine Learning. Mei Ling (Zan) Chu, Freeman Fan, Yisha Peng. [pdf]

Predicting Market Fluctuations via Machine Learning. Michael Lim and Yong Su. [pdf]

Predicting the Success of a Retirement Plan Based on Early Performance of Investments. Darrell Cain and AJ Minich. [pdf]

Predicting Course Grades. Martin Hunt, Sharon Lin, and Chinmay Kulkarni. [pdf]

Predicting Tags for URLs Based on Delicious Data. Jayesh Vyas and Varun Katta. [pdf]

Predicting Wireless Channel Utilization at the PHY. Jeffrey Mehlman and Aaron Adcock. [pdf]

Prediction of outcome for two team games. Gundu Gowtham and Riyaaz Shaik. [pdf]

Rating Modules on Using Network Structure as a Feature in Regression. Austen Head. [pdf]

Automated Energy Distribution In Smart Grids. John Yu and Michael Chun. [pdf]

Recognizing facial expressions from videos using Deep Belief Networks. Adithya Rao and Narendran Thiagarajan. [pdf]

Recognizing Hand Gestures with a 3D Camera. Michael Marx, Michael Fenton, and Gage Hills. [pdf]

Recommending Accounts to Twitter Users. Siddharth Vijayakrishnan. [pdf]

Recycler Bot. Jiahui Shi. [pdf]

Reinforcement Learning with Deep Architectures. Daniel Selsam. [pdf]

Reinforcement Learning for Scheduling Threads on a Multi-Core Processor. Saurabh Shrivastava. [pdf]

Reservoir Uncertainty Assessment Using Machine Learning Techniques. Jincong He. [pdf]

RSS Feed Recommendation. Charles Chen. [pdf]

Scene Text Understanding. Sanjeev Satheesh. [pdf]

Semi-Supervised Learning of Named Entity Substructure. Alden Timme. [pdf]

Sentiment Analysis for Market Movements. Jeffrey Wong. [pdf]

Short-Term Electricity Demand Forecasting Using Independent Component Analysis. Jeff Chern, Matthew Ho, and Edwin Tay. [pdf]

Short Term Load Forecasting With Dynamic Pricing. Yu Xian Lim, De Wei Koh and Jonah Tang. [pdf]

Signature Recognition on Multitouch Computers. Chris Moore. [pdf]

Soft Co-clustering via Extension of PLSA. Dakan Wang. [pdf]

Storage Efficient NL-Means Burst Denoising for Programmable Cameras. Mirek Kukla and Brendan Duncan. [pdf]

Subspace Clustering with Applications to Dynamical Vision. Adel Javanmard and Mahdi Soltanolkotabi. [pdf]

Task Recommendation on Wikipedia. Eric Huang and Hyung Jin Kim. [pdf]

Textbaxed Soccer Simulator. Sergei Chevtsov. [pdf]

Topic Modeling in Financial Documents. Patrick Grafe. [pdf]

Toward Mechanized Music Pedagogy. Lingfeng Yang. [pdf]

Transferring Learning in Large Scale Datasets. Huizhong Chen, Bowen Meng and Ying Chang. [pdf]

Travel Time Estimation Using Floating Car Data. Raffi Sevlian. [pdf]

Twitter Hash Tag Prediction Algorithm. Tianxi Li and Yu Wu. [pdf]

Twitter Relevance Filtering via Joint Bayes Classifiers from User Clustering. Alexander L. Churchill, Emmanouel G. Liodakis and Simon H. Ye. [pdf]

Twitter Spammer Profile Detection . Grace Gee and Hakson Teh. [pdf]

Unsupervised Multi-factor Risk Models for US Equities. Kyle Kelley. [pdf]

Unsupervised Learning of Multi-modal Features: Images and Text. Maurizio Calo Caligaris. [pdf]

Unsupervised learning technique for audience privacy protection in video lectures. Juthika Dabholkar, Xunjia Lu, Harsh Nayyar, Sijia Zheng. [pdf]

Using AdaBoost for Real-Time Object Detection on Programmable Graphics Hardware. Farooq Mela. [pdf]

Using the Deformable Part Model with Autoencoded Feature Descriptors for Object Detection. Hyunghoon Cho and David Wu. [pdf]

Using Local Steering Kernels to Detect People in Videos. Arthur Louis Alaniz II and Christina Marianne Mantaring. [pdf]

Using Machine Learning for Identification of Art Paintings. Alexander Blessing and Kai Wen. [pdf]

Using Social Networks to Improve Movie Ratings Predictions. Suhaas Prasad. [pdf]

Using Two Lenses for Depth Estimation and Simulation of Low Depth-of-Field Lenses. Andy L. Lin. [pdf]

VC Robot. Mar Hershenson. [pdf]

Vocal-based Musical Genre Classification. Brian Hyun Hun and Arun Miduthuri. [pdf]