CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2008

A Machine Learning Approach to Developing Rigid-body Dynamics Simulators for Quadruped Trot Gaits. Jin-Wook Lee. [pdf]

A Model of Perceptual Decision Making in Lateral Intraparietal Area. Josh Herbach, Andrew Saxe. [pdf]

A Predictive Model of Gene Expression in E. Coli. Brendan O'Donoghue, Evan Rosenfeld. [pdf]

Accurate and Cheap Robot Range Finder. Ivan Papusha. [pdf]

Adaptive AI for Fighting Games. Antonio Ricciardi, Patrick Thill. [pdf]

Location Based Adaptive Routing Protocol(LBAR) using Reinforcement Learning. Eunjoon Cho, Kevin Wong. [pdf]

Airline Departure Delay Prediction. Brett Naul. [pdf]

Audio Query by Gesture. Steinunn Arnardottir, Luke Dahl, Juhan Nam. [pdf]

Automated Microsurgery for High-Throughput Fly Brain Imaging. Matthew Golub, Bikiran Goswami. [pdf]

Automatic Calibration of 2D and 3D Point Correspondences. Daniel Aisen, Marcia Lee, Wenqi Shao. [pdf]

Automatic Index Generation for Religious Texts. Jeff Chase. [pdf]

Automatic robotic arm calibration using parameter optimization techniques. Chetan Kalyan. [pdf]

Autonomous Interpretation of Elevator Panels for Robot Navigation. Mark Baybutt, Blake Carpenter, Kristen Lurie. [pdf]

Bagging for One-Class Learning. David Kamm. [pdf]

GoodReads Recommendations. Derrick Isaacson, Abraham Sebastian. [pdf]

Channel Selection for Cognitive Radio Terminals. Ling-Hung Kung. [pdf]

Character Set Encoding Detection using a Support Vector Machine. Sean Sullivan. [pdf]

Classification Of Heirarchical Activation In Visual Cortex. Suman Chakravartula, Denise Jones, Guillaume Leseur. [pdf]

Classifying Musical Scores By Composer. Justin Lebar, Gary Chang, David Yu. [pdf]

Computational Gambling. Konstantinos Katsiapis. [pdf]

Cracking CAPTCHAs. Gary Luu, Ryan Fortune, Peter McMahon. [pdf]

Creating Models of Performers of Chopin Mazurkas. Marcello Herreshoff. [pdf]

Classifying Handshapes on a Multitouch Device. Daniel Gibson, Aaron Rosekind, Ashley Wellman. [pdf]

DDR. John Bauer. [pdf]

Restoring Focus in Photographs. Jeff Keacher. [pdf]

Detection and Extraction of Events From Emails. Shashank Senapaty. [pdf]

Detection of Atrial Fibrillation in ECGs. Tracy Chou, Yuriko Tamura, Ian Wong. [pdf]

Predicting 3D Geometric Shapes of Objects From a Single Image. Tamer Ahmed Deif, Savil Srivastava. [pdf]

OCR for Mobile Phones. John Lewin, Kathryn Hymes. [pdf]

Exploiting a database to predict the in-flight stability of the F-16. David Amsallem, Julien Cortial. [pdf]

Face Detection using LBP features. Chang-yeon Jo. [pdf]

Content-Based Features in the Composer Identification Problem. Sean Meador, Karl Uhlig. [pdf]

Finding Common Opinions in User-Generated Reviews. Brett Miller. [pdf]

Flickr Tag Recommendation. Ashton Anderson, Karthik Raghunathan, Adam Vogel. [pdf]

Robust Realignment of fMRI Time Series Data. Ben Dodson, Olafur Gudmundsson. [pdf]

Uncertainties estimation and compensation on a robot manipulator: Application on Barrett robotic arm. Duong Dang. [pdf]

Genotype Prediction with SVMs. Nicholas Johnson. [pdf]

Grasping Obects Using High-Density, High-Accuracy Point Cloud Data. Alex Krimkevich. [pdf]

Grouping Photos by Face. Huang-wei Chang, Lei Huang, Xiangrui Meng. [pdf]

Portfolio Replication with Sparse Regression. Akshay Kothari, Albert Lai, Jason Morton. [pdf]

Holey Ship! Bilging by reinforcement learning. Jesse Rodriguez, Jason Turner-Maier, Tiffany Chen. [pdf]

Identifying Epilepsy Using MRIs of the Hippocampus. Andrew Duchi. [pdf]

Identifying protein-protein interactions. Jeremy Chang. [pdf]

Image Segmentation. Joel Darnauer. [pdf]

Improving Search Engine for a Digital Library. Farnaz Ronaghi Khameneh. [pdf]

Incentives and Machine Learning. John Hegeman. [pdf]

Internet Article Comment Classifier. Matt Jones, Eric Ma, Prasanna Vasudevan. [pdf]

Learning To Predict A Student's Performance On Problem sets. Josh Taylor. [pdf]

Learning and Predicting Flow Duration and Rate. Kok-Kiong Yap, Kwong Aik Goh, Myunghwan Kim. [pdf]

Ray density Learning. Jongduk Baek. [pdf]

Machine Learning Classification Of Malicious Network Traffic. Keith Lehnert, Eric Friedrich. [pdf]

Machine Learning Methods Application in Moving Average Trading Rules. Chen Hu, Zhiyu Ma, Hai Wei. [pdf]

Machine Learning for Gene Behavior Classification. Karan Mangla, Arunanshu Roy. [pdf]

Machine Learning for the Frequency Control of MEMS Resonators. Hyung Kyu Lee, Shingo Yoneoka. [pdf]

Modern Intelligent Tutoring System. Bill Whiteley. [pdf]

Movie Recommendations Using Social Networks. Shiwei Song, Rohan Jain, Ankit Gupta. [pdf]

Music Search Engine. Shaoqing Xiang. [pdf]

Musical Hit Detection. Eleanor Crane, Sarah Houts, Kiran Murthy. [pdf]

Netflix Movie Rating Prediction using Enriched Movie Metadata. Wei Tu, Chung Wu, Michael Yu. [pdf]

Object Recognition using Template Matching. Nikhil Gupta, Rahul Gupta, Amardeep Singh, Matt Wytock. [pdf]

Optical character recognition with an unsupervised hidden layer. Kevin Shan. [pdf]

Predicting Candidate Responses in Presidential Debates. David Chin-lung Fong, Stephen Kemmerling, Seth Myers. [pdf]

Predicting Mode of Transport from iPhone Accelerometer Data. Ben Nham, Kanya Siangliulue, Serena Yeung. [pdf]

Predicting Protein Interactions with Motifs. Lekan Wang, Chetan Sharma, Jessica Long. [pdf]

Learning Business Article Sentiment Based on Stock Market Performance. David Li, Jeffrey Schlosser. [pdf]

Predicting Tastes from Friend Relationships. Chris Bond, Duncan Findlay. [pdf]

Prediction from Blog Data. Aditya Parameswaran, Eldar Sadikov, Petros Venetis. [pdf]

Prediction of gene interaction measurements. Sofia Kyriazopoulou-Panagiotopoulou. [pdf]

Noise vs Feature: Probabilistic Denoising of Range Data. Derek Chan. [pdf]

Absolute Range Detection System for STAIR. Dave Jackson, Giancarlo Garcia. [pdf]

Protein Secondary Structure Prediction based on Neural Network Models and Support Vector Machines. Jaewon Yang. [pdf]

Query Segmentation using Supervised Learning. Asif Makhani, Takahiro Aoyama. [pdf]

Recognition of Door Handles to Enable a Robot to Open Doors. Murat Deniz Aykin. [pdf]

Recognizing People in Video Sequences. Red Daly. [pdf]

Recommendation System based on Collaborative Filtering. Zheng Wen. [pdf]

Reconstruction of Ca2+ dynamics from low frame rate Ca2+ imaging data. Limor Bursztyn. [pdf]

Recovering the Multitrack: Semi-Supervised Separation of Polyphonic Recorded Music. Jennifer Dolson, Sasen Cain. [pdf]

Robot Grasping with Optical Proximity Sensors. Min Young Kim, Dookun Park, Jaewon Yang. [pdf]

Scalable Object Recognition Using Support Vector Machines. David Chen, Mina Makar, Shang-Hsuan Tsai. [pdf]

Scientific Authorship, Collaboration, Interdisciplinarity, and Productivity. Jonathan Karr, Tim Lee, Jake Hughey. [pdf]

Object Removal. Ming Jiang, Nicolas Meunier. [pdf]

Self Lane Assignment Using Smart Mobile Camera For Intelligent GPS Navigation and Traffic Interpretation. Tianshi Gao. [pdf]

Semantic Classification of Emails. Federico Cesari. [pdf]

Sentiment Classification Judging Attractiveness of People through Textual Descriptions from Online Reviewers. John Le, Nathan Howard, Natth Bejraburnin. [pdf]

Single Vehicle Job Scheduling Problem Using Learning Algorithm. Yongkyun Na. [pdf]

Synthesizing Object-background Data for Large 3-D Datasets. David Breeden, Anuraag Chigurupati. [pdf]

Teleo-Reactive Planner On ROS. Hai Wei. [pdf]

Textured Object Detection in Stereo Images using Visual Features. Michael Levin. [pdf]

The Application of SVM to Algorithmic Trading. Johan Blokker. [pdf]

The Netflix Challenge. Jack Kamm, Conal Sathi, Jane Huang. [pdf]

Time Series Prediction of US Swap Rates. Roland Burton, Shandor Dektor, Dawn Wheeler. [pdf]

Topological Classification of Data Sets without an Explicit Metric. Tim Harrington, Andrew Tausz, Guillaume Troianowski. [pdf]

Train your TV. Zhi Li, Borja Peleato. [pdf]

Chinese (Restaurant) Menu Translation. Ting Liao. [pdf]

Trying Out Machine Learning Tricks In A Tactical Game. Hanhua Yin. [pdf]

Unsupervised Learning of Hierarchical Dependency Parsing. Valentin I. Spitkovsky. [pdf]

Using GPUs to Speedup Sparse Coding Algorithms Applied to Self-taught Learning Problems. Anand Madhavan. [pdf]

Vertex Classification for Segmented Images. Evan Rosen. [pdf]

Video Montage. Abhishek Gupta, Shakti Sinha. [pdf]

Video Montage-Video Abstraction. I-Ting Fang. [pdf]

Vision-Controlled Autonomous Indoor Helicopter. Arvind Sujeeth, Sai Prashanth. [pdf]

Weblog Analysis and Classification using Machine Learning. Puneet Chhabra, Srinidhi Kondaji, Nagarajan. [pdf]