CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2007

Emotion Detection from Speech. Raunaq Shah and Michelle Hewlett. [pdf]

Data Mining from Digital Image. Seung Choi.

Audio Segmentation. Ashutosh Kulkarni, Deepak Iyer and Srinivasa Rangan Sridharan. [pdf]

Learning to Select a Good Grasp. Lok Sang, Lawson Wong. [pdf]

Localizing a Guidewire in Three Dimensions during Endovascular Interventions Using Single-view Fluoroscopy and a Stereo Roadmap: Method and Feasibility Study. Gennadiy Chuyeshov. [pdf]

Improving Estimation of the Nearest Neighbor in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks. HyukJoon Kwon and Hyungjune Lee. [pdf]

Ascertaining the relevance model of a web search-engine. Bipin Suresh. [pdf]

Solving the Damage Localization Problem in Structural Health Monitoring Using Techniques in Pattern Classification. Hae Young Noh and Allen Cheung and Daxia Ge. [pdf]

Learning V2 basis for sparse RBM. Narut Sereewattanawoot.

Object Recognition using Large Datasets. Ashwin Deshpande. [pdf]

HMM Analysis and Synthesis of Acoustic Drum Signals. Nicholas Bryan. [pdf]

Multiple Object Detection with Optimized Spatial Weighting. Jay Ni and Takashi Yonebayashi and Kiat Chuan Tan. [pdf]

How to Win at the Track. Cary Kempston. [pdf]

Learning to recognize people. Ian Goodfellow and Ethan Dreyfuss. [pdf]

Autonomous Flight / Kalman Filtering for Full-Size Helicopter. Jeffrey Spehar. [pdf]

Face Detection Using ICA. Aditya Rajgarhia. [pdf]

Authorship of Hebrews. Isaac Penny. [pdf]

Exploring Image Clustering Algorithm for Wall and Floor Identification. Zhong-Ju Zhang. [pdf]

A Gait Library for Rapid Quadruped Locomotion. Sam Schreiber. [pdf]

Tls, using Learning to Speculate. Jiwon Seo and Sang Kyun Kim. [pdf]

Semantic Website Clustering. I-Hsuan Yang and Yu-tsun Huang and Yen-Ling Huang. [pdf]

Robust Building Identification for Mobile Augmented Reality. Vijay Chandrasekhar, Chih-Wei Chen, Gabriel Takacs. [pdf]

Structural Edge Learning For 3-D Reconstruction From a Single Still Image. Nan Hu. [pdf]

Facebook Friend Suggestion. Eytan Daniyalzade and Tim Lipus. [pdf]

Who's in Charge Here?: Using Clustering Algorithms to Infer Association of Putative Regulatory Elements and Genes. Ari Officer, Jarupon Sathirapongsasuti, and Attapol Thamrongrattanarit. [pdf]

FIDA: Face Recognition using Descriptive Input Semantics. Nipun Bhatia, Rakshit Kumar and Samir Menon. [pdf]

Motion Planning for the ATHLETE Rover with Reinforcement Learning. Patrick Mihelich. [pdf]

Image Processing for Bubble Detection in Microfluidics. Chen Fang. [pdf]

Neighborhood based methods for Collaborative Filtering. Ramesh Dommeti. [pdf]

Computationally Efficient Evolutionary Algorithms: Enhanced by On-Line Machine Learning. Jong-Han Kim and Taehoon Kim. [pdf]

Robot Motion for Obstacle Negotiation. Anish Adukuzhiyil and Harshit Singh and Pavani Vantimitta. [pdf]

Automatic Detection of Character Encoding and Language. Seungbeom Kim and Jongsoo Park. [pdf]

Seeing Invisible Properties of Subsurface Oil and Gas Reservoir through Extensive Uses of Machine Learning Algorithms. Kwangwon Park. [pdf]

Corporate Valuation Using Machine Learning. Aditya Mittal and Simon Ejsing and Javier Mares Romero. [pdf]

Maximum Divergence in Speech Recognition. Jia-Yu Chen and Daniel Chen.

A travel time prediction with machine learning algorithms. Younggeun Cho and Jungsuk Kwac. [pdf]

3D reconstruction of brain tissue. Hylke Buisman, Manuel Gomez-Rodriguez and Saeed Hassanpour. [pdf]

Semi-Supervised Learning with Sparse Distributed Representations. David Ziegler. [pdf]

Robot Grasping. Hee Tae Jung. [pdf]

Cave Exploring With 3D Pointclouds. Alex Segal.

Automated photo tagging in Facebook. Sebastian Schuon, Harry Robertson, Hao Zou. [pdf]

Semantic Taxonomy Induction from Semi-Structured Text. Ian Yik Oon Quek, Yi-hao Kao, Jui-Yi Kao. [pdf]

Enabling a Robot to Open Doors. Andrei Iancu, Ellen Klingbeil, Justin Pearson. [pdf]

Extending WordNet using Generalized Automated Relationship Induction. Lawrence McAfee, Nuwan Senaratna, and Todd Sullivan. [pdf]

Inferring 3D Scene Structure from a Single Still Image. Gabriel Yu and Jing Chen. [pdf]

Predicting New Search-Query Cluster Volume. Jacob Sisk and Cory Barr. [pdf]

Volatility Forecasting using SVM. Jeremy Andre and Alfred Wechselberger and Shanbin Zhao. [pdf]

Using Machine Learning to Improve in Silico Enhancer Prediction Specificity. Robert Ikeda and Cory McLean and Marc Schaub.

Identification of copy number variation in cancer genomes. Sarah Aerni, Jerome Ku and Erik Corona.

Compact Representation of Protein Surface Patches. Mohammed AlQuraishi. [pdf]

Using WordNet and Clustering for Semantic Role Labeling. Richard Fulton and Ebrahim Parvand. [pdf]

Morphological Galaxy Classification Using Machine Learning. Siddhartha Kasivajhula, Naren Raghavan, and Hemal Shah. [pdf]

Sparse Coding of Point Cloud Data. Alex Teichman. [pdf]

Adaptive optimization of hyperparameters in L2-regularised logistic regression. Ahmed Abdel-Gawad and Simon Ratner. [pdf]

Object Tracking in a Video Sequence. Young Min Kim. [pdf]

System Identification of Cessna 182 Model UAV. Ritchie Lee and Angela Shen. [pdf]

Multiple hyperparameter learning in L1 regularized models using a Bayesian approach. Chuan Sheng Foo.

Automatic Construction of Cell Genealogical Histories. Matt Jachowski and Rajesh Ranganath. [pdf]

Customer Review Feature Extraction. Heng Ren and Johnny Wang and Tony Wu. [pdf]

Machine Learning Applied to Texas Hold 'Em Poker. Elizabeth Lingg, Alec Go, and Bharadwaj Srinivasan. [pdf]

3D reconstruction of brain tissue. Hylke Buisman, Manuel Gomez-Rodriguez and Saeed Hassanpour.

Multi-Class Object Recognition Using Shared SIFT Features. Siddharth Batra. [pdf]

Topic Correlations over Time. David Haley, David Hall, and Mike Rodgers. [pdf]

Combinatorail Laplacian and Rank Aggregation. Chen Gu, Xiaoye Jiang and Guanyuan Wang.

Classifying Press Releases and Companies Relationships Based on Stock Performance. Nick Briggs and Mike Mintz and Ruka Sakurai. [pdf]

Online feedback for human learning. Matthew Kaufman.

A Non-Parametric EM Algorithm for Hybrid Sampling in Probabilistic Roadmap (PRM) PLanning. David Stavens.

Machine Learning Applied to 3-D Reservoir Simulation. Marco A. Cardoso. [pdf]

Self-Calibration of a Pair of Webcams for Stereo Vision. Rebecca Illowsky and Landry Huet. [pdf]

Control of an autonomous helicopter in autorotation. Timothy Hunter. [pdf]

Automatically Detecting Banner Ads in Web Pages. Douglas Greiman. [pdf]

Patent Cases Docket Classification. Ioannis Antonellis and Panagiotis Papadimitriou. [pdf]

Forcasting Purchasing Behavior using fMRI Data. Logan Grosenick. [pdf]

Sound Design Learning for Frequency Modulation Synthesis Parameters. Juan-Pablo Caceres. [pdf]

State Indexed Policy Search by Dynamic Programming. Charles DuHadway and Yi Gu. [pdf]

Getting the Position and the Pose Using Stereo Vision. Youngjun Kim. [pdf]

Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Machine Learning Applications. Larkhoon Leem. [pdf]