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Athletics & Sensing Devices

Activity Recognition Using Cell Phones [poster] [report]
Sanjay Srinivas, Travis Geis, Rohit Talreja

College Football Bowl Predictor [poster] [report]
Austin Childs, Evan Cheshire, Thomas Leung

Condition Monitoring Using Accelerometer Readings [poster] [report]
Cheryl Danner, Kelly Gov, Simon Xu

Draft Kings and Queens [poster] [report]
Eric Hermann, Adebia Ntoso

Finding the Optimal Fantasy Football Team [poster] [report]
Paul Steenkiste

Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Devices Sensor Data [poster] [report]
Chenying Zhang, Shutong Zhang, Jason Wu

Human Activity Recognition: Accelerometers Unveil Your Actions [poster] [report]
Yinglan Ma, Yunong Jiang, Zhongjie Li

Identifying injury-inducing factors in baseball pitchers [poster] [report]
Prafull Sharma, Jae Jang, Raejoon Jung

Localization Through Wireless Access Point Channel State Information [poster] [report]
Alexander Dewing, Xiaonan Tong, Robert Sun

Machine Learning for Daily Fantasy Football Quarterback Selection [poster] [report]
Peter Dolan, Hassan Karaouni, Alec Powell

Predicting Final Scores of Major League Baseball Games [poster] [report]
Ben Weems, Nicolas Cserepy, Robbie Ostrow

Predicting Momentum Streaks in the NBA [poster] [report]
Brian Mittl, Vijay Singh, Whitney LaRow

Predicting Optimal Game Day Fantasy Football Teams [poster] [report]
Travis Swenson, Glenn Sugar

Predicting Short-Range Displacements From Sensor Data [poster] [report]
Jun-Ting Hsieh, Maurice Shih

Predicting Win Percentage and Winning Features of NBA Teams [poster] [report]
Nattapoom Asavareongchai, Evan Giarta

Sign Language Recognition using Temporal Classification [poster] [report]
Fahim Dalvi, Hardie Cate, Zeshan Hussain

Using Pre-NBA Data to Predict Early NBA Career Success [poster] [report]
Chris House, Ryan Edwards, Nathan Lord

Win Some, Learn Some [poster] [report]
Ivan Suarez Robles, Joseph Wu

Audio & Music

A Soundhound for the sound of hounds [poster] [report]
Robert Colcord, Ethan Geller, Matthew Horton

Acoustic Texture Classification [poster] [report]
Gabriele Carotti-Sha, Daniel Villamizar, Evan Penn

Automatic Playlist Generation [poster] [report]
Xingting Gong, Xu Chen

Automatic Rhythmic Notation from Single-Voice Audio Sources [poster] [report]
Shashwat Udit, Jack O'Reilly

Blind Audio Source Separation Pipeline and Algorithm Evaluation [poster] [report]
Kai-Chieh Huang, Wisam Reid, Doron Roberts-Kedes

Classification of Irish and Scandinavian Folk Music by Dance Type [poster] [report]
Elliot Kermit-Canfield, Iran Roman

Clustering Bach chorale melodies [poster] [report]
Hope Casey-Allen, Diego Hernandez, Jian Yang Lum

Clustering Music by Genres [poster] [report]
Kyuwon Kim, Rick Kim, Wonjin Yun

Electric Guitar Pickups Recognition [poster] [report]
Warren Jonhow Lee, Yi-Chun Chen

Experimenting with Algorithmic Composition Techniques [poster] [report]
Horia Margarit, Jessica Kuo

For-TUNE teller [poster] [report]
Gerard Touma, Sambhav Jain, Mridul Krishna

How Fire is Your Mixtape? [poster] [report]
Pedro Garzon, Vinson Luo, Reynis Vazquez-Guzman

Intelligent Rapid Voice Recognition Using Neural Tensor Networks, Support Vector Machines, and Reinforcement Learning [poster] [report]
Aashna Garg, Davis Wong Wertheimer, James Pitkin Cranston

Learning Instrument Identification [poster] [report]
Lewis Guignard, Greg Kehoe

Machine Learning in Automatic Music Chords Generation [poster] [report]
Ziheng Chen, Jie Qi, Yifei Zhou

Melody Extraction from Generic Audio Clips [poster] [report]
Connie Zeng, Hansohl Kim, Thaminda Edirisooriya

Offline Music Recommendation [poster] [report]
Emilien Dupont, William Zhang, Isabelle Jueli Rao

Predicting Musical Eras of Songs [poster] [report]
Yueyao Zhu, Jiaqi Xue, Yandi Li

Predicting Song Popularity [poster] [report]
Edric Kyauk, Edwin Park, James Pham

Predicting a Song's Path and Success Through the Billboard Hot 100 [poster] [report]
Cristian Cibils, Zach Meza, Greg Ramel

SpeakerTagger: a Speaker Diarization System [poster] [report]
Jordan Cazamias, Naoki Eto, Ye Yuan

Spectral Transition-Based Playlist Prediction [poster] [report]
Christopher Billovits, Rahul Prabala, Nipun Agarwala

Speech to Song Classification [poster] [report]
Emily Graber

Spoken Character Recognition [poster] [report]
Tian-Shun Jiang, Jason Liu, Yuki Inoue

Top 100 Song Classifier [poster] [report]
Gabriel Garza, Julien Kawawa-Beaudan

Computer Vision

3D model classification using convolutional neural network [poster] [report]
JunYoung Gwak

Automated Image Artifact Identification in Dark Energy Survey CCD Exposures [poster] [report]
Joseph DeRose, Warren Morningstar

Automatic Image Colorization [poster] [report]
Varun Ramesh, Harrison Ho

Calorie Estimation from Food Images [poster] [report]
Kaixi Ruan, Lin Shao

Classification of Novel Genres by Cover and Title [poster] [report]
Holly Chiang, Connie Wu, Yifan Ge

Classification of photographic images based on perceived aesthetic quality [poster] [report]
Sean Shi, Jeff Hwang

Classifying Non-Manual Markers in American Sign Language [poster] [report]
Alex Kuefler, Pamela Toman

Dynamic Eye Gaze Tracking and Prediction for Foveated Rendering and Retinal Blur [poster] [report]
Kushagr Gupta, Terry Kong, Suleman Kazi

Emotion Calssification on Face Images [poster] [report]
Mikael Jorda

Eyes around the world - Learning to alert and cluster live webcams [poster] [report]
Jee Ian Tam, Sean Rafferty

Facial Keypoint Detection [poster] [report]
Khashayar Khosravi, Seyedshahabaddin Mirjalili, Ashkan Esmaeili

FarmX: Leaf based disease identification in farms [poster] [report]
Kushal Chawda, Chanchal Hazra

Finding Poverty in Satellite Images [poster] [report]
Neal Jean, Rachel Luo

From Grayscale to Color: Digital Image Colorization using Machine Learning [poster] [report]
Jim Andress, Cristian Zanoci

Generating Motion Capture Animation for Arbitrary Rigs [poster] [report]
Marianna Neubauer, Shannon Kao

Handwritten Digit Recognition through Unsupervised Learning [poster] [report]
Qingyang Xu, Xinyi Jiang, Huy Pham

Learning of visualization of object recognition features and image reconstruction [poster] [report]
Chenyue Meng, Qiao Tan, Yuanlin Wen

Learning to recognize English sentence [poster] [report]
Chengshu (Eric) Li

Matching Handwriting With Its Author [poster] [report]
Ziran Jiang, Aditya Mundada

Object Classification Using RGB-D Data for Vision Aids [poster] [report]
Trisha Lian, Anthony Pelot, Kyle Chiang

Object classification for autonomous vehicle navigation of Stanford campus [poster] [report]
Sarah Thornton, Heather Blundell

Pedestrian Detection with RCNN [poster] [report]
Matthew Chen

Photo aesthetics evaluation system: an application of CNN and SVM [poster] [report]
Chen Qian, Zhi Li

Planet Labels - How do we use our earth? [poster] [report]
Timon Ruban, Vincent Sitzmann, Rishabh Bhargava

Smart Adaptive Sampling for Photorealistic Rendering: Learning Samplers for Monte Carlo Ray Tracing [poster] [report]
Winnie Lin, Timothy Wu

Spacecraft Navigation in Cluttered, Dynamic Environments Using 3D Lidar [poster] [report]
Andrew Bylard, Shreyasha Paudel

User Demographics and Profile Pictures as a Predictor of Attractiveness in AI Meets Online Dating Online Dating Profiles [poster] [report]
Huyen Nguyen, Tucker Leavitt, Duncan Wood

Using CNNs to Estimate Depth from Stereo Imagery [poster] [report]
Jayant Thatte, Skanda Shridhar, Tyler Jordan

Vision-Based Hand Hygiene Monitoring in Hospitals [poster] [report]
Boya Peng, Zelun Luo, Zuozhen Liu

Whale Detection & Identification from Aerial Photography [poster] [report]
Aditya Mahajan, Adrien Perkins

What can we learn from a movie's color? [poster] [report]
Ethan Chan, Rajarshi Roy, John Lee

What's your Type? Personalized Predictions of Facial Attractiveness [poster] [report]
Sam Crognale, Danish Shabbir

Your Next Personal Trainer [poster] [report]
Brandon Garcia, Russell Kaplan, Aditya Viswanathan

Finance & Commerce

A pairs trading strategy for GS/MS using machine learning [poster] [report]
Jiayu Wu

Anonymous Marketplace Vendor Exit Scam Detection [poster] [report]
Kevin Kiningham, Michael Graczyk

Are you open? [poster] [report]
Vaibhav Aggarwal, Narenkumar Pandian

Credit Estimation for Chinese Construction Companies [poster] [report]
Christopher Wang

Discriminative market price model for Magic: The Gathering cards based on card mechanics [poster] [report]
Neeraj (Neil) Sapra, Benjamin Pastel, Dustin Fink

Examining Long-Term Trends in Company Fundamentals Data [poster] [report]
Michael Dickens

Exploring Commodity and Stock Volatility using Topic Modeling on Historical News Articles -- Application to Crude Oil Prices [poster] [report]
Olufolake Ogunbanwo, Mustafa Al Ibrahim, Rui Jiang

Exploring the Structure of Private Foundations [poster] [report]
Thomas Dudley, Alex Fetisova, Darren Hau

Financial Magic [poster] [report]
Boris Perkhounkov, Cooper Frye, Emily Franklin

Forecast sales using store, promotion, and competitor data [poster] [report]
Tejinder Singh, Chris Jee

Forecasting Drug Store Sales Using Machine Learning Techniques [poster] [report]
Xi Wu, Hongyu Xiong, Jingying Yue

Forecasting Rossmann Store sales using store, promotion, and competitor data in machine learning techniques [poster] [report]
Xiuzhen Guo, Sen Lin, Eric Yu

Gradient Boosting Trees to Predict Store Sales [poster] [report]
Maksim Korolev

How can machine learning help stock investment? [poster] [report]
Xin Guo

KPI-Driven Predictive ML Models Approach Towards Municipal Budgeting Optimization [poster] [report]
Bo Shen, Bas Hendri, Kun Shao

Long-Short Strategy Using Bank Analysts Recommendations [poster] [report]
Thomas Ayoul, Nicolas Meiller, Alexandre Elkrief

Multifaceted Predictive Algorithms in Commodity Markets [poster] [report]
Blake Jennings, Vineet Ahluwalia, Hunter Ash

Portfolio Recommendation System [poster] [report]
Berk Eserol

Predicting Default Rate of a Lending Club User [poster] [report]
Simon Dae-oong Kim, Genki Kondo, Shun Chang

Predicting Financial Market Stability Using News and Google Trends Data [report]
Anusha Balakrishnan, Kalpit Dixit

Predicting Future Employment, Productivity, and Income [poster] [report]
Jake McKinnon

Predicting Intraday Market Volatility Using Macroeconomic Headline News [poster] [report]
William Wright, Carolyn Campbell, Rujia Jiang

Predicting Movie Revenue from Pre-Release Data [poster] [report]
Thomas Lampo, Lili Yang, Benjamin Flora

Predicting Rossman Store Sales [poster] [report]
David Beam, Mark Schramm

Predicting Short-term Market Response to Liquidity Shocks [poster] [report]
Kartikey Asthana, Roberto Colon Quinones, Joshua Romero

Predicting Stock Prices through Textual Analysis of Web News [poster] [report]
Daniel Gallegos Ortega, Alice Hau

Predicting Student Earnings After College [poster] [report]
Miranda Strand, Tommy Truong

Predicting Valuations of Venture Capital-backed Private Companies [poster] [report]
Caroline Frost, Tigran Askaryan

Predicting business ratings on Yelp [poster] [report]
Yevhen Bochkov, Travis Gingerich

Predicting political ideology using campaign finance data [poster] [report]
Keri McKiernan, Joe Napoli

Prediction of Airline Ticket Price [poster] [report]
Ruixuan Ren, Yunzhe Yang, Shenli Yuan

Prediction of Post-Collegiate Earnings [poster] [report]
Keith Wyngarden, Monica Agrawal, Priya Ganesan

Prediction of Time of Peak Exchange Rate [poster] [report]
Lucio Dery, Charles Mulemi

Rossman Store Sales Prediction [poster] [report]
Tian Yang, Zhuyuan (Julia) Liu

Rossmann Store Sales Prediction [poster] [report]
Chenghao Wang, Yang Li

Rossmann Time Series [poster] [report]
Allen Huang, Jesiska Tandy

Rossmann store sales quantity prediction [poster] [report]
Vladimir Sazontyev

Sales Prediction for Rossmann Drug Stores [poster] [report]
Brian Knott, Andrew Simpson, Hanbin Liu

Sales Prediction with Time Series Modeling [poster] [report]
Gautam Shine, Sanjib Basak

Short Term Price Prediction in Financial Markets [poster] [report]
Kameshwar Chinta, William Yearick, Dharan Althuru

Using Decision Tree to predict repeat customers [poster] [report]
Jia En Nicholette Li, Jing Rong Lim

Using machine learning for medium frequency derivative portfolio trading [poster] [report]
Abhijit Sharang, Chetan Rao

General Machine Learning

A Personalized Company Recommender System for Job Seekers [poster] [report]
Ruixi Lin, Yue Kang, Yixin Cai

A study of ensemble methods in machine learning [poster] [report]
Kwhangho Kim, Jeha Yang

An Application of Machine Learning to Native Advertisements [poster] [report]
Kevin Grogan, Quinlan Jung

Analyzing Donations to 2016 Presidential Candidates [poster] [report]
Raphael Palefsky-Smith

Bitcoin UTXO Lifespan Prediction [poster] [report]
Robert Konrad, Stephen Pinto

Can Machines Recognize Expertise? [poster] [report]
Camila Pereira

Crime classification and prediction in San Francisco city [poster] [report]
Abhilash Sunder Raj, Addarsh Chandrasekar, Poorna Kumar

Gimme Food by The Yelping Stones [poster] [report]
Mark Kwon

Incorporating Nesterov Momentum into Adam [report]
Timothy Dozat

ML in Network Intrusion Detection [poster] [report]
Liru Long, Xilei Wang, Xiaoxi Zhu

Machine Hound: Following an olfactory trail [poster] [report]
Marguerite Graveleau, Jacques de Chalendar, Clement Renault

Machine Learning Applied to Visual Odometry [poster] [report]
Boyang Zhang

Machine Learning Equalization Techniques for High Speed PAM4 Fiber Optic Communication Systems [poster] [report]
Ilya Lyubomirsky

MasterChef [poster] [report]
Vinaya Polamreddi, Juhi Amitkumar Naik

Modeling MOOC Dropouts [poster] [report]
Gaurav Aggarwal, Degao Peng

Neighborhood and Review Score Prediction for Airbnb Listings [poster] [report]
Emily Tang, Kunal Sangani

Online Detection of Code Reuse Attacks [poster] [report]
Yifan Lu, Christopher Hansen

Playing Tetris with Genetic Algorithms [poster] [report]
Jason Lewis

Plead or Pitch? Predicting the Performance of Kickstarter Campaigns [poster] [report]
Nihit Desai, Raghav Gupta, Karen Truong

Predict Employees' Computer Access Needs in Company [poster] [report]
Xin Zhou, Wenqi Xiang

Predicting A Student's Performance [poster] [report]
Vani Khosla

Predicting Bill Passage [poster] [report]
Pablo Hernandez, Noah Makow, Kyle Gulshen

Predicting Bill Votes in the House of Representatives [poster] [report]
Scott Kravitz, Tom Henighan

Predicting Congressional Bill Outcomes [poster] [report]
Arushi Jain

Predicting Recidivism [poster] [report]
Jeremy Kim, Miguel Camacho

Predicting Roles in "The Resistance" Board Game [poster] [report]
Tristan Breeden

Predicting Running Ability from Race History [poster] [report]
Matthew Millett

Predicting Wine Varietals from Reviews [poster] [report]
Kate Willison, Eli Ben-Joseph, Ron Tidhar

Predicting a Happier Place [poster] [report]
Lisa Wang, Karen Wang, Grant Means

Predicting quality of wine based on chemical attributes [poster] [report]
Zhenxiang Zhou, Yi Liu, Amelia Lemionet

Predicting winning rate of DotA2 games [poster] [report]
Kuangyan Song, Tianyi Zhang, Chao Ma

Prediction algorithm for crime recidivism [poster] [report]
Luis Ceferino, Julia Andre, Thomas Trinelle

Quantifying decision impact in MOBA games [poster] [report]
Edward Gan, Justin Huang, Frederic Ren

Recognizing network traces of various web services [poster] [report]
Alexander Schaub, Alexandros Hollender

Recommendation System Leveraging Heterogeneity of Relations in a Social Network [poster] [report]
Jayanth Ramesh, Pulkit Agrawal, Agrim Gupta

RoboCop: Crime Classification and Prediction in San Francisco [poster] [report]
John Cherian, Mitchell Dawson

Robust Streaming Video Traffic Classification [poster] [report]
Jordan Ebel

Service Capacity Estimation Through Telemetry Analysis [poster] [report]
Daniel De Freitas Adiwardana, Joe Wang

SocialSense: Quantifying Social Media Linkage and Malicious Intent Across the Web [poster] [report]
Joel Shackelford, Alexander Spizler, Yang Xu

Top-Rated Series Characterization and Audience Rating Prediction [poster] [report]
Yiwen Xu, Yushu Chai, Zihui Liu

Using Facebook Profiles to Predict Sexual Orientation [poster] [report]
Nikhil Bhattasali, Esha Maiti

What makes a good muffin? [poster] [report]
Ivan Ivanov

Life Sciences

Advanced machine learning techniques for thyroid cancer diagnosis [poster] [report]
Chenjie Yang, Jingtao Xu, Tiffany Liu

Advanced machine learning techniques for thyroid cancer diagnosis [poster] [report]
Akash Maharaj, Raghu Mahajan, Rajiv Krishnakumar

Automated Pathology through Machine Learning [poster] [report]
Sean Fischer

Automating Neurological Disease Diagnosis Using Structural MR Brain Scan Features [poster] [report]
Allan Raventos, Moosa Zaidi

Biomarker identification for early-stage diabetes diagnosis in mice liver cells [poster] [report]
Vincent Deo

Classication of Behavioral Decision using Pre-decision Neural Activity [poster] [report]
Blue Sheffer, Bora Erden

Classification of High Grade vs Low Grade GBM Tumor [poster] [report]
Vincent-Pierre Berges, Victor Storchan, Kevin Luo

Classifications of Subject Motion for Improved Reconstruction of Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging [poster] [report]
Feiyu Chen

Computer aided detection of endolymphatic hydrops to aid the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease [poster] [report]
George Liu

Data fusion for predicting cancer survival [poster] [report]
Yufei Zhang, Linbailu Jiang, Siyi Peng

Detecting gene-by-environment interaction in coronary artery disease [poster] [report]
Bosh Liu, Robert Kirby

Determination of cell types in Chicken utricle [poster] [report]
Yanli Wang

Diagnosing Type II Diabetes [poster] [report]
Madeleine Gill, Katherine Holsteen, Haju Kim

Doctor Bayes [poster] [report]
Anthony Perez, Leonid Keselman, Brandon Beckhardt

ECG R-R Interval Estimation [poster] [report]
David Zeng

Identifying Cardiomyocytes from Acoustic Measurements [poster] [report]
Alex Lemon

Kernel learning framework for cancer subtype analysiswith multi-omics data integration [poster] [report]
Thomas Lau, Shivaal Roy, William Bradbury

Learning the topology of the genome from protein-DNA interactions [poster] [report]
Suhas Rao

Learning with Difference of Gaussian Features in the 3D Segmentation of Glioblastoma Brain Tumors [poster] [report]
Zhao Chen, Darvin Yi, Tianmin Liu

Machine Learning Classifier for Preoperative Diagnosis of Benign Thyroid Nodules [poster] [report]
Joshua Yoon, Blanca Villanueva

Medical Record Understanding [poster] [report]
Daniel Thirman

Medical image retrieval from 3D lesion content [poster] [report]
Blaine Rister

Methods for Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes [poster] [report]
Duyun Chen, Yaxuan Yang, Junrui Zhang

Needle Tumor Puncture Detection Using a Force and Position Sensor [poster] [report]
Nathan Usevitch, Joey Greer

Predicting Corporate Influence Cascades In Health Care Communities [poster] [report]
Shouzhong Shi, Chaudary Zeeshan Arif, Sarah Tran

Predicting ecological traits from fungal genomes [poster]
Joe Wan

Predicting the progression of the ALS disease in Patients [poster] [report]
Michael Black, Neeharika Madduri, Durga Ganesh

Prediction of clinical outcomes in breast invasive carcinoma using omics data [poster] [report]
Anna Shcherbina, Alice Yu, Hunter Boyce

Reducing False Arrhythmia Alarms in the Intensive Care Unit [poster] [report]
Katarina Miller, Andrew Ward, Daniel Miller

Scanning probe microscopy based on reinforcement learning [poster] [report]
Eric Yue Ma

Techniques for Local Ancestry Inference in Admixed Populations [poster] [report]
Naveen Arivazhagan, Hyeji Kim, Edwin Yuan

The Price is Right? Estimating Medical Costs with Machine Learning [poster] [report]
Samantha Steele, Sarah Rosston

Thyroid Dysfunction: Prediction and Diagnostics [poster] [report]
Alexandra Pappas, Albert "Ya-Po" Lui

Tracing SPN dendritic branches and classifying their neuronal inputs [poster] [report]
Eddy Albarran, Xulu Sun

Unsupervised Learning for Analyzing Brain Tumors [poster] [report]
Teun de Planque, Guillermo Angeris, Christopher Elamri

Unsupervised learning of emergent structure in simulated neural data [report]
Amelia Christensen

Using DNA methylation to predict white blood cells frequencies in tumor tissue samples [poster] [report]
Marcos Prunello, Ying-Cheng (Chris) Lee

Using Spectral Clustering to Sample Molecular States and Pathways [poster] [report]
Surl-Hee (Shirley) Ahn, Johannes Birgmeier

Natural Language

A Movie Recommender System from Tweets Data [poster] [report]
Mengyi Gao, Xiang Zhang

A Personal Conversational Model [poster] [report]
Lawrence Murata, Ana-Maria Istrate

Algorithmic Trading of Cryptocurrency Based on Twitter Sentiment Analysis [poster] [report]
Stuart Colianni, Stephanie Rosales, Michael Signorotti

Analysis on Yelp User Preference [poster] [report]
Yingran Xu, Jia Le Xu

Anomaly Detection in Lengthy Legal Documents [poster] [report]
Yanshu Hong, Tian Zhao

Application of Deep Learning in Yelp Review Analysis [poster] [report]
Yimin Liu, Ke Xu, Renfeng Jiang

Application of Unsupervised Learning For Business Segmentation, Using Yelp Data [poster] [report]
Charles Zhang, Eric Wang

Applying adversarial examples to text classification of natural language [poster] [report]
Onkur Sen

Assessing and Implementing Automated News Classification Algorithms [poster] [report]
Francisco Romero, Zahra Koochak

Autoranking Amazon Reviews [poster] [report]
Ilker Karakasoglu, Ivan Gozali

Autotagging and Evaluating Text Relevance [report]
Chayakorn Pongsiri, Pakapark Bhumiwat, George Supaniratisai

Building an AI for the Wikipedia Game [poster] [report]
Zack Swafford, Alex Barron

Clustering a Customer Base Using Twitter Data [poster] [report]
Vanessa Friedemann

Contextual Code Completion [poster] [report]
Chinmayee Shah, Subhasis Das

Cuisine Classification from Ingredients [poster] [report]
Boqi Li, Mingyu Wang

Detecting Sarcasm In Text: An Obvious Solution to a Trivial Problem [poster] [report]
Chun-Che Peng, Mohammad Lakis, Jan Wei Pan

Divergent Recommendations for Yelp Users [poster] [report]
Sigberto Alarcon Viesca, Shifan Mao, Christopher Heung

Don't Feed the Trolls: Insult Detection on Online Communities [poster] [report]
Stephanie Tsai, Arun Kulshreshtha, Matthew Volk

Drug and Chemical Compound Named Entity Recognition using Convolutional Networks [poster] [report]
Mark Berger

Extracting keywords from emails using distributed word vectors [poster] [report]
Irving Rodriguez

Fast Tree-Structured Recursive Neural Networks [poster] [report]
Anand Avati, Nai-Chia Chen

Feature Engineering on Machine Comprehension [poster] [report]
Danyang Wang, Wei Chen, Xiaoshi Wang

Finding Influencers within Fuzzy Topics on Twitter [poster] [report]
Tal Stramer

How well does language-based community detection work for Reddit? [poster] [report]
Urvashi Khandelwal, Silei Xu

Improved Search for Explore Courses [poster] [report]
Sam Redmond, Eddie Wang

Language Identification from Text Documents [poster] [report]
Priyank Mathur, Arkajyoti Misra, Emrah Budur

Learning to Rank Comments Within Subreddit Submissions [poster] [report]
Jeff Setter, Don Mai, Alex Jin

Machine Learning Methods for News Popularity Prediction [poster] [report]
Xuandong Lei, Hongsheng Fang, Xiaoti Hu

Multiclass Emotion Analysis of Social Media Posts [poster] [report]
Alec Glassford, Berk Coker

Named Entity Recognition and Classification using Word Vectors [poster] [report]
Rajkiran Veluri, Zia Ahmed

Predicting Answer Quality on Community Q&A Websites [poster] [report]
Tin-Yun Ho, Ye Xu

Predicting Yelp Star Ratings Based on Text Analysis of User Reviews [poster] [report]
Junyi Wang

Predicting and Evaluating the Popularity of Online News [poster] [report]
He Ren, Quan Yang

Predicting and Identifying Hyperlinks in Wikipedia Articles [poster] [report]
Cindy Wang, Annie Hu, Neel Guha

Prediction of Yelp Ratings Based on Reviewer Comments Segmented by Business Type [poster] [report]
Kent Lee, James Ross

Question Answering on the bAbI Dataset using LSTMs [poster] [report]
Vincent Su

Rating the Raters: Bias Analysis on Yelp Reviews for Improved Star Rating System [poster] [report]
Qiaojing Yan, Haitong Li, Jingwei Ji

Similar language detection [poster] [report]
Daniel Levy, Shenglan Qiao

The Lowest Form of Wit: Identifying Sarcasm in Social Media [poster] [report]
Vivian Hsu, Saachi Jain

User review sentiment classification and aggregation [poster] [report]
Steven Garcia, Ping Yin

Physical Sciences

A Clustering Algorithm for Reduced Order Modeling of Shock Waves [poster] [report]
Tina White

Analyze Rainfall Frequency and Deriving IDF Curve Automatically [poster] [report]
Kanghee Lee

Data-Driven Discovery and Design of Superionic Lithium Conductors for High Performance Solid-State Lithium Ion Batteries [poster] [report]
Aditi Krishnapriyan, Austin Sendek

Data-driven fatigue crack evaluation based on wave propagation data [poster] [report]
Seongwoon Jeong

Declassification of the D-Wave One Quantum Machine [poster] [report]
Andrew Guo, Brian Wai

Design of Optical Reflection Spectrum using Machine Learning [poster] [report]
Tyler Hughes, Yu (Jerry) Shi

Earthquake-Induced Structural Damage Classification Algorithm [poster] [report]
Amory Martin, Max Ferguson

Energy Consumption Prediction for Optimum Storage Utilization [poster] [report]
Jose Ignacio del Villar Ortiz Mena, Eric Boucher, Robin Schucker

Estimating the Effect of Climate Change on Sea Level Rise [poster] [report]
Mala Alahmadi, Jan Kolmas

Event Identification in Continuous Seismic Data [poster] [report]
Alex Hakso, Fatemeh Rassouli

Gaussian Process Regression with K-means Clustering for Very Short-Term Load Forecasting of Individual Buildings at Stanford [poster] [report]
Carol Hsin

Identifying Volcanoes from Elevation Profile [poster] [report]
Elizabeth Culbertson

Identifying the Higgs Boson [poster] [report]
Anton Apostolatos, Guy Amdur, Leonard Bronner

Jet Charge Characterization at the LHC [poster] [report]
Krishna Soni, Thomas Dylan Rueter

Landslides Susceptibility Mapping In Nepal Using Spatial Feature Vectors [poster] [report]
Markus Zechner, Kyu Koh Yoo, Muhammad Almajid

Learning Chemical Trends in Heterogeneous Catalysis [poster] [report]
Charlie Tsai, Xinyan Liu, Leo Shaw

Model reductions in quantum optical devices [poster] [report]
Tatsuhiro Onodera, Edwin Ng, Gil Tabak

On the relation between solar flares and corona mass ejections, from a machine learning view [poster] [report]
Ruizhu Chen, Xin Zheng

Pile up subtraction and jet energy measurement in particle physics using machine learning [poster] [report]
Jiakun Li, Yujia Zhang, Vein Kong

Predicting Contrast Performance for the Gemini Planet Imager [poster] [report]
Jean-Baptiste Ruffio, Victoria Borish, Katherine Sytwu

Pulse-type classification for the Large Underground Xenon dark matter search [poster] [report]
Kelly Stifter

Reliability of seismic data for hydrocarbon reservoir characterization [poster] [report]
Geetartha Dutta

The classification of Higgs Boson Tau-Tau decay in the presence of severe background noise through neural networks [poster] [report]
Mohit Shridhar

Theory & Reinforcement

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Flappy Bird [poster] [report]
Kevin Chen

Deep Reinforcement Learning with POMDPs [poster] [report]
Maxim Egorov

Estimating Jumping Heights of a Small Legged Robot based on Terrain Properties, Control Efforts, and Tactile Sensor Measurements [poster] [report]
Amy Kyungwon Han, Tae Myung Huh, Lawrence Kim

Feature Cost Sensitive Random Forest [report]
Anna Thomas

Generalized Newton-Stein Method [report]
Murat Erdogdu

Learning Summary Statistics for Approximate Bayesian Computation [poster] [report]
Yiwen Chen

Learning to Play Atari Games [poster] [report]
David Hershey, Blake Wulfe

Memory Neural Networks [poster] [report]
David Biggs, Andrew Nuttall

Parameter Estimation with MOCK algorithm [poster] [report]
Bowen Deng

Reinforcement Learning For Adaptive Traffic Signal Control [poster] [report]
Jeffrey Glick

Subspace Clustering [report]
Weiwei Feng

Swing Copters AI [poster] [report]
Monisha White, Nolan Walsh

Training Minesweeper [poster] [report]
Luis Gardea, Griffin Koontz, Ryan Silva

UAV Coordination Tables via Learning from Various Logic Tables [poster] [report]
Rachael Tompa