CS 229 projects, Spring 2021 edition

There was no live poster presentation because of the pandemic, so producing a poster was completely optional (and not worth bonus credit).

Best Project Award

(in no particular order)

(Title Redacted)

Nic Becker, Brett Larsen, Stanislav Fort

(Title Redacted)

Ryan Andrew Chi, Patrick Yuhao Liu, Nathan Gyoohyun Kim

Open-Ended Generative Commonsense Question Answering with Knowledge Graph-enhanced Language Models

Hanson Hanxiang Lu

Predicting the Adverse Events Following Receipt of mRNA Based COVID 19 Vaccines

Xiaojuan Liu, Yirong Yang

All project posters and reports

(in no particular order)

Towards Feature Sparsity in Large Models: Applications of LassoNet in Image Classification

Jonathan Yi Tseng, Pratham Soni, William Zhang

Machine Learning for Traffic Flow Prediction in Urban Areas

Genggeng Zhou, Yulin Huang

An Interpretable Depression Machine Learning Classifier on Brain Imaging Data

Tayden Li

Optimizing Stock Trading Strategy with Reinforcement Learning

Bradford J. Lin, Wilson Wenda Liang, Mai Lan Nguyen

Applying Deep Reinforcement Learning to Control a Rocket Vehicle in Hover using Thrust Vectoring

Christopher Lu Osgood

Solving the Rubik's Cube with Deep Reinforcement Learning Using Multi-Headed Models

Kiyohiro Nakayama, Hanson H Hao, WenXin Dong

Text-Based Prediction of Book Review Popularity

Bridget Daly

Detection of Hand Drawn Circuit Schematic Symbols

Aditi Kumar, Riyaz Adnan Merchant

Dyadic Gender Composition and Task Classification Using fNIRS Hyperscanning Data

Liam Anthony Kruse

Imitation Learning in Macroeconomics: To Save or not to Save?

Sikata Bela Sengupta, Rafael Xavier Esteves

Deep Brain Inference from Cortical Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measurements

Marc Schlichting

Machine-learning based prediction of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of interventions

Yunjae Hwang, HEEGWANG ROH

Automatic transformation from animated face image to real human face image

Ryota Eki

Quantitative Trading With Machine Learning

Rene Marco Glawion

Multiclass Classification of Fetal Health using Cardiotocogram Data

JR S Ereyi, Marc Huo

Wildfire Prediction Through Lvie Fuel Moisture Content Maps

Irene Alisjahbana

The BanditPAM Algorithm: Getting to Production

Ben Charles Hora, Chung Ching Cheung

Detecting and predicting earthquake ground motion directionality patterns

Rodrigo Ivan Silva Lopez, Alan John Poulos

Using Unsupervised Learning to build a binary classifier graph for multiclassification

Gabriel Spil

Predictive Risk for Efficient Black-Box Validation of Autonomous Vehicles

Robert John Moss

Applications of Quantum Computing in Machine Learning

Sasha Lazarevic

Using Neural Network for Security Attacks Detection

Sotiris Papasotiriou

Data Driven Cloth for Interactive Applications

Kangrui Xue

Music Genre Classification

Albert An Cheng Pun, Kamilla Nazirkhanova

Predicting Hit Songs Using Repeated Chorus

Eric Liu

Relevance of classical models in the paradigm of convolution neural networks

Pujan Aloke Biswas, Hefu Pan

Application of Deep Reinforcement Learning in Algorithmic Trading

Hieu Trung Le

Neural Network Training under Input-Output Set Constraints using Reachability and Differentiable Collision Checking

Adam Dai, Derek Cutler Knowles

Translating Chemical Skeletal Formula Images into InChI Annotations

Lainey Yifei Wang

Predicting myocardial infarction risk using supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods

Katie Shi, Katelyn Bechler, Vivian Ho

Application of Machine Learning Methods to Evaluate Collectable Merchandise

Xiaotian Lu

ChePT-2: Advanding the Application of Deep Neural Transformer Models to Chess Move Prediction and Self-Commentary

Harry Mellsop, Colton Orion Swingle, Collin Schlager

Trolls, Haters, or Teammates: Classifying Sentiment in the Langeuage of PvP Game Communications

Melinda Zhu, Thomas Haoze Yang, Kevin Walter Borst

Sentiment Analysis of Chinese Microblog Posts on Attitude Toward Vaccination Since Outbreak of Covid 19

Sylvia Yuan, Yifei He, Zhaoqiang Bai

2020 Summer Olympic Games Predictions

Brian Christopher Dobkowski

Predicting acceptance of personal loans

AJ James Rossman, Conor Reardon Casey

Mole or Melanoma: An Exploration of Melanoma Classification

Tom Cole Welch, Drew Wadsworth, Sophie Jasmin Parsa

Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Bitcoin Price Prediction

Sara Abdali, Ben Francis Hoskins

Position-independent Human Activity Recognition using Smartphone Sensors Via Machine Learning

Zhe Yan

Crowdfunding: Predicting Kickstarter Project Success

Benjamin Henly Wittenbrink, Sauren Khosla

Estimate Photographic Settings from Images

Jun Wang, Jenny Hu

Land Use prediction in the Chesapeake Bay Watershead

Daniel Morton

Predicting Mortgage Backed Securities Prepayment Using Machine Learning Methods

John Boccio, Chong Guo, Christopher Patrick Cameron

Approximate Data Deletion via Weight Pruning

Sophia Sanchez, Lucas E Orts, Will Song

Automated Image Colorization

Hanzhao Lin, Rafael Cardoso Ferreira

Prediction of Invasive ICU Procedures From Electronic Health Record Data

Jiwoo Lee, Keaton Ollech, Alex Kern

Categorizing news articles on political bias

Dylan Marshall Crain, Yagmur Erhan

Unified Transformer for Multi modal few shot classification

Fang QIN, Vincent Li

Interpreting Sign Language

Amita Gondi, Mustafa Ahmed Khan

Asynchronous Reinforcement Learning Applied to Tetris

Spencer Daniel Graves

Fake News Detection With Multimodal Machine Learning

Chuanqi Chen, Danni Ma, Kaijun Feng

Understanding key predictive covariates for maternal mortality in Nigeria

Sameer Sundrani, Cora Isabel Wendlandt, Amy Yue Zhang

Travel Landmark Image Classification

Michelle Xing, Trinity Gaw Donohugh, Hanna Yip

Reinforcement Learning on Spades

Theo Daniel Culhane

Predicting Survivability of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

Anthony Tzen, Asha Mehta

Image Classification of Pneumonia from Chest X Rays

Jasper den Otter, Alexander Lerner, Oscar O'Rahilly

Using Tactile Sensors to Learn a Manipulation Task

Mason T Llewellyn

Learning Dynamic Models From Data

Jason Anderson, Alexander Maynard

Application of Machine Learning Methods to Predict the Level of Building Damage in the Nepal Earthquake

Yitian Liang

Fungal Identification from Metagenomic Sequence Data

Charlie Curnin, Nicholas Anthony Midler

Predicting the in game events in the League of Legends Game

Eun Jee Sung

Predicting Collegiate Track and Field Performances

Erika Paige Malaspina, Ellie Ugne Talius

Demand Forecasting with Machine Learning Techniques in Supply Chain Management

Runqiu Shi, Boshi Huang

Predicting Cell Types and Disease Status in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Raymond Yin, Vardhaan Ambati

RGBD Object Tracking for Visual Servoing

Rita Tlemcani

Using satellite imagery to predict wildfires

Rahul Srivastava, Andrew Tremain Lazar

A Harmonious Approach to Algorithmic Composition

Nicholas Anthony Graziano

Learning to Flock with Policy Gradients

Mehmet Bilgehan Bezcioglu

COVID 19 Cough Detection

Liyu Tan, Dagger Chen, Ryan Pan

Story Illustration using Generative Adverarial Networks (GANs)

Priscilla Lui, Grace Kim

Exploring Cooperative Ability of AI Through Hanabi

Matthew A Riedman

Clustering Natural Wines

Joseph Anthony Matan

Recognizing Ringworm in Canis lupis familiaris or Felis catus

Sophia Luisa Andrikopoulos, Eden Grown-Haeberli

Hopper: Reinforcement Learning Based Control on a Wheeled Bipedal Robot

Aaron Zachary Schultz, Parthiv Nandakumar Krishna

Pathway Scores: Feature Engineering for Age Prediction from Gene Expression Data

Rishabh Raj Kapoor, Yash Pershad

Towards Localizing Nomadic Pastoralist Settlements from Remote Sensing Data: Proposal of a Novel Dataset of Settlements in Nyangatom, Ethiopia and Exploration of Deep Learning Classification Methods

Benjamin Cheung Liu

Rewriting Children's Stories for Different Reading Levels

Feiyang Liu, Bochen Zhang, Yiqun Tian

The Automatic Driving of TBM


FPGA Board State Detection: SVM versus CNN

Misha Orduna Baitemirova

Generating Photorealistic 3D Models From Limited Data

Eric Ryan Chan

Predicting market volatility and building short term trading strategies using data from Reddit's WallStreetBets

Abhishek Raghunathan, Shashank Rammoorthy, Kiara Nirghin

Is Pitchfork Out of Pitch? Investigating Bias in Pitchfork Album Reviews

Kimberly Kathleen Batdorf, Colin Hall Kalicki, Ayush Pandit

ML-Based Collaborative Filtering for Cross-Cultural Music Recommendations

Stephan Sharkov, Yuzu Marie-Christine Ido, Eunice Yang

A Foray into GANs

Madeleine Yip, Kevin Tan

Predicting Real GDP Growth Using Regulatory and Political Indicators

Rachael Liu Wang, Andrew Hugh Conkey

Applying machine learning algorithms to identify and classify brain scans as having a risk of Alzheimer's disease

Ricky Anthony Parada, Ian Yue Han Ng

GrES: Group Evolutionary Strategies for Sample Efficient Direct Policy Learning

Coen R Armstrong, Diego Jasson

Implementing Fairness Constraints in Credit Rating Prediction

Jodie Anna Bhattacharya, Arthur Lee, Andrew Michael Semenza

Machine Learning for Pinnacle Matchmaking in Destiny 2

Garrick Domalanta Fernandez

Predicting Power Output of High Efficiency PVs Using Sky Imaging

Sarah Catherine Spaugh

Comparing Machine Learning Techniques on the Task of Fake News Detection

Yining Zhu, Qianli Song

Multi-layer perceptron Neural Networks and Time Series Forecasting in Portfolio Opimization

Tiffany Zhao, Alina Chou, Edgar Miguel Roman

Using Machine Learning Methods to Classify urban Heat Islands

Jennifer Jing Xu, Susan Chen Chen

Using Q-Learning to Personalize Pedagogical Policies for Addition Problems

Takara Everest Truong, Cortney Curtis Weintz, Danyating Shen

EnJa: a Reading Level Appropirate Japanese Reading Recommender

Hanna Yongeun Lee, Issac Bevers

Malware Classifier

Joe Cronin Allen

Classification of Invalid Page Content for Topic Modeling Pipelines of Web Browsing Data

Natalie Marie Cygan

Seeking Feature Sparsity in Collaborative Filtering with LassoNet

William Scot Armstrong

Classification of Horror Stories from Reddit

Sohit Gatiganti, Chris Chankyo Kim, Dean Zhou

Markets for Consumer Data

Ayush Kanodia, Lina Lukyantseva

A comparative study of reinforcement learning techniques for analog electronic design automation

Kannan Sankaragomathi, Qingwei Zeng, Huafan Cai

Embeddings for Classifying Racist Tweets

Raymond Ye Lee, Cindy Xuan

Adaptive Prediction Sets with Class Conditional Coverage

Alex Socrates Derhacobian, John Taro Guibas, Linden Sky Li, Bharath Raj Namboothiry

Endpoint Telemetry for Malware Detection

Siddhartha Jagannath

Multi-Intrumental Genre Transfer Using CycleGan

Justin Young, Mac Broido, Emmanuel Ntse Ayumba

Mobile Money SMS Fraud Detection

Josh Nkoy, Arafat Mohammed

Encryption and Machine Learning: How Classification May Be Impacted by Encryption

Meg Richey, Yosheb M Getachew, Joshua Mosa Shongwe

Predicting Bazel Build Times Using Machine Learning

Muhammad Umar Nadeem Sarah Raza

Machine Learning Classification of Bacterial vs Fungal Keratitis from Photographs

Kevin Titat Supakkul, Kimmy Chang, Ryan Mason Beauchamp

Inferring Pitch and Roll using Accelerometer and its applications

Saravana Kumar Rathinam

LAMANAS: Loss Agnostic and Model Agnostic Meta Neural architecture Search for Few-Shot Learning

Sergio Charles, Gordon Chi, Gil Kornberg

CS229 Final Project

Bryn Matheson Hughes

Evaluating the textbugger NLP Attack on a State-of-the-Art Sentiment Classification Model

Seiji Eicher

CS229 Final Project

Sally Egan, Huong Thien Nguyen

Towards a Machine Learning Based Algorithm for Performing Low Brightness Photometry using Star Shape

Alec Milton Lessing