CS 229 projects, Spring 2020

All project posters and reports

Terrain Classification for Small Legged Robots Using Deep Learning on Tactile Data

General Machine Learning

Hojung Choi, Rachel Thomasson

Application of machine learning methods to identify and categorize radio pulsar signal candidates

Physical Sciences

Serena Debesai, Carmen Gutierrez, Nazli Ugur Koyluoglu

Using Machine Learning Models to Predict S&P500 Price Level and Spread Direction

Finance & Commerce

Alex Fuster, Zhichao Zou

Exploring Adversarial Training for Out-of-Distribution Detection

General Machine Learning

Irena Gao, Ryan Han, David Yue

Image Super-Resolution Via a Convolutional Neural Network

Computer Vision

Ben Garber, Aitan Grossman, Sonja Johnson-Yu

Measuring and Incorporating Correlations in Generative Adversarial Networks

General Machine Learning

Vishesh Gupta

Classification of Legal Text

Finance & Commerce

Krithika Iyer

Pancreatic cancer prognosis using clinical and radiomic data

Life Sciences

Arash Jamalian

Household Animals Classification Using Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Lei Lin

GAN-Based Image Data Augmentation

Computer Vision

David Liu, Nathan Hu

Semi-supervised Segmentation of Brain MRI Images

Life Sciences

Ali Mottaghi

Using LSTM and SARIMA Models to Forecast Cluster CPU Usage

General Machine Learning

Langston Nashold, Rayan Krishnan

Predicting a Decline in Patient Reported Outcomes for Cancer Patients on Chemotherapy

Life Sciences

Nicolai Ostberg, Dylan Peterson

Vision-Based Precision Pose Estimation For Autonomous Formation Flying

General Machine Learning

Rohan Punnoose

CS229: Final Report

Finance & Commerce

Kun Qian, Xingzi Xu, Emily You

Evaluating Autoencoder Methods for Building a Molecule Graph Autoencoder

General Machine Learning/Physical Sciences

Amelia Woodward

Machine Learning based classification for Sentimental analysis of IMDb reviews

Natural Language

Chun-Liang Wu, Song-Ling Shin

Application of Artificial Neural Network in Streamflow Forecasting

Physical Sciences

Mian Xiao, Shanni You

CT-based Patient Triage of COVID-19: Radiomics Prediction of ICU Admission, Mechanical Ventilation, and Death of Patients

Life Sciences

Xianghao Zhan, Yiheng Li

Data Driven Solutions and Discoveries in Mechanics Using Physics Informed Neural Network

Physical Sciences

Qi Zhang, Yilin Chen, Ziyi Yang

Investigation of Near-accident Car-driving Scenario using Deep Imitation Learning and Reinforcement Learning

Theory & Reinforcement Learning

Wentao Zhong, Jiaqiao Zhang

Collaborative Filtering on Keywords Recommendation for Clinical Trial Records

General Machine Learning

Xiao Zhou