CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2005

Learning to Manipulate Objects from Simulated Images. Justin Driemeyer. [pdf]

Music Alignment Discovery. Woodley Packard. [pdf]

User authentication based on behavioral mouse dynamics biometrics. Chee-Hyung Yoon and Daniel Donghyun Kim. [pdf]

Reordering Attachment Candidates in the CSLI Dialogue Systems. Florin Ratiu. [pdf]

Decoding Cognitive States from fMRI Timeseries. Catie Chang. [pdf]

Semantic Extensions to Syntactic Analysis of Queries. Ben Handy and Rohini Rajaraman. [pdf]

Learning To Pick Up a Novel Object. Chioma Osondu and Justin Kearns. [pdf]

Controlling Devices by Using Robot Arm. Jinsung Kwon and Jaekwang Lee. [pdf]

Metrics for a Mastoidectomy Simulator. Christopher Sewell. [pdf]

Using Embedding Algorithms to Find a Low Dimensional Representation of Neural Activity During Motor Planning. Afsheen Afshar and John Cunningham. [pdf]

Multicore Learning Algorithm. Cheng-Tao Chu, Yi-An Lin and YuanYuan Yu. [pdf]

Gaussian PRM Samplers for Dynamic Configuration Spaces. Yu-Te Lin and Shih-Chia Cheng. [pdf]

NER Adapatation. Pi-chuan Chang, Surabhi Gupta, and Yun-Hsuan Sung. [pdf]

Beat CAL: Machine Learning in Football Play-calling. Jonathan Pines and Nathan Marz. [pdf]

Door Handle Detection for Stair. Benjamin J Sapp and Jingshen Jimmy Zhang. [pdf]

Machine Learning for Controlled Slides of a RC Car. Morgan Quigley and Michael Vitus. [pdf]

Sentence Unit Detection Without an Audio Signal. William Morgan. [pdf]

Identification of Heterozygous Mutations. Anthony Steve Guerrero. [pdf]

GroupTime Probabilistic Scheduling. Kendra Jay Carattini. [pdf]

Learning to Classify Terrain. John Rogers and Andrew Lookingbill. [pdf]

How's Your Golf Game? Steve Goldman and Drew Willcoxon. [pdf]

Chest Pain in the Emergency Department: Use of Asymmetric Penalties in Sequential Minimal Optimization with Feature Selection to Improve Clinical Decision Making Accuracy. Ram Duriseti. [pdf]

Distributed Random Forests. Omid Jalal Azizi, Anwei Chai, and Preston Chui. [pdf]

Explicit Image Filter. Cyrille Habis and Filip Krsmanovic. [pdf]

MLB Prediction and Analysis. Gregory Donaker. [pdf]

Tracking a Ground Vehicle from an Autonomous Helicopter. Mark Woodward. [pdf]

Clustering News Feeds with Flock. Ari Steinberg. [pdf]

Simultaneous learning of a robot's gait and its body dimensions and compliances. Alan Asbeck and Nick Choo. [pdf]

Smart Text Input System. Younggon Kim. [pdf]

A Discriminative Learning Model for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction. Daniel Woods. [pdf]

Removing Ionospheric Corruption from Low Frequency Radio Arrays. Sean Ting. [pdf]

Human Vision based Object Recogntion. Christina Chan. [pdf]

Prostate Detection Using PCA. Aamir Virani. [pdf]

Aircraft Collision Avoidance.. Rahul Panicker, Nikhil Nigam, Dev Rajnarayan. [pdf]

Machine Learning for Patent Classification. David Black and Peter Ciccolo. [pdf]

Factor Analysis Using pPCA. Wael Salloum and Brad Moore. [pdf]

Re-Learning to Walk: Learning the Optimal Force Feedback Controller for aQuadruped Robot. Andy Gooden and Mark Quilling. [pdf]

Handwritten Digit Recognition: Investigation and Improvement of theInferred Motor Program Algorithm. John Conley and My Phuong Le. [pdf]

Machine Learning for Auto-Dynamic Difficulty in a 2-D Space Shooter. Nicholas Cooper. [pdf]

Query Optimization. Brent Ellwein. [pdf]

Segmentation of Music Into Notes Using Mixture of Gaussians. Roger Grosse. [pdf]

Statistical clustering and Mineral Spectral Unmixing in Aviris HyperspectralImage of Cuprite, NV. Mario Parente and Argyrios Zymnis. [pdf]

Music Tempo Classification. Yu-Yao Chang and Yao-Chung Lin. [pdf]

L1 Regularized Logistic Regression. Tejas Rakshe S. and Ashish Kumar. [pdf]

Localization in Ad-Hoc Sensor Network. Vineet Abhishek. [pdf]

Predicting political trends from news text. Brendan O'Connor. [pdf]

Applying Synthetic Images to Learning Grasping Orientation from Single Monocular Images. Steve Chuang and Eric Shan. [pdf]

Distributed Compression of Stereoscopic Images With Unsupervised Learning of Disparity. David Varodayan and Aditya Mavlankar. [pdf]

Assessing Opinion of Product Reviews. Ali Motamedi and Brian Percival. [pdf]

Query By Humming. John Duchi and Benjamin Phipps. [pdf]

Splice Site Recognition Using Multiple Sequence Alignment. Ross Bayer and Konstantin Davydov. [pdf]

Combining Monocular and Stereo Depth Cues. Fraser Cameron. [pdf]

Applying Machine Learning to Astronaut Robotic Assistants. Daniel Chavez Clemente. [pdf]

Learning to Automatically Discover Meronyms. Austin Shoemaker and Varun Ganapathi. [pdf]

A Novel Approach to User Authentication Through Machine Learning of Keyboard Acoustic Emanations. Stephen Gould. [pdf]

Learning Techniques for Computer Aided Diagnosis in Chest Radiography. Arpit Aggarwal. [pdf]

Application of Clustering for Unsupervised Language Learning. Jeremy Hoffman and Omkar Mate. [pdf]

Predicting Win/Loss Probabilities and Score Distributions in Competitive Games. Jeremy Kolter and Ben Packer.

Hierarchical Learning from Natural Images. Simon Berring and Jeff Sun. [pdf]

Named Entity Recognition. Vijay Krishnan and Vignesh Ganapathy. [pdf]

Learning Depth in Lightfield Images. Douglas Johnston. [pdf]

Dual Tree KDE. Melroy Saldanha and Chester Shiu. [pdf]

Clustering and Segmentation of Probablistic Interaction Networks. Marcin Mejran, Dina Thomas. [pdf]

Protein Structure Classification. Mark Verheggen.

Automated Extraction of Even Details from Text Snippets. Pei-Chin Wang and Kavi Goel. [pdf]

A Hierarchical Application of ICA-based Feature Extraction to Image Classification. Brian Noguchi. [pdf]

Football Ranking System. Lawrence Wisne. [pdf]

Machine Learning of Expressive Microtiming in Brazilian and Reggae Drumming. Edgar Berdahl and Matt Wright. [pdf]

Learning Traffic Light Control Policies. Avram Robinson-Mosher Christopher Egner. [pdf]

Fraud Detection for Online Retail Using Random Forests. Peter Brende and Eric Altendorf and Josh Daniel and Laurent Lessard. [pdf]

Failure Diagnosis for Configuration Problem in Storage System. Chung-hao Tan. [pdf]

Incipient Hydraulic Pump Fault Detection using One-Class Support Vector Machines. Sunil Menon.

Learning to Rank Wine. Kyle Bruck.

Conversation Closings: Creating a Boredom Detector. Jacob Bien.

Maximizing Pinball Scores Through MDP Algorithms. Anna Rafferty and Yi Lang Mok.

Entity Resolution of Structured Soccer Data. Tait Larson.

Learning Scoring Functions for Question Answering. Wojciech Skut and Vrishali Wagle.

Robust Logistic Regression. Fatima A. Hussain, Alessandro Magnani, and Sikandar Samar.

Snake robot locomotion. Adam Hahn.

Learning Traffic Light Control Policies. Avi Robinson-Mosher and Christopher Egner.

Prediction of Content Quality and Perspective. Adam Ginsburg.

Machine Learning Algorithms for the Design of Novel Photonic Crystals. Raj Bhatnagar.

Automatic Calendar Management. Mahesh Kumar Chhaparia.

Learning Maps for 3-D Combat Games. Dongkyu Choi and Chunki Park.

The Brainwaves of Imaginary Events. Rui Wang.

Using a Kalman Filter with an Information-Form Data Assocation Filter. Brad Schumitsch.

Learning Snake Gaits. TongKe Xue.

Learning Life and Death in Go. Alyssa Liang.

Exploring machine learning techniques for recommending advertising keywords. Puneet Chopra.

Predicting Outcomes of Baseball At-Bats. Mark Linsey and Joshua Ainslie.

Gene Recognition. Mukesh Hira.

Learning how to Classify Ventricular Tachicardia in ICDs. Eduardo Abeliuk.

Diversity Classification for Futures Contracts. Andrew Stevens.

Kernels for Classification Based on Associations. Vikram Sahai.

Face Detection with Random Forests. Daniel Ramage.

Finding Gene Pairs With Disjoint Expression In Cancer Cells. Kenneth Jung.

Driving an RC car using computer vision. Wei Wei and Andrei Anron.