CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2013

#jazz: Automatic Music Genre Detection. Tom Camenzind, Shubham Goel. [pdf]

2D Visualization of High-Dimensional Molecular Data from Single-Cell Mass Cytometry. Yishun Dong, Diana Wan. [pdf]

2D Visualization of Immune System Cellular Protein Data by Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction. Andre Esteva, Anand Sampat, Amit Badlani. [pdf]

Application of Classification Algorithms to Renaissance Music Attribution. Alex Adamson. [pdf]

An Adaptive Intelligence For Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Etan Green. [pdf]

A Kernel of Truth. Keenon Werling. [pdf]

An Ensemble Classifier for Rectifying Classification Error. Cheuk Ting LI. [pdf]

Autonomous Hydrofoil Sailboat. Schuyler Smith. [pdf]

Applying Machine Learning to Stock Market Trading. Bryce Taylor. [pdf]

Astronomical Point Source Classication through Machine Learning. Idel R. Waisberg. [pdf]

Applications of Machine Learning on Keyword Extraction of Large Datasets. Meng Yan. [pdf]

Auto-associative Memory: The First Step in Solving Cocktail Party Problem. Behdad Youssefi. [pdf]

Author Gender Identification of English Novels. Joseph Baena, Catherine Chen. [pdf]

A Prediction System For Conversation Likeability On Anonymous Chat Networks. Andrei Bajenov, Saila Talagadadeevi. [pdf]

Automatic Product Classification and Clustering Solutions in a Retail Context. Rohit Kaul, Rajiv Bhateja. [pdf]

Analysis and Clustering of Musical Compositions using Melody-based Features. Isaac Caswell, Erika Ji. [pdf]

Astronomical Implications of Machine Learning. Arun Debay, Raymond Wu. [pdf]

A Novel Method for Predicting the End-Price of eBay Auctions. David Nicholson, Rohan Paranjpe. [pdf]

A Predictor for Movie Success. Jeffrey Ericson, Jesse Grodman. [pdf]

Automated Human Gait Recognition. Ifueko Igbinedion, Ysis Tarter. [pdf]

Auto-Tagging Piazza Posts. Ai Jiang, Kathy Sun. [pdf]

An SVM Based Analysis of US Dollar Strength. Xiongfeng Li, Xinyu Fan. [pdf]

Assessing Opinion Mining in Stock Trading. Sathish Nagappan, Govinda Dasu. [pdf]

Arctic Sea Ice Extent Prediction. Tyler Reid, Paul Tarantino. [pdf]

Algorithmic Trading Using Machine Learning Techniques. Chenxu Shao, Zheming Zheng. [pdf]

Automated Essay Scoring Using Machine Learning. Shihui Song, Jason Zhao. [pdf]

Applying Deep Learning to Enhance Momentum Trading Strategies in Stocks. Lawrence Takeuchi, Yu-Ying (Albert) Lee. [pdf]

A Machine Learning Approach to Webpage Content Exraction. Jiawei Yao, Xinhui Zuo. [pdf]

Automated Recommendation Systems: Collaborative Filtering through Recommendation. Mostafa Afkhamizadeh, Alexei Avakov, Reza Takapoui. [pdf]

Activity Classification with Smartphone Data. Matt Brown, Trey Deitch, Lucas O’Conor. [pdf]

Alternate Equivalent Substitutes: Recognition of Synonyms Using Word Vectors. Tri Dao, Sam Keller, Alborz Bejnood. [pdf]

Accurate Redshift Estimation form Photometric Colors. Christopher Davis, Devon Powell, Tony Li. [pdf]

Automatic Grouping for Social Networks. Xiaoying Tian, Ya Le, Yangru Fang. [pdf]

A Supervised Approach To Musical Chord Recognition. Pranav Rajpurkar, Brad Girardeau, Takatoki Migimatsu. [pdf]

Automatic Colorization of Grayscale Images. Austin Sousa, Rasoul Kabirzadeh, Patrick Blaes. [pdf]

Application of Graph Clustering on Scientific Papers Subject Classification. Yutian Liu, Zhefei Yu, Qi Zeng. [pdf]

A Prediction Reference Model for Air Conditioning Systems in Commerical Buildings. Mahdis Mahdieh, Milad Mohammadi, Pooya Ehsani. [pdf]

Articles Tagging. Tuan Nguyen, Rohan Maheshwari, Xuesen Li. [pdf]

Automatic Aesthetic Photo-Rating System. Chen-Tai Kao, Hsin-Fang Wu, Yen-Ting Liu. [pdf]

A Computational Model for Multi-Instrument Music Transcription. Zhengshan Shi, Tony Yang, Huijie Yu. [pdf]

Above the Din: Identification of Human Voice in Noisy Signals. Alex Fried, David Stonestrom, Mark Stauber. [pdf]

Attribution of Musical Works to Josquin des Prez. Phillip Lee, Kate Stuckman, Zachary Sunberg. [pdf]

A Case for iPCA in Financial Forecasting. Christopher Fougner, Ruoxi Wang, Michael D'Angelo. [pdf]

An Integrative Analysis of Anti-Cancer Drug Response. Bo Wang, Yuchi Liu, Yusi Chen. [pdf]

Beating the Streak: Predicting the MLB Players Most Likely to Get a Hit Each Day. Ilan Goodman. [pdf]

Biometric ID, based on Phone Accelerometer usage. Govardana Sachithanandam Ramachandran. [pdf]

Better Diagnosing Narcolepsy. Cibele Halasz, Preeyanka Shah. [pdf]

Bilingual Continuous Space Language Model. Hieu H. Pham, Hung Tan Tran. [pdf]

Building Fast Performance Models for x86 Code Sequences. Justin Womersley, Christopher John Cullen. [pdf]

Bartok: Music Time Period Classification. Daniel Chiu, Derrick Liu, Yushi Wang. [pdf]

Building an Image-Based Shoe Recommendation System. Amrit Saxena, Neal Khosla, Vignesh Venkataraman. [pdf]

Building Fast Performance Models for Loop-Free 64-bit x86 Code Sequences. Negar Rahmati, Jessica Su, Judson Wilson. [pdf]

Classifying Ephemeral vs Evergreen Content on the Web. Li-Wei Chen. [pdf]

Classifying Search Advertisers. Lars Hirsch. [pdf]

Collaborative Filter Pre-processing for Improved Corrupted Image Classification. Lucas Finn. [pdf]

Classification of Fine Art Oil Paintings by Semantic Category. William Kromydas. [pdf]

Clustering of State Vectors from CFD Simulations for Construction of Local Reduced-Order Models. Kyle Washabaugh. [pdf]

Context based Re-ranking of Web Documents (CReWD). Arijit Banerjee, Jagadish Venkatraman. [pdf]

Composer Style Attribution. Jacqueline Speiser, Vishesh Gupta. [pdf]

Classification of Procedurally Generated Textures. Emily Ye, Jason Rogers. [pdf]

Characterizing and Diagnosing Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy from ECG Data. Emily Doughty, Rachel Goldfeder. [pdf]

Classification of Alzheimer’s Patients Using Structural MRI Data. Yoon-Suk Han, Wyatt Hong. [pdf]

Classification of News Articles Using Named Entities with Named Entity Recognition by Neural Network. Nick Latourette, Hugh Cunningham. [pdf]

Composer Style Attribution. Kevin Laube, Naroa Zurutuza. [pdf]

Cointerpretation of Flow Rate-Pressure-Temperature Data from Permanent Downhole Gauges. Chuan Tian, Yue Li. [pdf]

Classification of Mobile Device Accelerometer Data for Unique Activity Identification. Kai Kuspa, Tony Pratkanis. [pdf]

Clustering Methods without Given Number of Clusters. Peng Xu, Fei Liu. [pdf]

Classification of Hand-Written Numeric Digits. Nyssa Aragon, William Lane, Fan Zhang. [pdf]

Classifying News for Topic and Sentiment. Thomas Atwood, Miguel de Lascurain, Jack Smith. [pdf]

Chess Game Result Prediction System. Zheyuan Fan, Yuming Kuang, Xiaolin Lin. [pdf]

Chatous - Predicting the Quality of Users in Anonymous Chat. Deepank Gupta, Aaron Li, Simon Zhu. [pdf]

Crime Prediction using Businesses and Housing Values in San Francisco. James Jung Lee, Joel Kek, Yik Lun Lee. [pdf]

Classification of Dengue fever outcomes from early transcriptional patterns. Alec Macrae, Clement Schiano de Colella, Ellen Sebastian. [pdf]

Classifying Identity Theft based on Victim Profiles. Anne Parker, Xueqian Jiang, Usha Prabhu. [pdf]

Classification of Electrocardiogram Anomalies. Karthik Ravichandran, David Chiasson, Kunle Oyedele. [pdf]

Counting Trees in Deforested Areas from Aerial Photographs. Ritobrata Sur, Shengkai Wang, Wending Liu. [pdf]

Does MMA Math Work? A Study on Sports Prediction Applied to Mixed Martial Arts. Christopher Ho. [pdf]

Determining Appliance Use From Power Draw Decomposition. Riley Matthews. [pdf]

Discriminative Ensemble Averaging for Accelerated Denoising. Corey McCall. [pdf]

Distinguishing pathogenic vs. neutral nucleotide variants in Cystic Fibrosis and the CFTR gene. Kimberly McManus. [pdf]

Determining the Gender of Shakespeare’s Characters. Matt Olson. [pdf]

Dynamic Feature Extraction from Molecular Mechanics Trajectories. Han Altae-Tran, Muneeb Sultan, Vijay Pande. [pdf]

Detection of Insults in Social Commentary. Kevin Heh. [pdf]

Detection of Landable Areas for Aerial Vehicles. Josh Beal, Gabe Alvarez. [pdf]

Driver Identification by Driving Style. Zhan Fan Quek, Eldwin Ng. [pdf]

Detecting Web Pages with Events. Matan Zinger, Jumin Hao. [pdf]

Detecting Network Intrusions. Naveen Krishnamurthi, Kevin Miller. [pdf]

Deep Learning Lane Detection for Autonomous Vehicle Localization. Joel Pazhayampallil, Kai Yuan Kuan. [pdf]

Decoding the Human Motor Cortex. Paul I. Quigley, Jack L. Zhu. [pdf]

Discovery of the Source of Contaminant Release. Devina Sanjaya, Henry Qin. [pdf]

Discovering Evergreen Content on the Web. Ushnish De, Xiaotong Suo McClure, Konstanin Stulov. [pdf]

Decoding Neural Signals of Memory Reinstatement and Affective State. Stephanie A. Gagnon, James E. Sorenson, and Ian C. Ballard. [pdf]

Deep Learning for Depth Learning. Enhao Gong, Hang Qu, Song Han. [pdf]

Deep Learning Benchmarks. Mumtaz Vauhkonen, Quaizar Vohra, Saurabh Madaan. [pdf]

Driving Behavior Improvement and Driver Recognition Based on Real-Time Driving Information. Kexin Nie, Luyan Wu, Jiafan Yu. [pdf]

Dense Stereo Matching Using Machine Learning. Nattamon Thavornpitak, Pallabi Ghosh, Ayesha Khwaja. [pdf]

Distinguishing Hard Instances of an NP-Hard Problem using Machine Learning. Zhe Wang, Tong Zhang, Yuhao Zhang. [pdf]

Detection of a Single Hand Shape in the Foreground of Still Images. Toan Tran. [pdf]

Express Recognition Exploring Methods of Emotion Detection. Yasemin Ersoy. [pdf]

Evaluating and Classifying NBA Free Agents. Shanwei Yan. [pdf]

Ensemble Optical Character Recognition Systems via Machine Learning. Zifei Shan, Haowen Cao. [pdf]

Exploring Potential for Machine Learning on Dataset about K-12 Teacher Professional Development. Devney Hamilton, Keziah Plattner. [pdf]

Estimation of Inertial Parameters in Simulation. Keegan Go, Kenji Hata. [pdf]

Extracting Emotions from News Headlines. Bharad Raghavan, Anshul Samar. [pdf]

Electrical Energy Modeling In Y2E2 Building Based On Distributed Sensors Information. Mahmoud Saadat, Saman Ghili. [pdf]

Extracting vital signs from video. David Deriso, Neeloy Banerjee, Adrien Fallou. [pdf]

E-Commerce Transaction Anomaly Classification. Minyong Lee, Seunghee Ham, Qiyi Jiang. [pdf]

Extending Cancer Cell Drug Response Models. Wei Zhou, Bill Evans, Paul Butler. [pdf]

Fusion arc treatment planning strategy by adaptive learning cost function based beam selection. Ho Jin Kim. [pdf]

Feature Investigation for Stock market Prediction. Hui Lin. [pdf]

Finding economic groupings over time. Stephen Reid. [pdf]

Feature Selection In Biological Models. Mohammad Muneeb Sultan. [pdf]

Feature Reduction for Unsupervised Learning. Meng Wu, Yang Zhao. [pdf]

Forecasting the Direction and Strength of Stock Market Movement. Jingwei Chen, Ming Chen, Nan Ye. [pdf]

Generating Load Profiles from Building Characteristics. Robert Clain. [pdf]

Gaussian Process Based Image Segmentation and Object Detection in Pathology Slides. Jenny Hong. [pdf]

Generative Models of Music. Mike Kayser. [pdf]

Guiding Wind Farm Optimization with Machine Learning. Charles Bovet, Ramon Iglesias. [pdf]

Generating Sheet Music From Audio Files. Jan Dlabal, Richard Wedeen. [pdf]

Genome-Wide Predictions of Transcription Factor Binding Events using Multi- Dimensional Genomic and Epigenomic Features. David Moskowitz, Emily Tsang. [pdf]

Game ON! Predicting English Premier League Match Outcomes. Aditya Srinivas Timmaraju, Aditya Palnitkar, Vikesh Khanna. [pdf]

HapBeer: A Beer Recommendation Engine. Bryan Offutt. [pdf]

How Does He Saw Me? A Recommendation Engine for Picking Heroes in Dota 2. Kevin Conley, Daniel Perry. [pdf]

Hit or Flop: Box Office Prediction for Feature Films. Dan Cocuzzo, Stephen Wu. [pdf]

How to prevent another financial crisis on Wall Street: Predicting the riskiness of real estate loans. Katelyn Gao, Susanne Halstead. [pdf]

Human Mobility Pattern Prediction Algorithm using Mobile Device Location and Time Data. Myungjun Choi, Yonghyun Ro, Han Lee. [pdf]

Hong Kong Stock Index Forecasting. Tong Fu, Shuo Chen, Chuanqi Wei. [pdf]

How To Prevent Another Financial Crisis On Wall Street. Helin Gao, Qianying Lin, Kaidi Yan. [pdf]

Identifying Phishing Attacks. Brandon Azad. [pdf]

Identifying Over-Valued Players in Fantasy Football. Michael Jermann. [pdf]

Identifying Tags from millions of text question. Chintan Parikh. [pdf]

Improving Differential Diagnosis of Pathologically Similar Dermatological Conditions to Minimize Invasive Procedures. Jason Bouhenguel, Ryan Gallagher. [pdf]

Is This A Joke?. Jim Cai, Nicolas Ehrhardt. [pdf]

Identifying Threats in Diplomatic Correspondence. Azusa Katagiri, Eric Min. [pdf]

Intensionality of Adjectives. Mark Kowarsky, Neha Nayak. [pdf]

Image Object Classification. Kevin Wilder, Adam Krzesinski. [pdf]

Investigating the Variables that Influence Online Learning. Peng Hui How, Pak Tao Lee. [pdf]

Identify Keywords for Stack Exchange Questions. Guoxing Li, Chi Zheng. [pdf]

Identify a Car’s Driver from Driving Behavior. Fan Yang, Chunjing Jia. [pdf]

Identifying Demonstrative Lovers in Tango Texting App. Nicolas Poulallion, Jean-Yves Stephan. [pdf]

Inheritance Relationships in Vernacular Hip Hop Music. Tim O'Brien, Spencer Salazar. [pdf]

Identify a Vehicle and its Driver from the Vehicle's Maneuver Data. Mehrdad Salehi and Ding Zhao. [pdf]

Image Classification. Megan Schoendorf, Christian Elder. [pdf]

Incorporating Known Pathways into Gene Clustering Algorithms for Genetic Expression Data. Ryan Atallah, John Ryan, David Aeschlimann. [pdf]

Identifying Gas Savings from Driver Behavior. Arthur Lacoste, Marie Pellat, Thomas Piani. [pdf]

Identifying Thyroid Carcinoma Subtypes and Outcomes through Gene Expression Data. Kun-Hsing Yu, Wei Wang, Chung-Yu Wang. [pdf]

Identification of Parameters Predictive of Chromosomally Normal Embryos. Livia Zarnescu, Carmichael Ong, Apoorva Rajagopal. [pdf]

Keyword Extraction and Semantic Tag Prediction. James Hong, Michael Fang. [pdf]

Keystroke Rhythm and Intensity as Biometrics for User ID. Lucas Hansen, Lindsay Willmore. [pdf]

Keyword Extraction for Stack Exchange Questions. Jiaji Hu, Xuening Liu, Li Yi. [pdf]

Learning Systems Based Automated Proposal Evaluation. Sam Adhikari. [pdf]

Learning How to Pick Singles for Pop Stardom. Ben Holtz. [pdf]

Large-scale Social Tag Prediction. Lorenzo Lucido. [pdf]

Learning Predictive Filters. Lane McIntosh. [pdf]

Large-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition with Linguistic Features for Deep Learning. Peng Qi. [pdf]

Learning to identify antonyms. Natalia Silveira. [pdf]

Learning to Predict Disengagement in Educational iPad Application. Althea Vail Wallop. [pdf]

Learning Game Playing Strategy for Durak. Sammy Nguyen, Narek Tovmasyan. [pdf]

Live Handwriting Recognition Using Language Semantics. Nikhil Lele, Ben Mildenhall. [pdf]

Listen to Your Heart: Stress Prediction Using Consumer Heart Rate Sensors. David Liu, Mark Ulrich. [pdf]

Learning to Predict Image Affects in Social Networks. Sen Wu, Zhihao Jia. [pdf]

Learning Convention Propagation in BeerAdvocate Reviews from a Network Perspective. Yonathan Perez, Nora Tarano. [pdf]

Literature Search Made Easy. Bo Wang, Min Liu. [pdf]

Learning to Play like an Othello Master. Shir Aharon, Amanda Chang, Kent Koyanagi. [pdf]

Learning to Identify Winning Stocks. Avinash Balachandran, Durgesh Saraph, Erjie Ang. [pdf]

Learning Dow Jones From Twitter Sentiment. Benjamin Au, Qian Zhang, Wanlu Zhang. [pdf]

Learning Multi-Label Topic Classification of News Articles. Zach Chase, Nicolas Genain, Orren Karniol-Tambour. [pdf]

Learning Characteristics of Smartphone Users from Accelerometer and Gyroscope Data. David Molay, Fan-Hal Koung, Kingston Tam. [pdf]

Lane Markings From Satellite. Danjie Wenren, Tianxin Zhao, Kunming Qu. [pdf]

Movie Recommendations from User Ratings. Hans Byström. [pdf]

Model reconnaissance: discretization, naive Bayes and maximum-entropy. Sanne de Roever. [pdf]

Max-Margin Models for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction. Clara Fannjiang. [pdf]

Modeling Strategic Information Sharing in Indian Villages. Jeff Jacobs, Arun Chandrasekhar, Matthew O. Jackson, Emily Breza. [pdf]

Machine Learning Final Report Identifying Driving Behavior from Data. Robert F. Karol. [pdf]

Musical Instrument Extraction through Timbre Classification. Sang Hyun Park. [pdf]

Machine-Assisted Performance Optimization of Legion Applications. Sean Treichler. [pdf]

Multi-label Classification and Prediction of Tags for Online Platform Questions. Yeeleng Scott Vang. [pdf]

Multitask clustering of genes in different tissue types using Sparse PCA. Margaret Zhang. [pdf]

Measuring Tissue Contact Force for Continuum Robot. Clifford N. Bargar, Riley J. Shear. [pdf]

Multitask Clustering of Genes in Different Cell Types. Hong En Chew, Linyi Gao. [pdf]

Musical Instrument Modeling and Classification. Christopher N. Copeland, Sameep Mehrotra. [pdf]

Machine Learning in Stock Price Trend Forecasting. Yuqing Dai, Yuning Zhang. [pdf]

Music Genre Classification and Variance Comparison on Number of Genres. Miguel Francisco, Dong Myung Kim. [pdf]

Machine Learning Techniques for Quantifying Characteristic Geological Feature Difference. Xiaojin Tan, Wenyue Sun. [pdf]

Maximizing Precision of Hit Predictions in Baseball. Jason Clavelli, Joel Gottsegen. [pdf]

Machine Learning Techniques for Optimal Sampling-Based Motion Planning. Ross E. Allen, Ashley A. Clark, Joseph A. Starek. [pdf]

Method to Suggest Similar API Calls Across Languages and Frameworks. Maesen Churchill, Jess Fisher, Alex Valderrama. [pdf]

Music Genre Classification. John Cast, Chris Schulze, Ali Fauci. [pdf]

Mapping Text Phrases to Complex Logical Forms for Semantic Parsing: Exploring Named Entity Recognition. Ashish Gupta, Siddhath Jain, Sushobhan Nayak. [pdf]

Move Ranking in Arimaa. Arzav Jain, Neema Ebrahim-Zadeh, Vasanth Mohan, Vivek Choksi. [pdf]

Machine Learning Classification of Kidney and Lung Cancer Types. Vivek Jain, Weizhuang Zhou, Yifei Men. [pdf]

Modeling Function word errors in DNN-HMM based LVCSR systems. Melvin Jose Johnson Premkumar, Ankur Bapna, Sree Avinash Parchuri. [pdf]

Machine Learning as a Tool for MicroRNA Analysis. Kevin S. Raines, Brady Jon Quist, James Gippetti. [pdf]

Musical Structure in Irish Traditional Tunes. Matthew Staib, Lennart Jansson, and Edward Dai. [pdf]

Network models to improve drug-ADE prediction. Anirban Chatterjee, Shabaz Basheer Patel, Himanshu Bhandoh. [pdf]

Occlusion robust pose and model estimation using Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model on GPU. Christopher B. Choy. [pdf]

Optimizing Public Transit. Mindy Huang, Christopher Ling. [pdf]

Object Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks. Shawn McCann, Jim Reesman. [pdf]

Optimizer for Floating-Point Unit Generator. Jing Pu, Mingyu Gao, Tai Guo. [pdf]

Optimizing Hotel Ranking for Higher Purchase Rates. Michael Kun Yang, Zahid Hossain, Khaled AlTurkestani. [pdf]

Predicting Recessions: Forecasting US GDP Growth through Supervised Learning. Russ Islam. [pdf]

Personalized Web Search Ranking. Ankit Kumar. [pdf]

Predictions on Kaggle. Austin Lee. [pdf]

Probabilistic Record Matching. Robert Raviv Murciano-Goroff. [pdf]

Predicting housing price. Shu Niu. [pdf]

Parity and Predictability in the National Football League. Siddharth Patel. [pdf]

Predicting Stack Exchange Tags. Rose Perrone. [pdf]

Predicting Gold Prices. Megan Potoski. [pdf]

Predicting SeeClickFix Issue Importance. Kyle Reinke. [pdf]

Predicting How Many Citations an Academic Paper Will Receive. Kyler Siegel. [pdf]

Performance of Different Algorithms on Clustering Molecular Dynamics Trajectories. Chenchen Song. [pdf]

Prediction of outcomes in mild TBI in the NTDB. Tim Sweeney. [pdf]

Prediction of NYC Restaurant Health Inspection Results. Michael Walter. [pdf]

Predicting Virtual Markets. Ling-Ling Zhang. [pdf]

Predicting semantic features from CT images of liver lesions using deep learning. Vibhu Agarwal, David Odgers. [pdf]

Predicting User Quality in Anonymous Chat Networks. Claire Negiar, Dhruv Amin. [pdf]

Polyphonic Piano Transcription. Mohammad Sadegh Ebrahimi, Jean-Baptiste Boin. [pdf]

Prediction of User Intent to Reply to Incoming Emails. Andy Bromberg, Kevin Shutzberg. [pdf]

Prediction of Cell Line Sensitivity to Cancer Drugs. Peyton Greenside, Winston Haynes. [pdf]

Predict Foreground Object in Still Image. Amer Hammudi, Darren Koh. [pdf]

Predicting daily incoming solar energy from weather data. Romain Juban, Patrick Quach. [pdf]

Prediction of total daily incoming solar energy based on weather models. Jave Kane, Julie Herberg. [pdf]

Pedestrian Detection Using Structured SVM. Wonhui Kim, Seungmin Lee. [pdf]

Predicting Gene Function and Localization. Ankit Kumar, Raissa Largman. [pdf]

Predicting Corporate 8-K Content Using Machine Learning Techniques. Min Ji Lee, Hyungjun Lee. [pdf]

Predicting Short Term Stock Returns. Chase Lochmiller, Yuan Chen. [pdf]

Personalized Web Search Re-ranking. Santanu Dey, Conrad Roche. [pdf]

Physical model improvement through support vector regression. Daniel Bejarano, Adriano Quiroga. [pdf]

Predicting gas usage as a function of driving behavior. Saurabh Suryavanshi, Manikanta Kotaru. [pdf]

Predicting Movie Box Office Gross. Jason van der Merwe, Bridge Eimon. [pdf]

Predicting the Betting Line in NBA Games. Bryan Cheng, Kevin Dade, Michael Lipman, Cody Mills. [pdf]

Predicting Malicious Users on Anonymous Chat Networks. Tsung-Chuan Chen, Chieh Ho, Augustus Hong. [pdf]

Party Predictor: Predicting Political Affiliation. Brandon Ewonus, Bryan McCann, Nat Roth. [pdf]

Predicting Answer Quality Using Post and Domain-Based User Information. Lorraine Fan, Alexander Hsu, Christina Kao. [pdf]

Predicting Texas Holdem Hand Strength. James Bensson, Alex Eckert, Maxwell Wu. [pdf]

Probabilistic Token Selection via Fisher's Method in Text Classification. Anqi Fu, Yiming Sun, Katherine Yu. [pdf]

Predicting Societal and Economic Impact of Future Natural Disasters. Laura Griffiths, Chang Liu, Divneet Mandair. [pdf]

Predicting Property Loan Spread Using Segmented Linear Model. Sheng Zou, Jack Huang, Yu Zhu. [pdf]

Predicting the Major League Baseball Season. Randy Jia, Chris Wong, David Zeng. [pdf]

Predicting Conversational Likability On Anonymous Chat Networks. Arpad Kovacs, Aditya Somani, Daniel Velkov. [pdf]

Predicting flight on-time performance. Arjun Mathur, Aaron Nagao, Kenny Ng. [pdf]

Predicting x86 Program Runtime for Intel Processor. Behram Mistree, Hamidreza Hakim Javadi, Omid Mashayekhi. [pdf]

Predicting Tags for StackOverflow Questions. Sebastian Schuster, Wanying Zhu, Yiying Cheng. [pdf]

Parsing Domain WhoIs Information with Different Patterns Using One Generic Parser. Jiale Tan, Xing Li, Yiqing Xing. [pdf]

Personalized Expedia Hotel Searches. Xinxing Jiang, Yao Xiao, Shunji Li. [pdf]

Phonation Detection System. You Yuan, Anwen Xu, Junwei Yang. [pdf]

Predicting Time Spent with Physician. Jim Zheng, Ioannis (Yannis) Petousis, Ye (Scott) Cheng. [pdf]

Prediction using Prospect Theory. David Walsh. [pdf]

Reconstructing non-intrusively collected keystroke data using cellphone sensors. Luis Hector Ch ́avez. [pdf]

Real-World Material Recognition for Scene Understanding. Sam Corbett-Davies. [pdf]

Regressing Loan Spread for Properties in the New York Metropolitan Area. Tyler Casey. [pdf]

Reminiscing Through Personal Email. Mikhail Sushkov, John Doherty. [pdf]

Relevanseek: Determining relevant images from HTML source. David Zhang. [pdf]

Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Symbols with PHOG Features. Nicolas D. Jimenez, Lan Nguyen. [pdf]

Ranking Web Search Results Using Personal Preferences. Shantanu Joshi, Parath Shah. [pdf]

Rank-Restricted Full Configuration Interaction. Nick F. Settje, James W. Snyder Jr. [pdf]

Recognition and Classification of human Embryonic Stem (hES) Cells’ Differentiation Level. Dennis Won, Jeong Soo Sim. [pdf]

Reinforcement learning for bicycle control. Bruce Cam, Chris Dembia, Johnny Israeli. [pdf]

Relative Permeability Measurement in Rock Fractures. Siqi Cheng, Han Wang, Da Huo. [pdf]

Reveal Hidden Information in the Music Scores: Composer Attribution. Fang-Chieh Chou, Yi-Hong Kuo, Hsiang-Yu Yang. [pdf]

Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Routing of Autonomous Vehicles in Congested Networks. Jonathan Cox, Brandon Jennings, Steven Krukowski. [pdf]

Rank Hotels on to Maximize Purchases. Nishith Khantal, Valentina Kroshilina, Deepak Maini. [pdf]

Reconstruction of human voice for impersonation. Amritha Raghunath, Gunaa Arumugam Veerapandian, Vignesh Ganapathi Subramanian. [pdf]

Sorting Forum Responses by Relevance to Original Post. Aaron Abajian. [pdf]

String Regularization. Tamara Andrade. [pdf]

Sentiment Analysis of App Store Reviews. Chirag Sangani, Sundaram Ananthanarayanan. [pdf]

SMS Spam Detection using Machine Learning Approach. Houshmand Shirani-Mehr. [pdf]

Sentiment Analysis on Email Archives using Deep Learning. Kunal Sood. [pdf]

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets: Baselines and Neural Network Models. Kai Sheng Tai. [pdf]

Scalable Deep Learning for Image Classification with K-Means and SVM. Alexandre Vilcek. [pdf]

Speech Recognition Using Deep Learning Algorithms. Yan Zhang. [pdf]

Should Monetary Policy Target Bubbles? - A Machine Learning Perspective. Yu Zheng. [pdf]

See Click Predict Fix. Aileen Chen, David Ye. [pdf]

Solving differential equations using neural networks. Maurizio M. Chiaramonte, Matt Kiener. [pdf]

Structural Patterns in Translation. Cynthia Day, Caroline Ellison. [pdf]

Strategies for Better Sleep Spindle Detection. Wendy Nie, Chengcheng Fan. [pdf]

Sentiment Causation Extraction. Desmond C. Ong, Wen Hao Lui. [pdf]

Supervised Learning Methods for Vision Based Road Detection. Vivek Nair, Nikhil Parthasarathy. [pdf]

Safe Path Recommender: Using Crime Statistics. Bavin Ondieki, Chaitanya Patchava. [pdf]

StumbleUpon Evergreen Classification Challenge. Sumit Roy, Shailin Saraiya. [pdf]

Supervised classification-based stock prediction and portfolio optimization. Sercan Arik, Burc Eryilmaz, Adam Goldberg. [pdf]

Synthesizing images with out-of-plane transformations using stereo images. Ruitang Chen, Zhuodong He, Dai Shen. [pdf]

Subhalo Prediction for Dark Matter Halos. Pinnaree Tea-Mangkornpan, Dennis Wang, Marc Williamson. [pdf]

Tracing Trends in Academic Interests. Kevin Chavez. [pdf]

TapDynamics: Strengthening User Authentication on Mobile Phones with Keystroke Dynamics. Grant Ho. [pdf]

Transgene flow risk analysis. Raúl Jiménez Rosenberg. [pdf]

The Use of Smart Meter Data to Forecast Electricity Demand. Armin Haghi, Oliver Toole. [pdf]

The Recipe Learner. Doug Safreno, Yongxing Deng. [pdf]

Twitter’s Effectiveness on Blackout Detection during Hurricane Sandy. KJ Lee, Ju-young Shin. [pdf]

TF-IDF Chat User Clustering. Kevin Malinak, Jonathan Swenson. [pdf]

Twitter Sentiment Analysis. Jon Tatum, John Travis Sanchez. [pdf]

TCF21 Binding Sites Characterization using Latent Dirichlet Allocation. Tyler Davis, Eric Kofman, Sean Scott. [pdf]

Towards Urban Vehicle Autonomy: Estimating Urban Congestion from Taxi Pickups and Deliveries. Federico Rossi, Sumeet Singh, Rick Zhang. [pdf]

The Next Generation’s Personal File System Management. Iru Wang, Xuan Yang, Yi-Chen Tsai. [pdf]

Using Undirected Graphs to Guide Mutli-label Text Classification. John Cardente. [pdf]

Using machine learning to enhance a collaborative filtering recommendation system for Yelp. Chris Guthrie. [pdf]

Using Twitter To Gauge News Effect on Stock Market Moves. Sam Paglia. [pdf]

Use of Texture Classification To Quantify Stem Cell Differentiation During Time Lapse Imaging. Sunil Pai, Nathan Loewke,Thomas M. Baer. [pdf]

Unsupervised Corpus Partitioning of a Large Scale Search Engine. Jean-Paul Schmetz. [pdf]

Upset Prediction in College Football. Santiago Padron, Jeffrey D. Sinsay. [pdf]

Using Low-Cost Remote Sensing Data to Detect Building Collapse in Post-Earthquake Environments. Shaun Benjamin, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Steven Wong. [pdf]

Unsupervised Approaches to Detecting Anomalous Behavior in the Bitcoin Transaction Network. Jason Hirshman, Yifei Huang, Stephen Macke. [pdf]

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