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Machine Learning (CS229) Final Project Poster Session

You're invited! You are warmly invited to the Thirteenth annual CS229 Machine Learning poster session, which will be held Monday December 8th, 2014, from 8.30-11.30am.

This year's Machine Learning class, with almost 800 students, is one of the biggest classes ever held at Stanford. Please join us to see the poster presentations done by more than 300 teams applying machine learning towards various applications like NLP, sports, biological processes, investments etc. The event is open for Stanford affiliate (faculty, staff, student or alum), or a guest of a Stanford affiliate.


CS229 is the Computer Science Departments' highest enrollment class, and provides a graduate-level introduction to machine learning. Students engage in a quarter-long project of their choosing. Projects range from developing novel machine learning algorithms to applying machine learning to current research and industry problems. The list of projects below shows the amazing range of problems for which machine learning can improve performance. We encourage you to come see the posters and discuss with students how machine learning can impact your areas of interest.


Ground motion intensity prediction using DYFI data Abhineet

Forest Type Classification via Cartographic Features Graham Crain, Kevin

How hot will it get? Modeling scientific discourse about literature Natalie

Predict Influencers in a Social Network Ruishan Zhao, Yang, Liuyu Zhou

Mac Malware Detection via Static File Structure Analysis Elizabeth

Characterizing genetic variation in three Southeast Asian populations Ilana Kang, Jonathan

Predicting Protein-Fragment Binding Emily Wu, Michelle

Diagnosing Malignant versus Benign Breast Cancer Tumors via Machine Learning Techniques in High Dimensions Danielle

Genre Classification Using Graph Representations of Music Eric Mellon, Rachel, Dan Spaeth

Model Clustering via Group Lasso David

Predicting Hospital Readmissions Using Medicare Data Sajid

Learn human behavior from everyday websites Anirudha Iyer, Krithika K., Rahul Venkatraj

Predicting Adoption Type Jason

Classifying Player Behavior and Optimal Team Composition in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games Hao Yi Peng, Mark, Sunil Deolalikar

Star/Galaxy Separation in the Era of Precision Cosmology Michael Kurinsky, Noah, Max Zimet

Probabilistic Traffic Models Tim

Learning Phrase Vectors Konstantin

Characterizing atrial fibrillation burden for stroke prevention Lichy

Predicting music hotness with melodic features Kedao

Automated Bitcoin Trading via Machine Learning Algorithms Aojia Madan, Isaac, Shaurya Saluja

Automatic detection of plasmonic nanoparticles in tissue sections imaged with a hyperspectral dark-field microscope Dor Liba, Orly Liba

Predicting the Popularity of New Reddit Posts Via Initial Commentary Andrei Tempest, Alanna

Re-clustering of Constellations through Machine Learning Shanshan Chen, Kaifeng, Yao Zhou

Training a Chess Engine through Self-Play Yimo

Predicting Mobile User’s Future Location John

Adaptive Spaced Repetition Sheila Koo, Stephen

Multi-class discriminative motif discovery Daniel

Analyzing Vocal Patterns to Determine Emotion Maisy Sun, Andy

Making Sense of the Mayhem: March Madness and Machine Learning Alex Ginzberg, Adam Ginzberg

Predicting Usefulness of Yelp Reviews Ben Mignot, Xavier, Maxwell Siegelman

"All Your Base Are Belong To Us": Identifying English Texts Written By Non-Native Speakers Joanna Hung, Jonathan

Machine Learning for Continuous Human Action Recognition Tian

Adaptive Standardized Test Prep Julia

Improving Explicit Semantic Analysis Francis

Identifying High Turbidity Regions in San Francisco Bay Joe

Fertility prediction Axel Koskas, Florence Koskas, Yoann Buratti

Arrhythmia prediction Giulia Karandikar, Manas

Predicting Airplane Arrival Times Colleen Heule, Stefan

Predicting Hospital Readmission Aaron Gogia, Angad Gogia

Result Prediction of Wikipedia Administrator Elections based on Network Communities Nikhil Liu, Raymond, Catherine Mullings

Cluster analysis and feature learning in human antibody repertoires Charles

Pose Estimation Based on 3D Models Chuiwen Shi, Liang

Audio Source Detection Using a Microphone Array Justin

Searching for exoplanets in the Kepler public data David Jin, Xiaofan

Applying Machine Learning to Automation of Data Analysis from High-Throughput Single-Molecule Experiments Soomin Choi, Junhong

Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms on GPUs for Real-Time Sign Recognition Dashiell Hu, Matthew Hu, Eric Greenstein

Real Time On Board Flight Path Optimization Under Constraints Using Surrogate Flutter Function Arthur

Predicting the Commercial Success of Songs Angela

Survival Outcome Prediction for Cancer Patients Alexander

Robo Brain: Massive Knowledge Base for Robots Gabriel Hung, Christina, Hugh Cunningham

Prediction of Significant Change in Price for Magic The Gathering Cards Matthew Polin, Joe Polin, Jesse Zhang

Anomaly Detection in Bitcoin Network Using Unsupervised Learning Methods Phillip Thai Lee, Steven

Hourly Forecast of Electricity demand by Residential Consumers Sonya Kupsc, Pawel Kupsc, Atinuke Ademola-Idowu

Obstacles avoidance with machine learning control methods in Flappy Birds setting Yi Sun, Ludong, Miao Yan

Classifier Building by Amazon Data to Classify tweets into Large-Scale Label Hierarchies Yunzhen Hu, Te Hu, Haier Liu

Predicting NBA Game Winners Vishnu Short, Logan, Jasper Lin

Visualizing Personalized Cancer Risk Prediction Maulik

Classifier Building by Amazon Data to Classify tweets into Large-Scale Label Hierarchies Yunzhen Hu, Te Hu, Haier Liu

Predicting the Deleteriousness of Amino Acid Sequence Mutations Arbel

Vignette: Reimagining the Analog Photo Album David Rengarajan, Pavitra, Andrew Lim

Understanding comments submitted to FCC on net neutrality Junhui Jeong, Dennis , Jing Xia

Personal Legal Counsellor and Interpreter of the Law via Machine Learning Derek Wang, Tianyi, Patrick Chase

A Binary Classification of Beatles Authorship Casey Bennett, Miles, Atsu Kobashi

Bird Species Identification from an Image Aditya Joshi, Ameya, Rohit Patki

Attribution of Contested and Anonymous Ancient Greek Works James Beller, Sarah

Automated Detection and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias Saurabh Tang, Richard

LianPu Recommendation System Yang Liu, Shijie Liu, You Zhou

Predicting Mitochondrial tRNA Modification Diego

Yelp Recommendation System Swaroop Ting, Jason

Predicting Seizure Onset in Epileptic Patients Using Intracranial EEG Recordings Janet Bearman, Amy, Catherine Dong

Estimation of causal effects in the observational studies with many features Robert

Characterizing Overlapping Galaxies Luis

Equations to LaTeX Sevy Rastogi, Abhinav

Learning Online Lecture Complexity Nicholas Menjivar, Ismael

Predicting the Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2) David Moon, Tim, Oliver Bear Don't Walk IV

Semantic SLAM using Convolutional Neural Networks Saumitro

Generating 3D Scenes from Text with Semantic Parsing Will

Yelp User Rating Prediction Yifei Sun, Zhengli

Predicting Default Probabilities Felix Chatoor, Nehan Chatoor

Predicting if a Car Purchased at Auction is a Lemon Zheng Wang, Feiran Wang, Jingrui Zhang

Short Term Power Forecasting of Solar PV Systems Using Machine Learning Techniques Mayukh Yerrapragada, Jayesh, Bharath Srikanth

Semi-Supervised Learning For Sentiment Analysis John Mohamed, Amr, Aran Nayebi

Prediction and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia Sharan , Vasu Gupta, Sneha Kudli

Improving Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Statistics with Machine Learning David

Fast and Accurate Lane Detection Algorithm Hanlu Pan, Renke, Weiwei Shen

Accelerometer Gesture Recognition Michael Pan, David

Recommendation System for BloomBoard's Professional Development Marketspace Shirui Wang, Hui , Lan Xu

Biases in Learning the Structure of Equations Kevin

Classifier Comparisons On Credit Approval Prediction Zhoutong Liu, Zhedi Liu

Human Activity Recognition Using Accelerometer Readings Jennifer Wang, Huafei

Applying deep learning to derive insights about non-coding regions of the genome Avanti Saplitski, Anna Saplitski, Luna Sofia Frank-Fischer

Machine Learning Methods for Biological Data Curation Kelley

Learning for Modeling and Control of a Racing Car Ohiremen Sinha, Aman, John Subosits

Structural Health Monitoring in Extreme Events from Machine Learning Perspective Sophia Zhang, Jingxuan

Prediction of consumer credit risk Enguerrand Charpignon, Marie-Laure, Flora Tixier

Gene expression analysis of HCMV latent infection Brian Hong, Seokho

Predicting Breast Cancer Behaviors and Treatments William Wang, Henry

Face Detection and Recognition of Drawn Characters Herman

Handwritten Character Recognition Qi Xu, Shaohan, Siyuan Zhang

Supervised Deep Learning for Image Classification and Localization Xiaodong (Steve)

Understanding Player Positions in the NBA Luke

Determining Mood from Facial Expressions Matthew Yee, Spencer

Using Global Context in Joint Neural Language Model Ruizhongtai

Is Beauty Really in the Eye of the Beholder? Jocelyn Torres, Jessica Torres, Yun Ling

From Paragraphs to Vectors and Back Again Qingping

A Bigram Extension to Word Vector Representation Jacek Sanborn, Adrian

Amazon Employee Access Needs Control System Shijian Han, Jiang, Yue Zhang

Classifying the Brain's Motor Activity via Deep Learning Tania Sketch, Sean

Applications of Machine Learning to Predict Yelp Ratings Prasanth Carbon, Kyle Carbon, Kacyn Fujii

Stay Alert Aditya Perrot, Quentin , Julien Kawawa-Beaudan

Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews Xiao Wang, Ya Wang

Bias Detector Rush

Automated Music Track Generation Louis Rostaing, Guillaume

Learning to Classify Complex Legal Contracts Alex

Modeling IT Hardware Prices Dylan

Predicting Heart Attacks Luyang Chen, Sihua Li, Qi Cao, Xiao Ju

Net Neutrality Language Analysis Xinyi Tao, Li Tao

Predicting Solar Flares Paul Bianconi, Gabriel

EmptyHeaded: Rethinking In-memory Sparse Matrix Representation Christopher

Classifying an Individual's Income from Census Data Michael

Down and Dirty with Data Bharat Davidson, Roger Davidson, Chris Wildman

Better Models for Predicting Bond Prices using Machine Learning Swetava Dunnmon, Jared

Facial Keypoints Detection Yue Song, Yang

Using Learning Algorithms for Optimization of Smart-Plug Use in Office Settings Gerrit Goldner, Elissa, Brock Petersen

SLAM and POMDP for Autonomous Indoor Navigation Chulhee Choi, Sungjoon

Predicting Materials Properties from Atomistic Structure Qian Duerloo, Karel-Alexander

Hierarchical Classification Bin Feng, Shaoming Feng

Strength in numbers? Modelling the impact of businesses on each other Amir Abbas Inan, Hakan, Andres Noetzli

Predicting Yelp Ratings From Business and User Characteristics Derek Han, Jeff, Justin Kuang

Galaxy Morphological Classification Jordan Kolano, James

Predicting Parkinson's Disease from Gait Daryl Alban, Marco, Kevin Hsu

Machine Learning to Analyze Positional Play in Chess Rohit Bagadia, Sameep, Pranav Jindal

Parking Occupancy Prediction and Pattern Analysis Xiao

r/Classifier Andrew Kader, Hussain, Jonathan NeCamp

Legal Issue Spotting John

Forecasting Bike Rental Demand Jimmy He, Rolland He, Zhivko Zhechev

Predicting Seizures in Intracranial EEG Recordings Sining Zhu, Jiawei Zhu

Predict Rising Artists through Networks and Quantitative Data Suzanne Yellin-Flaherty, Zachary

Theories To Explain Disparities in Mortality Cora

Predicting cell type-specific chromatin states from genetic regulatory networks Christopher Ho, Anthony Ho

Using machine learning to predict which restaurant a Yelp user will visit next. Neeral Rao, Gautam, Kunal Kathpalia

Detecting Heart Arrhythmia with Neural Networks Albert

Automated detection of basal cell carcinoma from polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT) images of ex-vivo human skin Tahereh

Classification of Musical Playing Styles using MIDI Information Chet

Modeling Activity Recognition Using Physiological Data Collected from Wearable Technology Jeffrey, Cezanne Camacho, Jennifer Li

Predicting Kidney Cancer Survival from Genetic Mutations Christopher Bedi, Rishi, Benedikt Bünz

What Project Should I Choose? Andrew

Yelp Business Rush Hours Samuel Boch, Adrien, Benjamin Favreau

Sentiment Analysis of Yelp's Ratings Based on Text Reviews Yun Wu, Xinhui, Qinxia Wang

On-line kernel learning for active sensor networks Stefan

Mood Prediction with Tweets Wen Zhu, Chenye, Geng Zhao

Demand Prediction of a Bikesharing System YuChun Lee, Chi-Shuen Lee, Yu-Po Wong

Machine Learning Applied to the Detection of Retinal Blood Vessels Alex

Feature Recognition of Protein Microenvironment Properties for Identifying Biologically Meaningful Functional Sites in 3D Protein Structure KAN-YUN Yang, Lu, Wen Torng

Sentiment as a Predictor for Wikipedia Editor Retention Lars Martinez-Ortuno, Sergio Martinez-Ortuno, Deepak Menghani

Application of machine learning techniques in proving geographic object based image analysis and classification of surface oil facilities in the Bakken oil field Phil Englander, Jacob

Application of Machine Learning to Aircraft Conceptual Design Anil

#MoralMachines: Developing a Crowdsourced Moral Framework for Autonomous Vehicle Decisions Tulsee Balakrishnan, Tara, Jenny Chen

Exposing commercial value in social networks: A matching algorithm for online communities and businesses Camelia Narasimhan, Murali, Anthony Ward

Context specific sequence preference of DNA-binding proteins Tara

Instrumental Solo Generation Aditya Dev Ramakrishnan, Prithvi

Artificial Intelligence on the Final Frontier: Using Machine Learning to Find New Earths Abraham

Machine Learning for Network Intrusion Detection Ian Troesch, Martina

Recognition and Classification of Fast Food Shaoyu Lin, Sina, Beibei Wang

Algorithmic Trading Strategy Based On Massive Data Mining Haoming Yang, Zhijun, Tianlun Li

Tradeshift Text Classification Jacob Conrad Torres, Ian Torres

Skatbot: Teaching a Computer to Play Cards Ivan Milani, Pedro, Ben-han Sung

Forecasting Utilization in City Bike-Share Program Eun Soo (Christina) Wang, David, Adeline Wong

Linking Transcription Factors to Binding Motifs Using Gene Expression Emily Wyman, Dana

Constructing personal networks through communication history Ryan Martirosyan, Hayk Martirosyan

Chemical recognition with Chemical Sensor Arrays Quintin

Speech recognition for multi-participant virtual interaction recorded on a single channel Maria Gallagher, Neil , Jose Krause Perin

Dat dota data Atish Pearce, Michael

Yelp Personalized Reviews Alexis, Thomas Palomares, Arnaud Guillé

Decoding Neural Responses in Behaving Mice Jessica Tasci, Tugce

Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis Umit Ni, Wendy, Xinwei Shi

Predicting Heart Attacks Sihang Zhao, Yue Zhao, Xuyang Zheng

Identifying Construction Zones on Highways Jeffrey

Permeability Prediction of 3-D Binary Segmented Images using Neural Network Nattavadee

Prediction of onset of epileptic seizures from iEEG data Shima Davidson, Scott, Ari Frankel

Prediction of average and perceived polarity in online journalism with semi-automated labeling Albert Wong, Cathy Wong, Kensen Shi

Regression Approaches to Predicting United States Senate Elections Rohan Teng, Yue Teng

Object Recognition Within Sketches Amani Kusumaputri, Paula, Dan Guo

A compressed sensing learning algorithm for seizure prediction Zhongnan Yuan, Yuan 5993282, Andrew Weitz

Unsupervised Learning To Test The Validity Of Options Volatility Strategy HYUNG SUP

Activity Recognition in Construction Industry Gustavo

Implementation of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network on a Digital Signal Processor Elaina

Predict cellular link failure to improve user experience on smartphones Srinivasan Tom, Alexander

Random Acts of Pizza: Predicting altruism through free pizza Arthur

Arrhythmia Classification from EKG data Lee

Decision Theoretic Methods for Learning to Act under Uncertainty Junjie

Optimal Review Schedules for Long-Term Recall Cooper Barnes, Stephen, Khalil Griffin

Learning to Predict Dental Caries for Preschool Children Fangzhou Zhong, Huaiyang, Yuchen Li

Mutual Information Based Feature Selection Farzan Kazerouni, Abbas, Afshin Babveyh

Classifying Syllables in Imagined Speech using EEG Data Barak Khandwala, Nishith, Manu Chopra

Predicting the Total Points Scored in NFL Games Max Sohmshetty, Ajay

Predicting the Helpfulness of Amazon Product Reviews Jordan Xiao, Minna

Bike Sharing Demand Mahmood

Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias Patients Azar Algharbi, Fatema, Batool Arhamna Haider

Predicting New York City Taxi Demand Benjamin, Jingshu Wang, Haque Ishfaq

Language identification and accent variation detection in spoken language recordings Shyamal Gauthier, Jon, Arthur Tsang

Bike Share Usage Prediction in London Jeff Peng, Bo, Ford Rylander

Predicting Race Pace Based on Previous Training Runs Tiffany

Machine Learning in Literature Steven

Autonomous Labelling of Stack-Overflow Posts Mihail Zhong, Victor , Ana Klimovic

Encore! Predicting Film Success From Metadata Andrew

Improving Breast Cancer Diagnostics by Step-Wise Classification Erik

Accent Classification into Geographical Regions and Native Languages Morgan Chow, Amanda, Sydney Li

An overview of Recommendation Systems Rahul Mehta, Megh , Saleh Salameh

Learning from Quantified Self Data Roshan

Structural Segmenation of Music using machine learning techniques Li - Fan Lin, Yang-Kai, Prateek Verma

Machine Learning March Madness Jonathan Chanen, Elliot

Predict Seizures In Intracranial EEG Recordings Lingbin He, Linyu

Classifying User Behaviors Across Domains in Online Social Networks Abhishek Yu, Norman, Xiaofei Fu

Multi-Label Classification Romil Garg, Amit Garg, Jonathan Noyola

Appliance based model for energy consumption segmentation Zi Tamang, Natthavuth, Thanchanok Teeraratkul

Do A Barrell Roll Tatiana Ingram, Steven

Small-cap Equity Return Prediction Axel Alifimoff, AJ

Accurate Campaign Targeting Using Classification Algorithms (ACTUCA) Jieming Zhang, Sharon

Cross-Domain Feature Learning for Classifying Online User Behaviors Alfredo Abu, Akua, Luke de Oliveira

Predicting the Helpfulness of Amazon Product Reviews Jordan Xiao, Minna, Steven Longoria

Classification of Randall-Sundrum Graviton (RSG) Decay to Dijet Higgs to 2b Signal at ATLAS Zihao Cukierman, Aviv

Predicting Popularity of Pornography Videos Jessie

Discovering the drivers of gene regulation Namrata, In a recent machine learning conference, John Platt (whose SMO algorithm you've seen) implemented a method quite similar to this one to estimate the papers' true score

Cross-Domain User Classification Using Customer Review Data Matthew Callaway, Bryan

Peer Lending Risk Predictor Kevin Singh, Sudanshu Singh, Sivagami Ramiah

Net Neutrality Language Analysis Sachin Zhao, Luda, Leon Yao

Food To Wine Justin

Painting Identification via HOG Features Michael Griswold, Kyle, Nicholas Dufour

Automated Canvas Analysis for Painting Conservation Brendan

DeepGraph: Deep Learning for Graph Mining Yilun Zhang, Vincent Zhang, Jingning Ji

Smart Micro­grid Design to Account for Variable Growth in Energy Consumption and Use Patterns Shea Whitney, Natasha Whitney, Sam Steyer

Learning Depth Features Michael

Predicting air pollution level in a specific city Dan

Learning facial expressions from an image Chinmay Chudasama, Bhrugurajsinh Chudasama, Jithin Parayil Thomas

The Ties That Bind: Analyzing Social Networks Using Earthquakes Siddhartha Daniels, David, Anthony Vashevko

Identifying Shock Factors to Commodity Prices and Forecasting Market Reactions Eric Ahluwalia, Vedant, Deepyaman Datta

User Representation for Collaborative Topic Regression Diego Dindi, David

A Comparison of Classification Methods for Expression Quantitative Trait Loci Joe

Object Recognition in Images Wenqing Han, Harvey

Solomon Do Kwon, Ki Suk Jang, Gyujin Oh and Ji Park

Re-clustering of Constellations through Machine Learning Shanshan Chen, Kaifeng, Yao Zhou

Discrete Bit and Spectrum Adaptation in Multicarrier Interference Channels Haleema

Q-Learning for Function Approximation with Deep Learning Shuhui Tan, Tian, Zhihao Zheng

Predicting Africa Soil Properties Iretiayo Dowd, Thomas

Predicting Usefulness of Yelp Reviews Xinyue Schoemaker, Michel, Nan Zhang

A General-purpose Sentence-level Nonsense Detector Ian

Categorizing Legal Questions into relevant Legal Categories Karthik Lao, Brian

A Machine Learning Approach to Music Genre Classification Eliza Diaz, Ryan, Aaron Kravitz

Predicting Mobile App Success Cameron

A Novel Approach to Predictingthe Results of NBA Matches Omid Sharafat, Ali Reza

Classifying Driver’s Actions Based on Weak Visual Cues Ella (Jungsun) Soh, Shane

Predicting results of soccer matches from EPL games Ben Fernandez, Matt

Scheduling Tasks Under Constraints Mike Xu, Dennis, Kevin Moody

Oil production optimization using Machine Learning Sumeet

Predicting Bike Rentals Tanner

Prediction of Yelp Review Star Rating using Sentiment Analysis Chen Zhang, Jin

Using Performance Based Earthquake Engineering to predict the extent of earthquake damage in residential homes in San Francisco Bay Area Ahmad Hu, Nicole Hu, Yawar Aziz

Classification of Alzheimer's disease Based on White-Matter Attributes. Tanya Le, Rosemary

On Knowledge and Confusion: Classifying Text Documents in MOOC Discussion Forums Akshay Leonard, Shane

Using Vector Representations to Augment Sentiment Analysis Training Data Andrew Peeters, Lucas Peeters

Classifying Online User Behavior Into Labeled Hierarchies Aditya Kulshrestha, Anunay , Akshay Rampuria

Hacking the Hivemind: Predicting Comment Karma on Internet Forums Daria Martel, Leo, Simon Zheng

Detection of trace bio-toxin in rich background using machine-learning techniques Lina

Blowing Up the Twittersphere: Predicting the Optimal Time to Tweet Seth Ellison, Zach

Using Bayesian Networks to explore Protein Data Varun Pradhan, Sabeek, Shayne Longpre

Predict user behavior in Tencent Weibo Hai

Bone Segmentation on MRI Scans Todor McCloskey, William

Soccer Match Prediction Robert Shin, Jongho Shin

Algorithmic Trading through Machine Learning David

Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews Ian Yan, Lisa

Heart Abnormality Prediction Using Machine Learning Ben Garcia, Gaspar , Paraukh Rajbhandary

Predict seizures in intracranial EEG recordings Alex Fu, Yuqi Liu, Spencer Gibbs

Single-cell Analysis of Adult Mouse Brain Geoff

Ruck those Stats! Machine Learning as the new coach. Alejandro Sanchez, Nicolas

Indoor Positioning System Using Wifi Fingerprint Le

Developing Models for Cross-Domains Text Understanding in Online Social Data Shenxiu Lin, Qian, Zhao Yang

Adaptive Learning Platform Julia

Identifying Elephant Vocalizations Flavia Cristina Figueroa Sanz, Sergio Patricio

Classifier for BCI errors Based on neural activity Nir Berman, Igor

SMO vs PDCO for SVM Ding

Forecasting NFL Player Performance Matthew Moallemi, Bobak, Steven Hoerning

Predicting Seizure Using Electroencephalogram Data Alex Raghuvanshi, Arushi Raghuvanshi, Kai-Yuan Neo

Face recognition with Machine Learning Abhimanyu Chigurupati, Asha

Did we say the same thing? Identifying spoken word similarity Ossian Mavrommatis, Andreas

Spectral Kalman Filter hojat Lee, Hee Sun

Twitter classification using Amazon categories Matthew Kundani, Anshul Kundani, Jiao Yu

Predicting At-Risk Countries for Political Instability,Conflict, and Violence Emma Huffman, Blair, April Yu

Event-based stock market prediction Hadi Chalabi, Hamidreza

Automated Essay Grading Ralph Lamb, Andrew

Identifying Arrhythmia from Electrocardiogram Data Taylor McCandlish, Sam

K-means Clustering Convergence Given Alpha Perturbation Stability Colin Xue, Alfred

Predicting function from sequence in venom peptide families Arvind Seshadri, G.

Dimensionality Reduction in BMIs Carolyn

Application of Machine Learning to Aircraft Conceptual Design Anil

Real-Time Dense Map Matching Youssef Kangaspunta, Juhana, Loek Janssen

AutoNotes Eric Farhingi, Ashkon, Lucio Tan

Predictive Annotation Engine Vaibhav Saxena, Sumit Saxena, Balaji Ambresh Rajkumar

Estimation of Word Representations Using Recurrent Neural Networks Kuan

Greenhouse Gas Estimation Sumit Mitra, Sumit

Image Pornography Classification Elaine Sun, Lingtong

life expectancy post thoracic surgery Ivaylo Abdulhamid, Adam, peng jia

Identifying Brain Tumors in MRI Scans Sam Martinez, Alex

Nonlinear Association Gene Analysis and Pathology Prediction Aaron Mongia, Mihir

Predicting Fantasy Baseball Outcomes Brandon

Landmark Recognition Kaiyuan Crudge, Andrew, Will Thomas

#Rechorder Tommy Savani, Yash, Wilbur Yang

Classification of neural genes with ChIP-seq/RNA-seq from Artificially Induced Neurons Seung Woo

Making Predictions in Extremely Volatile Markets Alex

Predicting At-Risk Countries for Political Instability, Conflict, and Violence Blair Marriott, Emma, April Yu

Decomposing the Blood Microbiome Koshlan Martin, Lance

Lie Detection of Voice Signal Hee Yoon Lee

Machine Learning for Predicting Delayed Onset Trauma following Ischemic Stroke Anthony Liu, Gus

Classifying Wikipedia People Into Occupations Aleksandar

Movie Success: Predicting Box Office Sales Zachary Sagen, Jessica Sagen

NeutraNet Erin Turan, Deger, Justine Zhang

Predicting Paper Quality in the Biological Sciences Debnil Hernandez, Jose, Matthew Denton

Clustering Networks of Bitcoin Transactors Worldwide Avery

Stack Overflow Tag Prediction Shahriyar

Dividing Music Songs into Appropriate Playlists Paul


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