Stanford University

Machine Learning (CS229) Final Project Poster Session

You're invited! You are warmly invited to the Twelfth annual CS229 Machine Learning poster session, which will be held Wednesday December 11th, 2013, from 8.30-11.30am.

About 720 students in CS229 (Machine Learning) will be presenting over 350 machine learning projects, on topics spanning robotics, computational biology, mobile apps, security, HCI, parallel computing, neuroscience, vision, and many others areas.

For those who can't attend in person, we created a Google+ event where attendees can share photos and comments live:
Google+ Event

We also gratefully acknowledge Yelp for sponsoring the food for this event.


CS229 is the Computer Science Departments' highest enrollment class, and provides a graduate-level introduction to machine learning. Students engage in a quarter-long project of their choosing. Projects range from developing novel machine learning algorithms to applying machine learning to current research and industry problems. The list of projects below shows the amazing range of problems for which machine learning can improve performance. We encourage you to come see the posters and discuss with students how machine learning can impact your areas of interest.


#jazz : Automatic Music Genre Detection. Tom Camenzind, Shubham Goel

2D visualization of high dimensional cellular protein data for cancer. Andre Esteva, Anand Sampat, Amit Badlani

2D Visualization of High Dimensional Molecular Data from Single-Cell Mass Cytometry. Yishun Dong, Diana Wan

311 Predictions. Austin Lee

A Computational Model for Automatic Music Transcription. Zhengshan Shi, Tony Yang, Huijie Yu

A machine learning approach to webpage content extraction. Jiawei Yao, Xinhui Zuo

A Prediction System For Conversation Likeability On Anonymous Chat Networks. Andrei Bajenov, Saila Talagadadeevi

A Predictor For Movie Success. Jeffrey Ericson, Jesse Grodman

A Supervised Approach To Chord Recognition. Brad Girardeau, Takatoki Migimatsu, Pranav Rajpurkar

Accuracy of Loan Pricing in the New York Metropolitan Area and Historical Analysis. Tyler Casey

Accurate Redshift Estimation from Photometric Colors. Christopher Davis, Devon Powell, Tony Li

Aggregating and Improving Optical Character Recognition Systems via Machine Learning on Output Text. Zifei Shan, Haowen Cao

Algorithmic Trading using Machine Learning Techniques. Chenxu Shao, Zheming Zheng

Alignment Analysis for Deep Neural Networks on Speech Recognition Systems. Firas Abuzaid

An Ensemble Classifier for Rectifying Classification Error. Cheuk Ting LI

An SVM Based Analysis of US Dollar Strength. Xinyu Fan, Xiongfeng Li

Analysis and Clustering of Musical Compositions using Melody-based Features. Isaac Caswell, Erika Ji

Application of Auto-associstive Memory in Solving Cocktail Party Problem. Behdad Youssefi

Application of Graph Clustering on Scientific Papers Subject Classification. Yutian Liu, Zhefei Yu, Qi Zeng

Application of Machine Learning on Stock Rankings. Yuqing Dai, Yuning Zhang

Application of Machine Learning to SMS Spam Detection. Houshmand Shirani-Mehr

Applications of Machine Learning on Keyword Extraction of Large Datasets. Meng Yan

Applying deep learning to enhance momentum trading strategies in stocks. Lawrence Takeuchi, Albert Lee

Applying Machine Learning to Discover the Source of Contaminant Release. Henry Qin, Devina Sanjaya

Applying Machine Learning to Stock Market Trading. Bryce Taylor

Arctic Sea Ice Prediction. Tyler Reid, Paul Tarantino

Assessing Opinion Mining in Stock Trading. Sathish Nagappan, Govi Dasu

Astronomical Implications of Machine Learning. Arun Debray, Raymond Wu

Astronomical Point-Like Source Classification Through Machine Learning. Idel Waisberg

Attribution of Musical Works to Josquin Des Prez. Philip Lee, Katherine Stuckman, Zachary Sunberg

Author Gender Identification of English Novels. Joseph Baena, Catherine Chen

Author Identification Through Machine Learning. Sean Stanko, Devin Lu, Irving Hsu

Auto-Tagging Piazza Posts. Ai Jiang, Kathy Sun

Automated Essay Scoring Using Machine Learning. Shihui Song, Jason Zhao

Automatic Aesthetic Rating Photos. Hsin-Fang Wu, Yen-Ting Liu, Chen-Tai Kao

Automatic Colorization of Grayscale Images. Rasoul Kabirzadeh, Austin Sousa, Patrick Blaes

Automatic Grouping for Social Networks. Yangru Fang, Ya Le, Xiaoying Tian

Automatic Product Classification and Clustering Solutions in Retail Context. Rohit Kaul, Rajiv Bhateja

Automatically Determining Musical Performer Characteristics from Timing. Michael Kayser

Autonomous Sailboat. Schuyler Smith

Background rejection for the detectors of SuperCDMS Soudan. Kristi Schneck

Bank Balance Prediction and Detection of Fraudulent Balance Disclosures. Naveen Krishnamurthi, Kevin Miller

Beating the Streak. Ilan Goodman

Better Diagnosing Narcolepsy. Cibele Halasz, Preeyanka Shah

Biometric ID based on Phone Accelerometer usage. Govardana Sachithanandam Ramachandran

Bridge Eimon. Jason van der Merwe

Building An Image Based Shoe Recommendation Service. Neal Khosla, Vignesh Venkataraman, Amrit Saxena

Building an optimal transit system. Mindy Huang, Christopher Ling

Building Fast Performance Models for Loop-Free 64-bit x86 Code Sequences. Negar Rahmati, Jessica Su, Judson Wilson

Building Fast Performance Models for x86 Code Sequences. Justin Womersley, Christopher John Cullen

Catheter Contact Force Determination. Cliff Bargar, Riley Shear

Characterizing and Diagnosing Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Using Machine Learning. Emily Doughty, Rachel Goldfeder

Classification of Electrocardiogram Anomalies. David Chiasson, Kunle Oyedele, Karthik Balaji Ravichandran

Classification of Fine Art Oil Paintings by Semantic Category. Bill Kromydas

Classification of Hand-Written Numeric Digits. Nyssa Aragon, William Lane, Fan Zhang

Classification of Mobile Device Accelerometer Data for Unique Activity. Anthony Pratkanis, Kai Kuspa

Classification of wafer process quality and Equipment fault diagnosis. Takuro Tsutsui, Hironori Moki

Classifying Ephemeral vs Evergreen Content on the Web. Li-Wei Chen

Classifying Identity Theft Based on Victim Profiles. Anne Parker, Xueqian Jiang, Usha Prabhu

Classifying News for Topic and Sentiment. Tom Atwood, Miguel de Lascurain, Jack Smith

Classifying Rap Lyrics by Artist. Stephanie Guo, Scott Khamphoune

Closing the Deal: Predicting Sales Across Companies. Dan Post, Devini Senaratna, Ben Bernstein

Clustering Methonds without Given Number of Clusters. Peng Xu, Fei Liu

Clustering Molecular Dynamics Trajectories. Chenchen Song

Clustering of State Vectors from Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations for Construction of Local Reduced-Order Models. Kyle Washabaugh

Cointerpretation of Flow Rate-Pressure-Temperature Data from Permanent Downhole Gauges. Yue Li, Chuan Tian

Collaborative Filter Pre-processing for Improved Noisy Image Classification. Lucas Finn

Collaborative Filtering as a Reinforcement Learning Problem. Mostafa Afkhamizadeh, Alexei Avakov, Reza Takapoui

Collecting Lane Marking Labels Using Google Maps. Danjie Wenren, Tianxin Zhao, Kunming Qu

Collective Classification. Xu Zhang

Composer Style Attribution. Kevin Laube, Naroa Zurutuza

Composer Style Attribution. Vishesh Gupta, Jacqueline Speiser

Computer vision based health monitor. Neeloy Banerjee, Dave Deriso, Adrien Fallou

Context Based Re-Ranking of Web Documents. Arijit Banerjee, Jagadish Venkatraman

Converting Online Forums to Question and Answer (Q&A) Sites. Aaron Abajian

Counting Trees in Deforested Areas from Aerial Photographs. Ritobrata Sur, Shengkai Wang, Wending Lu

Crime Prediction using Businesses and Housing Values in San Francisco. James Jung Lee, Yik Lun Lee, Joel Kek

Decoding Reinstatement of Memories Under Stress. Stephanie Gagnon, James Sorenson, Ian Ballard

Decoding the Human Motor Cortex. Jack Zhu, Paul Quigley

Deep learning for depth learning - Using Deep Learning and other learning algorithms to predict Depth from Single Images. Enghao Gong, Song Han, Hang Qu

Deep Learning for Lane Estimation in Autonomous Vehicles. Joel Pazhayampallil, Kai Yuan Kuan

Deep Learning With Dynamically Adjusting Learning Rates. Brice Lemke

Deep Learning: Python Benchmark Library for High-Performance Computing. Mumtaz Vauhkonen, Quaizar Vohra, Saurabh Madaan

Dengue Fever Classification. Ellen Sebastian, Alec Macrae, Clement Schiano de Collela

Dense Stereo Matching Using Machine Learning. Nattamon Thavornpitak, Pallabi Ghosh, Ayesha Khwaja

Detecting Anomalous Behavior in the Bitcoin Transaction Network. Jason Hirshman, Yifei Huang, Stephen Macke

Detecting Drivable Surfaces in a Vehicle's Path. Michela Meister

Detecting Insults in Social Commentary. Kevin Heh

Detecting Web Pages with Events. Junmin Hao, Matan Zinger

Detection of a Single Hand Figure in the Foreground of Still Images. Toan Tran

Detection of Landable Areas for Aerial Vehicles. Josh Beal, Gabe Alvarez

Determining User Quality in Anonymous Chat Networks. Dhruv Amin, Claire Negiar

Disaster Outcome Prediction. Laura Griffiths, Chang Liu, Divneet Mandair

Discovering Evergreen Content on the Web. Ushnish De, Xiaotong McClure, Konstantin Stulov

Discriminative Ensemble Averaging for Accelerated Denoising. Corey McCall

Distinguish hard instances of an NP-hard problem using machine learning.. Zhe Wang, Tong Zhang, Yuhao Zhang.

Distinguishing Pathogenic vs. Neutral Nucleotide Variants in Cystic. Kimberly McManus

Does MMA Math Work? A Study on Sports Prediction Applied to Mixed Martial Arts. Christopher Ho

Drift v. Draft - Classifying the Dynamics of Neutral Evolution. Alison Feder

Driver Behavior Classification. Zhan Fan Quek, Eldwin Ng

Driver Recognition and Driving Behavior Improvement Based on Real-Time Driving Information . Kexin Nie, Luyan Wu, Jiafan Yu

Dynamic Feature Extraction from Molecular Mechanics Trajectories. Han Raut

E-commerce Transaction Anomaly Classification. Seung Hee Ham, Qiyi Jiang, Minyong Lee

Early Renaissance Music Attribution. Alex Adamson

eBay Auction Price Prediction. David Nicholson, Rohan Paranjpe

ECG Stress Recognition. Mark Ulrich, David Liu

Efficient Continuous Space Language Model In French English Translation Task. Hieu H. Pham, Hung Tan Tran

Electrical Energy Modeling In Y2E2 Building Based On Distributed Sensors Information. Mahmoud Saadat, Saman Ghili

Emotional Relation Extraction. Wen Hao Lui, Desmond Ong

Estimation and Correction of Robot Inertial Parameters. Kenji Hata, Keegan Go

Explorations in Open IE. Keenon Werling

Exploring Potential for Machine Learning on Data about k-12 Teacher Professional Development. Devney Hamilton, Keziah Plattner

Express Recognize. Yasemin Ersoy

Extending Cancer Cell Response Models with Compound Data. Bill Evans, Wei Zhou, Paul Butler

Extract brain resting-state networks from fMRI data. Meng Wu, Yang Zhao

Extracting Emotions from News Headlines: SemEval Affective Text Task. Bharad Raghavan, Anshul Samar

Facial Image Reconstruction using Neural Networks. Patrick Sherman, Sam Crognale

Feature Investigation for Stock Market Prediction. Hui Lin

Feature Selection for Better Sleep Spindle Discrimination. Wendy Nie, Chengcheng Fan

FIDE Chess Game Result Prediction System. Zheyuan Fan, Yuming Kuang, Xiaolin Lin

Finding Economic Groupings Over Time. Stephen Reid

Forcast Stock Market Movement. Jingwei Chen, Ming Chen, Nan Ye

Game ON! Prediction of EPL Match Outcomes. Aditya Srinivas Timmaraju, Aditya Devdatt Palnitkar, Vikesh Khanna

Gaussian Process Based Image Segmentation and Object Detection in Pathology. Jenny Hong

Generating Load Profiles from Building Characteristics. Robert Clain

Genome-Wide Predictions of Transcription Factor Binding Events using. David Moskowitz, Emily Tsang

Guiding Wind Farm Optimization with Machine Learning. Ramon Iglesias, Charles Bovet

HappBeer. Bryan Offutt

Historical and Prospective Analysis on Free Agent Salary and Player Trade. Shanwei Yan

Hit or Flop: Box Office Prediction for Feature Films. Dan Cocuzzo, Stephen Wu

Hong Kong Stock Index Forecasting. Tong Fu, Shuo Chen, Chuanqi Wei

How Does He Saw Me? A Recommendation Engine for Picking Heroes in Dota 2. Daniel Perry, Kevin Conley

How to prevent another Financial Crisis on Wall Street. Helin Gao, Qianying Lin, Kaidi Yan

How to prevent another Financial Crisis on Wall Street. Katelyn Gao, Susanne Halstead

Human Gait Analysis. Ifueko Igbinedion, Ysis Tarter

Identification of Parameters Predictive of Chromosomally Normal Embryos. Carmichael Ong, Livia Zarnescu, Apoorva Rajagopal

Identification of Tissue Independent Cancer Driver Genes. Alexandros Manolakos, Idoia Ochoa, Kartik Venkat

Identify a Car's Driver. Fan Yang, Chunjing Jia

Identify a Vehicle and its Driver from the Vehicle's Maneuver Data. Mehrdad Salehi, Ding Zhao

Identifying Characteristics of Fuel-Efficient Driving Behavior. Vivek Jain, Weizhuang Zhou, Yifei Men

Identifying Demonstrative Lovers in Tango Texting App. Nicolas Poulallion, Jean-Yves Stephan

Identifying Domain Expertise on Stack Overflow . Alexander Hsu, Christina Kao, Lorraine Lok Yin Fan

Identifying Driving Behavior From Data.. Robert Karol

Identifying Gas Savings from Driver Behavior. Arthur Lacoste, Marie Pellat, Thomas Piani

Identifying Over-Valued Players in Fantasy Football. Michael Jermann

Identifying Phishing Attacks. Brandon Azad

Identifying Strategic Patterns in NBA Positional Tracking Data. John Sears, Gabriel Poon

Identifying Tags from millions of text question . Chintan Parikh

Identifying Threats in (Diplomatic) Correspondence. Azusa Katagiri, Eric Min

Identifying Thyroid Cancer Subtypes and Outcomes Through Gene Expression Data. Kun-Hsing Yu, Chung Yu Wang, Wei Wang

Image Classification (CIFAR-10). Megan Schoendorf, Christian Elder

Image Object Classification. Adam Krzesinski, Kevin Wilder

Improve the Publisher Yield by Recommending Floor Price in Second Price Auction in Non-Guaranteed Display Advertising Marketplace. Amit Jain

Improving Differential Diagnostic Accuracy of Pathologically Similar Dermatological Conditions. Jason Bouhenguel, Ryan Gallagher

Improving LinkedIn Search using Learn-to-Rank models. Ganesh Venkataraman

Improving Naive Bayes in text classification. Yiming Sun, Anqi Fu, Katherine Yu

Improving Rank Aggregation via Link Prediction. Dimitris Papadimitriou, Nicholas Platias, David Saltzman

Incorporating Known Pathways into Gene Clustering Algorithms for Genetic Expression Data. Ryan Atallah, John Ryan, David Aeschlimann

Inheritance Relationships in Vernacular Hip Hop Music. Tim O'Brien, Spencer Salazar

Intensionality of Adjectives. Mark Kowarsky, Neha Nayak

Investigating the variables that influence learning in the context of. Peng Hui How, Pak Tao Lee

Kanji handwriting recognition for Japanese language learners. Sukolsak Sakshuwong

Keyword Extraction and Semantic Tag Prediction. James Hong, Michael Fang

Keyword Extraction for Stack Exchange Questions. Jiaji Hu, Xuening Liu, Li Yi

Keywords Identification Systems for Stack Exchange Questions. Guoxing Li, Chi Zheng

Large-scale Social Tag Prediction. Lorenzo Lucido

Large-Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition with auxiliary Linguistic Features for Deep Architectures. Peng Qi

Learning a model of zebrafish dynamics for studying motor learning in a virtual environment. Noah Young

Learning Aerial Vehicle Model Parameters from Experimental Data for use . Edward Balaban

Learning based imaging enhancement. Bai Jiang, Shuo Xie, Zhiyu Wang

Learning Characteristics of Smartphone Users from Accelerometer and. David Molay, Fan-Hal Koung, Kingston Tam

Learning Convention Propagation in BeerAdvocate Reviews from a Network. Yonathan Perez, Nora Tarano

Learning Game Playing Strategy for Durak. Sammy Nguyen & Narek Tovmasyan

Learning How to Pick Singles for Pop Stardom. Ben Holtz

Learning Multi-Label Topic Classification of News Articles. Zach Chase, Nicholas Genain, Orren Karniol-Tambour

Learning Optimal Predictive Filters. Lane McIntosh

Learning Systems Based Automated Proposal Evaluation. Sam Adhikari

Learning to Detect Antonymy. Natalia Silveira

Learning to Identify Winning Stocks. Erjie Ang, Avinash Balachandran, Durgesh Saraph

Learning to Predict User Emotions from Images in Social Networks. Sen Wu, Zhihao Jia

Leveraging Textual Features to Improve Sales Predictions. Josh Grinberg, Adam Perelman

Literature Search Made Easy: Mining Online Archives for Research Topic Trends. Bo Wang, Min Liu

Low Rank Full Configuration Interaction. Nick Settje, James Snyder

Machine Learning as a Tool for MicroRNA Analysis. Kevin Scott Martinez Raines, Brady Jon Quist, James Gippetti

Machine Learning Techniques for Optimal Sampling-Based Motion Planning. Ross Allen, Ashley A. Clark, Joseph A. Starek

Machine Learning Techniques for Quantifying Characteristic Geological Feature Difference. Xiaojin Tan, Wenyue Sun

Machine-Assisted Performance Optimization of Legion Applications. Sean Treichler

Mapping Text Phrases to Complex Logical Forms for Semantic Parsing. Ashish Gupta, Siddharth Jain, Sushobhan Nayak

Market Performance Prediction based on Twitter Sentiment. Qian Zhang, Benjamin Au, Wanlu Zhang

Max-margin models for RNA secondary structure prediction. Clara Fannjiang

Message Clustering and Timeline Extraction on Personal Email Archives. Mikhail Sushkov

Method to Suggest Similar API Calls Across Languages and Frameworks. Maesen Churchill, Alex Valderrama, Jess Fisher

Mobile Device Mobility Pattern Recognition. Myung Jun Choi, Yonghyun Ro, Han Lee

Model reconnaissance: discretization, naive Bayes, and non-naive Bayes. Sanne de Roever

Modeling function word errors in DNN-HMM based ASR systems. Melvin Jose Johnson Premkumar, Ankur Bapna, Sree Avinash Parchuri

Move ranking in arimaa. Arzav Jain, Neema Ebrahim-Zadeh, Vasanth Mohan, Vivek Choksi

Movie recommendations from user movie ratings. Hans Bystrom

Multiclass Classification of Alzheimers Patients. Yoon-Suk Han, Wyatt Hong

Multilabel Classification and Prediction of Tags for Online Platform Questions. Yeeleng Scott Vang

Multitask Clustering of Genes in Different Tissue Types. Hong En Chew, Linyi Gao

Music Genre Classification. Ali Fauci, John Cast, Chris Schulze

Musical Instrument Extraction through Timbre Classification. Sang Hyun Park

Musical Instrument Modeling, Classification, and Sound Generation. Chris Copeland, Sameep Mehrotra

Musical Structure in Irish Traditional Tunes. Matthew Staib, Lennart Jansson, Edward Dai

Named Entity News Classification. Hugh Cunningham, Nick Latourette

Navigating TripAdvisor Using Adaptive Content. Will Thiel

Network models to improve drug-ADE prediction. Anirban Chatterjee, Shabaz Basheer Patel, Himanshu Bhandoh

On Spectral Clustering Assisted with Sequential Bayesian Partition. Ruijie Zhou

On Stochastic Optimization Techniques and Their Robustness. Lita Yang, Laura (Qian) Liu

Online handwriting recognition. Nikhil Lele, Ben Mildenhall

Online Recognition of Mathematical Formulas. Nicolas Jimenez, Lan Nguyen

Optimal Unsupervised Corpus Partitioning of a Large Scale Search Engine. Jean-Paul Schmetz

Optimizer for Floating-Point Unit Generator. Mingyu Gao, Jing Pu, Tai Guo

Optimizing Hotel Ranking. Khaled AlTurkestani, Zahid Hossain, Kun Yang

Parity and Predictability in the National Football League. Siddharth Patel

Parsing Domain WhoIs Information with Different Patterns Using One Generic Parser . Jiale Tan, Xing Li, Yiqing Xing

Party Predictor. Bryan McCann, Brandon Ewonus, Nat Roth

Pedestrian Detection Using Structured SVM. Wonhui KIM, Seungmin LEE

Penalized Regression In TBI In NTDB. Tim Sweeney

Personalize Expedia Hotel Searches. Shunji Li, Yao Xiao, Xinxing Jiang

Personalized Explore-Exploit for the Logged-Out YouTube Homepage. Slave Jovanovski

Personalized Web Search Ranking. Ankit Kumar

Personalized Web Search Re-ranking. Santanu Dey, Conrad Roche

PokerAI. Etan Green

Polyphonic Piano Transcription. Jean-Baptiste Boin, Mohammed Sadegh Ebrahimi

Predict drug efficacy. Bo Wang, Yuchi Liu, Yusi Chen

Predict Foreground Object in Still Image. Amer Hammudi, Darren Koh

Predicting 311 Issue Importance from SeeClickFix Data. Kyle Reinke

Predicting Aerodynamic Coefficients of a Spaceplane from a Reduced Set of High-Fidelity Provenance Data. Julien De Muelenaere

Predicting Conversational Likability On Anonymous Chat Networks. Arpad Kovacs, Aditya Somani, Daniel Velkov

Predicting Corporate 8-K Tones Using Machine Learning Techniques. Min Ji Lee, Hyungjun Lee

Predicting daily incoming solar energy from weather data. Romain Juban, Patrick Quach

Predicting flight on-time performance. Arjun Mathur, Aaron Nagao, Kenny Ng

Predicting Gas usage as a function of driver behavior and road conditions. Saurabh Suryavanshi, Manikanta Kotaru

Predicting Gender through Stylistic Analysis. Matt Olson, Mario Villaplana

Predicting gene function and localization. Ankit Kumar, Raissa Largman

Predicting Gold Prices. Megan Potoski

Predicting Hits in Baseball. Jason Clavelli, Joel Gottsegen

Predicting housing price. Shu Niu

Predicting Learner Disengagement in Educational iPad Application. Althea Wallop

Predicting Length of Stay of Patients in ER. Scott Cheng, Ioannis Petousis, Jim Zheng

Predicting Likelihood of Replies to Emails. Andy Bromberg, Kevin Shutzberg

Predicting Loan Spread Using Piecewise Linear Model. Jack Huang, Josh Zhu, Sheng Zou

Predicting Paper Citations Using Citations. Kyler Siegel

Predicting Recessions: Forecasting US GDP Growth through Supervised Learning. Russ Islam

Predicting semantic features in CT images of liver lesions using deep learning. . Vibhu Agarwal, David Odgers

Predicting Short Term Stock Returns Using the News. Chase Lochmiller, Yuan Chen

Predicting Tags for StackOverflow Questions. Sebastian Schuster, Wanying Zhu, Yiying Cheng

Predicting Texas Holdem Hand Strength. James Bensson, Alex Eckert, Maxwell Wu

Predicting the Betting Line in NBA Games. Bryan Cheng, Kevin Dade, Michael Lipman, Cody Mills

Predicting the Major League Baseball Season. Randy Jia, Christopher Wong, David Zeng

Predicting the quality of a chat with consumers' heterogeneity controlled. Aaron Li, Deepank Gupta, Simon Zhu

Predicting University Course Enrollment. Kevin Chavez

Predicting User Likability on Anonymous Chat Networks. Tsung-Chuan Chen, Jocelin Ho, Augustus Hong

Predicting Virtual Markets. Ling-Ling Zhang

Predicting x86 Program Runtime for Intel Processor. Behram Mistree, Hamidreza Hakim Javadi, Omid Mashayekhi

Predicting Yelp Ratings. Chris Guthrie

Prediction of Cell Line Sensitivity to Cancer Drugs. Peyton Greenside, Winston Haynes

Prediction of NYC Restaurant Health Inspection Results. Michael Walter

Prediction of total daily incoming solar energy based on weather models. Jave Kane, Julie Herberg

Prediction using Prospect Theory. David Walsh

Probabilistic Record Linkage. Robert Raviv Murciano-Goroff

Project Bartok: Music Time Period Classification. Daniel Chiu, Derrick Liu, Yushi Wang

Project: Safe Path Recommender System. Chaitanya Patchava, Bavin Ondieki

Punny. Jim Cai, Nicolas Ehrhardt

Quark and Gluon Tagging at the Large Hadron Collider. Bryan Anenberg

Question Tagger. Rose Perrone

Rank hotels on to maximize purchases. Valentina Kroshilina, Nishith Khantal, Deepak Maini

Ranking web search results using personal preferences. Pararth Shah, Shantanu Joshi

Reading Household Appliance Use by Disaggregating Timestamped Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Data. Riley Matthews

Real-World Material Recognition for Scene Understanding. Samuel James Corbett-Davies

Reconstructing non-instrusively collected keystroke data using cellphone sensors. Luis Hector Chavez Freire

Reconstruction of Human Voice for Impersonation. Amritha Raghunath, Gunaa Arumugam Veerapandian, Vignesh Ganapathi-Subramanian

Recurrent Neural Networks: Initialization Strategies and Applications to Algorithmic Trading. Christopher Fougner, Ruoxi Wang, Michael D'Angelo

Reinforcement learning for bicycle control. Bruce Cam, Chris Dembia, Johnny Israeli

Reinforcement Learning of a Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem. Jon Cox, Steve Krukowski, Brandon Jennings

Relative Permeability Measurement in Rock Fractures. Siqi Cheng, Han Wang, Da Huo

Relevanseek: Determining relevant images from HTML source. David Zhang

Reveal Hidden Information in the Music Scores: Composer Attribution. Fang-Chieh Chou, Yi-Hong Kuo, Hsiang-Yu Yang

Robust pose estimation using Reid energy and Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model on GPU. Christopher Bongsoo Choy

Satellite Prediction for Dark Matter Halos. Marc Williamson, Dennis Wang, Pinnaree Tea-mangkornpan

Scalable Deep Learning for Image Classification with K-Means and SVM. Alexandre Vilcek

See Click Predict Fix. David Ye, Aileen Chen

Sentiment Analysis on Email Archives using Deep Learning . Kunal Sood

Sentiment Classification of Tweets. Kai Sheng Tai

Sheet Music Generator. Jan Dlabal, Richard Wedeen

Similarity design based on sequence signature features for clustering and. Bai Jiang, Shuo Xie, Zhiyu Wang

Single Image Depth Estimation via Deep Learning. Wei Song

Solving differential equations using neural networks. Maurizio Chiaramonte, Matthew Kiener

Song Genre Classification and Number of Genres Variance Analysis. Miguel Francisco, Dong Myung Kim

Speech Recognition Using Deep Learning Algorithms. Yan Zhang

Stock portfolio optimization based on supervised learning. Sercan Arik, Burc Eryilmaz, Adam Goldberg

Strategic Information Sharing in Indian Villages. Jeff Jacobs

String Regularization. Tamara Andrade

StrokeBank: Example-based Personalized Chinese Handwriting Generation. Alfred Zong, Jianfeng Hu, Yuke Zhu

Structural Patterns in Translation. Haben Michael

Structural Patterns in Translation. Cynthia Day, Caroline Ellison

StumbleUpon Evergreen Classification. Sumit Roy, Shailin Saraiya

Supervised Learning on Biological Markov Models. Mohammad Muneeb Sultan

Supervised Learning Techniques to Determine Security Growth Relative to the Market for Portfolio Optimization. Sercan Arik, Burc Eryilmaz, Adam Goldberg

Supervised Learning to Predict Geographic Origin of Human Metagenomic. Christopher Malow

Synthesizing images with out-of-plane transformations using stereo images. Ruitang Chen, Zhuodong He, Dai Shen

Tagging Articles. Tuan Nguyen, Rohan Maheshwari, Xuesen Li

TapDynamics: Strengthening PIN Code Authentication on Mobile Phones. Grant Ho, Dieterich Lawson

Teaching a Machine to Play Othello. Shir Aharon, Amanda Chang, Kent Koyanagi

Texture Magic: Natural Texture Generation. Jason Rogers, Emily Ye

TF-IDF Chat User Clustering. Kevin Malinak, Jonathan Swenson

The Next Generation's Personal File System Management. Xuan Yang, Iru Wang, Yi-Chen Tsai

The Recipe Learner. Yongxing Deng, Douglas Safreno

The Use of Smart Meter Data for Predicting Loads on the Distribution Network. Armin Haghi, Oliver Toole

Top-Down Forecasting Using a CRM Database. Gino Rooney, Tom Bauer

Towards Urban Vehicle Autonomy: Estimating Urban Congestion from Taxi. Federico Rossi, Sumeet Singh, Rick Zhang

Tracking Engagement Events in Faces Using Monocular Webcams. Justin Bricker, Catalin Voss, Vivardhan Kanoria

Training Multiword Expressions. Alborz Bejnood, Tri Dao, Sam Keller

Transcription Factor Characterization using Latent Dirichlet Allocation. Tyler Davis, Eric Kofman, Sean Scott

Transgene Flow Risk Analysis. Raul Jimenez Rosenberg

Transponder Adoption for All Electronic Bridge Tolling. Francisco Torres

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Over Time. Jonathan Tatum, John (Travis) Sanchez

Twitter's Effectiveness on Blackout Detection during Hurricane Sandy. KJ Lee, Young Shin

Understanding and Predicting Blackbox Programs using Automated Experiments. Jaeho Shin, Akash Das Sarma

Unique Speaker Counter. Alexander David Fried, Mark Stauber, David Stonestrom

Upset Prediction in College Football. Santiago Padron, Jeff Sinsay

User Identification by Keystroke Latency and Intensity. Lucas Hansen, Lindsay Willmore

Using Discrete State classification to improve the dynamics of a continuous. Nishal Pradeepkumar Shah

Using Haralick and Gabor Wavelet Features to Differentiate Between. Sunil Pai

Using Low-Cost Remote Sensing Data to Detect Building Collapse in Post-Earthquake Environments. Shaun Benjamin, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Steven Wong

Using Machine Learning Techniques in Logic Design Verification. Mustafa Gencel

Using Machine Learning to Teach a Computer to Play Backgammon. David Molin, Viking Flyhammar, Saman Bidgol

Using Tweets To Predict The Stock Market. Jian Jiao, Jialu Zhu, Zhiang Hu

Using Twitter News and Reactions to Predict Financial Market Moves. Sam Paglia

Using Undirected Graphs to Guide Multi-label Text Classification.. John Cardente

Validating user spam Reports in Chatous. Arjun Gopalan, Prachetaa Raghavan, Ashish Mathew

Validity of User Reports in a Chat Network. Alan Zhao

Vehicle Detection - Comparing Stacked Autoencoders and Deformable Parts Models. Jim Reesman, Shawn McCann

Vision-Based Road Detection. Vivek Nair, Nikhil Parthasarathy

Vocalization Detection System . Anwen Xu, You Yuan, Junwei Yang

Waiting for a Sign: Unsupervised Identification of Temporal Motifs. Dan Sakaguchi, Jacob Waggoner

Web Content Extraction Through Machine Learning. Ziyan Zhou, Muntasir Mashuq

What Will Be Your Favorite Song? Let Me Tell You!. Clement Ntwari Nshuti, Steven Soria Jr.

Whisky Recommender. Ashkan Eghtesadi, Alex Omid-Zohoor

Wind prediction using ML. Daniel Bejarano, Adriano Quiroga

Y2E2 Building Energy Study. Mahdis Mahdieh, Milad Mohammadi, Seyed Pooya Ehsani

Yelp Hybrid Recommendation System. Sumedh Sawant, Gina Pai


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