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CS 229 Machine Learning Poster Session

You're invited! You are warmly invited to the 14th Annual CS 229 Machine Learning poster session, which will be held Tuesday, December 8th, 2015, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am.

This year's Machine Learning class, with almost 800 students, is one of the biggest classes ever held at Stanford. Please join us to see the poster presentations done by more than 300 teams applying machine learning towards various applications like NLP, sports, biological processes, investments etc. The event is open for Stanford affiliate (faculty, staff, student or alum), or a guest of a Stanford affiliate.


CS 229 is the Computer Science Departments' highest enrollment class, and provides a graduate-level introduction to machine learning. Students engage in a quarter-long project of their choosing. Projects range from developing novel machine learning algorithms to applying machine learning to current research and industry problems. The list of projects below shows the amazing range of problems for which machine learning can improve performance. We encourage you to come see the posters and discuss with students how machine learning can impact your areas of interest.

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Detecting 3D Semantics in Large-Scale Indoor Spaces
Iro Armeni

3D Shape Classification
Melvin Low

3D model classification using convolutional neural network
JunYoung Gwak

A Movie Recommender System from Tweets Data
Mengyi Gao, Xiang Zhang

A Personal Conversational Model
Lawrence Murata, Ana-Maria Istrate

A Personalized Company Recommender System for Job Seekers
Ruixi Lin, Yue Kang, Yixin Cai

A study of ensemble methods in machine learning
Kwhangho Kim, Jeha Yang

Acoustic Texture Classification
Gabriele Carotti-Sha, Daniel Villamizar, Evan Penn

Activity Recognition Using Cell Phones
Sanjay Srinivas, Travis Geis, Rohit Talreja

Advanced machine learning techniques for thyroid cancer diagnosis
Chenjie Yang, Jingtao Xu, Tiffany Liu

Advanced machine learning techniques for thyroid cancer diagnosis
Akash Maharaj, Raghu Mahajan, Rajiv Krishnakumar

An Application of Machine Learning to Native Advertisements
Kevin Grogan, Quinlan Jung

An exploration of the biological mechanisms behind obesity
Dominique Alessi, Antonio Cerruto

Analysis on Yelp User Preference
Yingran Xu, Jia Le Xu

Analyzing Donations to 2016 Presidential Candidates
Raphael Palefsky-Smith

Analyzing Sentiment of Political Tweets
Eric Ehizokhale

Anomaly Detection in Lengthy Legal Documents
Yanshu Hong, Tian Zhao

Anonymous Marketplace Vendor Exit Scam Detection
Kevin Kiningham, Michael Graczyk

Application of Unsupervised Learning For Business Segmentation, Using Yelp Data
Charles Zhang, Eric Wang

Applying adversarial examples to text classification of natural language
Onkur Sen

Assessing and Implementing Automated News Classification Algorithms
Francisco Romero, Zahra Koochak

Automated Image Artifact Identification in Dark Energy Survey CCD Exposures
Joseph DeRose, Warren Morningstar

Automated Pathology through Machine Learning
Sean Fischer

Automatic Image Colorization
Varun Ramesh, Harrison Ho

Automatic Rhythmic Notation from Single-Voice Audio Sources
Shashwat Udit, Jack O'Reilly

Automating Neurological Disease Diagnosis Using Structural MR Brain Scan Features
Allan Raventos, Moosa Zaidi

Autoranking Amazon Reviews
Ilker Karakasoglu, Ivan Gozali

Autotagging and Evaluating Text Relevance
Chayakorn Pongsiri, Pakapark Bhumiwat, George Supaniratisai

Biomarker identification for early-stage diabetes diagnosis in mice liver cells
Vincent Deo

Bitcoin UTXO Lifespan Prediction
Robert Konrad, Stephen Pinto

Blind Source Separation
Kai-Chieh Huang, Wisam Reid, Doron Roberts-Kedes

Breaking Privacy in Blind Seer Using Machine Learning: Cryptanalysis of Access Patterns in Encrypted Database Queries
Ben Fisch, Michael Mallory, Tyler Chase

Breaking the Sound Barrier: A Study on Automatic Music Transcription
Audrey Ho

Building an AI for the Wikipedia Game
Zack Swafford, Alex Barron

Calorie Estimation from Food Images
Kaixi Ruan, Lin Shao

Calorie Estimation from Images
Meera Vengadasubbu, Anup Hosagandi, Sachin P

Can Machines Recognize Expertise?
Camila Pereira

Classication of Behavioral Decision using Pre-decision Neural Activity
Blue Sheffer, Bora Erden

Classification of High Grade vs Low Grade GBM Tumor
Vincent-Pierre Berges, Victor Storchan, Kevin Luo

Classification of Irish and Scandinavian Folk Music by Dance Type
Elliot Kermit-Canfield, Iran Roman

Classification of Novel Genres by Cover and Title
Holly Chiang, Connie Wu, Yifan Ge

Classification of photographic images based on perceived aesthetic quality
Sean Shi, Jeff Hwang

Classifications of Subject Motion for Improved Reconstruction of Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Feiyu Chen

Classifying Non-Manual Markers in American Sign Language
Alex Kuefler, Pamela Toman

Clustering Bach chorale melodies
Hope Casey-Allen, Diego Hernandez, Jian Yang Lum

Clustering Music by Genres
Kyuwon Kim, Rick Kim, Wonjin Yun

Clustering a Customer Base Using Twitter Data
Vanessa Friedemann

Collapse prediction of tall buildings as informed by simulated earthquakes
Nenad Bijelic

College Football Bowl Predictor
Austin Childs, Evan Cheshire, Thomas Leung

Computer Vision Applications on the CIFAR 10 dataset
Arvind Krishnamurthy

Condition Monitoring Using Accelerometer Readings
Cheryl Danner, Kelly Gov, Simon Xu

Context Dependent Semantic Parser
Helen Jiang, Reginald Long

Contextual Code Completion
Chinmayee Shah, Subhasis Das

Credit Estimation for Chinese Construction Companies
Christopher Wang

Crime classification and prediction in San Francisco city
Abhilash Sunder Raj, Addarsh Chandrasekar, Poorna Kumar

Crowd Analytics using WiFi traces
Dinesh Bharadia

Cuisine Classification from Ingredients
Boqi Li, Mingyu Wang

Data fusion for predicting cancer survival
Yufei Zhang, Linbailu Jiang, Siyi Peng

Data-Driven Discovery and Design of Superionic Lithium Conductors for High Performance Solid-State Lithium Ion Batteries
Aditi Krishnapriyan, Austin Sendek

Data-driven fatigue crack evaluation based on wave propagation data
Seongwoon Jeong

Deep Learning for Illuminant Estimation
Xuerong Xiao

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Flappy Bird
Kevin Chen

Deep Reinforcement Learning with POMDPs
Maxim Egorov

Deep learning stock volatilities
Yuan Shen, RuoXuan Xiong

Design of Optical Reflection Spectrum using Machine Learning
Tyler Hughes, Yu (Jerry) Shi

Detecting gene-by-environment interaction in coronary artery disease
Bosh Liu, Robert Kirby

Determination of cell types in Chicken utricle
Yanli Wang

Diagnosing Type II Diabetes
Madeleine Gill, Katherine Holsteen, Haju Kim

Discriminative market price model for Magic: The Gathering cards based on card mechanics
Neeraj (Neil) Sapra, Benjamin Pastel, Dustin Fink

Divergent Recommendations for Yelp Users
Sigberto Alarcon Viesca, Shifan Mao, Christopher Heung

Doctor Bayes
Anthony Perez, Leonid Keselman, Brandon Beckhardt

Don't Feed the Trolls: Insult Detection on Online Communities
Stephanie Tsai, Arun Kulshreshtha, Matthew Volk

Draft Kings and Queens
Eric Hermann, Adebia Ntoso

Drug and Chemical Compound Named Entity Recognition using Convolutional Networks
Mark Berger

Dynamic Eye Gaze Tracking and Prediction for Foveated Rendering and Retinal Blur
Kushagr Gupta, Terry Kong, Suleman Kazi

Dynamic Ideal Point Estimation
Chris McConnell

ECG R-R Interval Estimation
David Zeng

Earthquake-Induced Structural Damage Classification Algorithm
Amory Martin, Max Ferguson

Efficient, Tunable Framework for Automated Synthesis of Quantum Algorithms via Classical Machine Learning
David Hyde, Benjamin Grossman-Ponemon

Electric Guitar Pickups Recognition
Warren Jonhow Lee, Yi-Chun Chen

Emotion Calssification on Face Images
Mikael Jorda

Energy Consumption Prediction for Optimum Storage Utilization
Jose Ignacio del Villar Ortiz Mena, Eric Boucher, Robin Schucker

Estimating Jumping Heights of a Small Legged Robot based on Terrain Properties, Control Efforts, and Tactile Sensor Measurements
Amy Kyungwon Han, Tae Myung Huh, Lawrence Kim

Estimating the Effect of Climate Change on Sea Level Rise
Mala Alahmadi, Jan Kolmas

Event Identification in Continuous Seismic Data
Alex Hakso, Fatemeh Rassouli

Examining Long-Term Trends in Company Fundamentals Data
Michael Dickens

Experimenting with Algorithmic Composition Techniques
Horia Margarit, Jessica Kuo

Exploring Cell Type Differentiation Using Binding Site Accessibility
Boyoung Yoo

Exploring Commodity and Stock Volatility using Topic Modeling on Historical News Articles -- Application to Crude Oil Prices
Olufolake Ogunbanwo, Mustafa Al Ibrahim, Rui Jiang

Extracting keywords from emails using distributed word vectors
Irving Rodriguez

Eyes around the world - Learning to alert and cluster live webcams
Jee Ian Tam, Sean Rafferty

Facial Keypoint Detection
Khashayar Khosravi, Seyedshahabaddin Mirjalili, Ashkan Esmaeili

FarmX: Leaf based disease identification in farms
Kushal Chawda, Chanchal Hazra

Fast Tree-Structured Recursive Neural Networks
Anand Avati, Nai-Chia Chen

Feature Cost Sensitive Random Forest
Anna Thomas

Feature Engineering on Machine Comprehension
Danyang Wang, Wei Chen, Xiaoshi Wang

Financial Magic
Boris Perkhounkov, Cooper Frye, Emily Franklin

Finding Poverty in Satellite Images
Neal Jean, Rachel Luo

Finding the Optimal Fantasy Football Team
Paul Steenkiste

Food Recognition and Cuisine Classification
Yinghui Xia

For-TUNE teller
Gerard Touma, Sambhav Jain, Mridul Krishna

Forecasting Building Energy Usage with Vector Autoregression and Sparse Decomposition Algorithms
Pranav Sriram, Brittany Gibbons

Forecasting Drug Store Sales Using Machine Learning Techniques
Xi Wu, Hongyu Xiong, Jingying Yue

Forecasting Rossmann Store sales using store, promotion, and competitor data in machine learning techniques
Xiuzhen Guo, Sen Lin, Eric Yu

From Grayscale to Color: Digital Image Colorization using Machine Learning
Jim Andress, Cristian Zanoci

Game theory meets machine learning
Dor Arad

Gaussian Process Regression with K-means Clustering for Very Short-Term Load Forecasting of Individual Buildings at Stanford
Carol Hsin

Generating Motion Capture Animation for Arbitrary Rigs
Marianna Neubauer, Shannon Kao

Gimme Food by The Yelping Stones
Mark Kwon

Gradient Boosting Trees to Predict Store Sales
Maksim Korolev

Handwritten Digit Recognition through Unsupervised Learning
Qingyang Xu, Xinyi Jiang, Huy Pham

Head Impact Detection Using Head Acceleration Data
Lyndia Wu, Kaveh Laksari, Mehmet Kurt

Hidden Markov Model for Emotion Detection in Speech
Raunaq Rewari, Pratyush Havelia, Cyprien de Lichy

How Fire is Your Mixtape?
Pedro Garzon, Vinson Luo, Reynis Vazquez-Guzman

How well does language-based community detection work for Reddit?
Urvashi Khandelwal, Silei Xu

Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Devices Sensor Data
Chenying Zhang, Shutong Zhang, Jason Wu

Human Activity Recognition: A method combining smartphone and wearable device signals analysis
Yinglan Ma, Yunong Jiang, Zhongjie Li

Identifying Cardiomyocytes from Acoustic Measurements
Alex Lemon

Identifying Volcanoes from Elevation Profile
Elizabeth Culbertson

Identifying injury-inducing factors in baseball pitchers
Prafull Sharma, Jae Jang, Raejoon Jung

Identifying the Higgs Boson
Anton Apostolatos, Guy Amdur, Leonard Bronner

Improved Search for Explore Courses
Sam Redmond, Eddie Wang

Intelligent Rapid Voice Recognition Using Neural Tensor Networks, Support Vector Machines, and Reinforcement Learning
Aashna Garg, Davis Wong Wertheimer, James Pitkin Cranston

Jet Charge Characterization at the LHC
Krishna Soni, Thomas Dylan Rueter

KPI-Driven Predictive ML Models Approach Towards Municipal Budgeting Optimization
Bo Shen, Bas Hendri, Kun Shao

Kernel learning framework for cancer subtype analysiswith multi-omics data integration
Thomas Lau, Shivaal Roy, William Bradbury

LSTM model for human trajectory prediction
Kratarth Goel, Alexandre Robicquet

Landslides Susceptibility Mapping In Nepal Using Spatial Feature Vectors
Markus Zechner, Kyu Koh Yoo, Muhammad Almajid

Language Identification from Text Documents
Priyank Mathur, Arkajyoti Misra, Emrah Budur

Learn to Integrate diagram and text in AI geometry reasoning
Arianna Yuan, Te-Lin Wu

Learned Thermal Features for Pedestrian Detection
Lyne Tchapmi

Learning Chemical Trends in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Charlie Tsai, Xinyan Liu, Leo Shaw

Learning of visualization of object recognition features and image reconstruction
Chenyue Meng, Qiao Tan, Yuanlin Wen

Learning the topology of the genome from protein-DNA interactions
Suhas Rao

Learning to Play Atari Games
David Hershey, Blake Wulfe

Learning with Difference of Gaussian Features in the 3D Segmentation of Glioblastoma Brain Tumors
Zhao Chen, Darvin Yi, Tianmin Liu

Localization Through Wireless Access Point Channel State Information
Alexander Dewing, Xiaonan Tong, Robert Sun

Logo Recognition Using SIFT and Machine Learning
Kaicheng Wang

Long-Short Strategy Using Bank Analysts Recommendations
Thomas Ayoul, Nicolas Meiller, Alexandre Elkrief

ML in Network Intrusion Detection
Liru Long, Xilei Wang, Xiaoxi Zhu

Machine Hound: Following an olfactory trail
Marguerite Graveleau, Jacques de Chalendar, Clement Renault

Machine Learning Applications in Equity Statistical Arbitrage
Kevin Wu, Travis Le

Machine Learning Classifier for Preoperative Diagnosis of Benign Thyroid Nodules
Joshua Yoon, Blanca Villanueva

Machine Learning Equalization Techniques for High Speed PAM4 Fiber Optic Communication Systems
Ilya Lyubomirsky

Machine Learning Methods for News Popularity Prediction
Xuandong Lei, Hongsheng Fang, Xiaoti Hu

Machine Learning for Daily Fantasy Football Quarterback Selection
Peter Dolan, Hassan Karaouni, Alec Powell

Machine Learning in Automatic Music Chords Generation
Ziheng Chen, Jie Qi, Yifei Zhou

Machine Learning on Technical Indicator for Stock Trading
William Shen

Vinaya Polamreddi, Juhi Amitkumar Naik

Medical Record Understanding
Daniel Thirman

Medical image retrieval from 3D lesion content
Blaine Rister

Melody Extraction from Generic Audio Clips
Connie Zeng, Hansohl Kim, Thaminda Edirisooriya

Memory Neural Networks
David Biggs, Andrew Nuttall

Methods for Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes
Duyun Chen, Yaxuan Yang, Junrui Zhang

Model reductions in quantum optical devices
Tatsuhiro Onodera, Edwin Ng, Gil Tabak

Modeling MOOC Dropouts
Gaurav Aggarwal, Degao Peng

Multiclass Emotion Analysis of Social Media Posts
Alec Glassford, Berk Coker

Multifaceted Predictive Algorithms in Commodity Markets
Blake Jennings, Vineet Ahluwalia, Hunter Ash

Needle Tumor Puncture Detection Using a Force and Position Sensor
Nathan Usevitch, Joey Greer

Neighborhood and Review Score Prediction for Airbnb Listings
Emily Tang, Kunal Sangani

Object Classification Using RGB-D Data for Vision Aids
Trisha Lian, Anthony Pelot, Kyle Chiang

Object classification for autonomous vehicle navigation of Stanford campus
Sarah Thornton, Heather Blundell

Offline Music Recommendation
Emilien Dupont, William Zhang, Isabelle Jueli Rao

On the relation between solar flares and corona mass ejections, from a machine learning view
Ruizhu Chen, Xin Zheng

Online Detection of Code Reuse Attacks
Yifan Lu, Christopher Hansen

Optimizing Information Transfer Rates of Keyboard-based Brain-Computer Interfaces
James Thomson

Parameter Estimation with MOCK algorithm
Bowen Deng

Pedestrian Detection with RCNN
Matthew Chen

Pile up subtraction and jet energy measurement in particle physics using machine learning
Jiakun Li, Yujia Zhang, Vein Kong

Planet Labels - How do we use our earth?
Timon Ruban, Vincent Sitzmann, Rishabh Bhargava

Player valuation in soccer/football
Irena Fischer-Hwang, Alexander Hristov

Playing Tetris with Genetic Algorithms
Jason Lewis

Plead or Pitch? Predicting the Performance of Kickstarter Campaigns
Nihit Desai, Raghav Gupta, Karen Truong

Predict Employees' Computer Access Needs in Company
Xin Zhou, Wenqi Xiang

Predicting A Student's Performance
Vani Khosla

Predicting Bill Passage
Pablo Hernandez, Noah Makow, Kyle Gulshen

Predicting Bill Votes in the House of Representatives
Scott Kravitz, Tom Henighan

Predicting Contrast Performance for the Gemini Planet Imager
Jean-Baptiste Ruffio, Victoria Borish, Katherine Sytwu

Predicting Cuisine Type From Ingredients
Elizabeth Howe

Predicting Default Rate of a Lending Club User
Simon Dae-oong Kim, Genki Kondo, Shun Chang

Predicting Design PPA
Nikhil Bhagdikar

Predicting Final Scores of Major League Baseball Games
Ben Weems, Nicolas Cserepy, Robbie Ostrow

Predicting Financial Market Stability Using News and Google Trends Data
Anusha Balakrishnan, Kalpit Dixit

Predicting Future Employment, Productivity, and Income
Jake McKinnon

Predicting Intraday Market Volatility Using Macroeconomic Headline News
William Wright, Carolyn Campbell, Rujia Jiang

Predicting Momentum Streaks in the NBA
Brian Mittl, Vijay Singh, Whitney LaRow

Predicting Movie Revenue from Pre-Release Data
Thomas Lampo, Lili Yang, Benjamin Flora

Predicting Musical Eras of Songs
Yueyao Zhu, Jiaqi Xue, Yandi Li

Predicting Optimal Game Day Fantasy Football Teams
Travis Swenson, Glenn Sugar

Predicting Rainfall using Radar Data
Jane Bae, Haechang Lee, Hayoung Seo

Predicting Roles in "The Resistance" Board Game
Tristan Breeden

Predicting Rossman Store Sales
David Beam, Mark Schramm

Predicting Running Ability from Race History
Matthew Millett

Predicting Short-Range Displacements From Sensor Data
Jun-Ting Hsieh, Maurice Shih

Predicting Short-term Market Response to Liquidity Shocks
Kartikey Asthana, Roberto Colon Quinones, Joshua Romero

Predicting Song Popularity
Edric Kyauk, Edwin Park, James Pham

Predicting Stock Prices through Textual Analysis of Web News
Daniel Gallegos Ortega, Alice Hau

Predicting Store Sales
Paulo Orenstein

Predicting Student Earnings After College
Miranda Strand, Tommy Truong

Predicting Valuations of Venture Capital-backed Private Companies
Caroline Frost, Tigran Askaryan

Predicting Win Percentage and Winning Features of NBA Teams
Nattapoom Asavareongchai, Evan Giarta

Predicting Wine Varietals from Reviews
Kate Willison, Eli Ben-Joseph, Ron Tidhar

Predicting Yelp Star Ratings Based on Text Analysis of User Reviews
Junyi Wang

Predicting and Evaluating the Popularity of Online News
He Ren, Quan Yang

Predicting and Identifying Hyperlinks in Wikipedia Articles
Cindy Wang, Annie Hu, Neel Guha

Predicting political ideology using campaign finance data
Keri McKiernan, Joe Napoli

Predicting quality of wine based on chemical attributes
Zhenxiang Zhou, Yi Liu, Amelia Lemionet

Predicting the progression of the ALS disease in Patients
Michael Black, Neeharika Madduri, Durga Ganesh

Predicting winning rate of DotA2 games
Kuangyan Song, Tianyi Zhang, Chao Ma

Prediction of Airline Ticket Price
Ruixuan Ren, Yunzhe Yang, Shenli Yuan

Prediction of Post-Collegiate Earnings
Keith Wyngarden, Monica Agrawal, Priya Ganesan

Prediction of Time of Peak Exchange Rate
Lucio Dery, Charles Mulemi

Prediction of Yelp Ratings Based on Reviewer Comments Segmented by Business Type
Kent Lee, James Ross

Prediction of a Judge Decision during a trial
Luis Ceferino, Julia Andre, Thomas Trinelle

Prediction of clinical outcomes in breast invasive carcinoma using omics data
Anna Shcherbina, Alice Yu, Hunter Boyce

Price Predictions Using Home Sales Data
Nico Chaves

Pulse-type classification for the Large Underground Xenon dark matter search
Kelly Stifter

Quantifying decision impact in MOBA games
Edward Gan, Justin Huang, Frederic Ren

Question Answering on the bAbI Dataset using LSTMs
Vincent Su

Rating the Raters: Bias Analysis on Yelp Reviews for Improved Star Rating System
Qiaojing Yan, Haitong Li, Jingwei Ji

Reading Minds: Predicting Stimuli from fMRI Data
Morgan Tanasijevich, Roger Song, Alexander Carlisle

Recognizing network traces of various web services
Alexander Schaub, Alexandros Hollender

Recommendation System Leveraging Heterogeneity of Relations in a Social Network
Jayanth Ramesh, Pulkit Agrawal, Agrim Gupta

Recommending chemotherapy drugs by SNPs
Margreth Mpossi

Reducing False Arrhythmia Alarms in the Intensive Care Unit
Katarina Miller, Andrew Ward, Daniel Miller

Reinforcement Learning For Adaptive Traffic Signal Control With Limited Information
Jeffrey Glick

Reliability of seismic data for hydrocarbon reservoir characterization
Geetartha Dutta

RoboCop: Crime Classification and Prediction in San Francisco
John Cherian, Mitchell Dawson

Rossman Store Sales Prediction
Tian Yang, Zhuyuan (Julia) Liu

Rossmann Store Sales Prediction
Chenghao Wang, Yang Li

Rossmann Time Series
Allen Huang, Jesiska Tandy

Sales Prediction for Rossmann Drug Stores
Brian Knott, Andrew Simpson, Hanbin Liu

Sales Prediction with Time Series Modeling
Gautam Shine, Sanjib Basak

Scanning probe microscopy based on reinforcement learning
Eric Yue Ma

Semi-blind deconvolution for coded aperture imaging
Julie Chang

Sign Language Recognition using Temporal Classification
Fahim Dalvi, Hardie Cate, Zeshan Hussain

Similar language detection
Daniel Levy, Shenglan Qiao

Smart Adaptive Sampling for Photorealistic Rendering: Learning Samplers for Monte Carlo Ray Tracing
Winnie Lin, Timothy Wu

SocialSense: Quantifying Social Media Linkage and Malicious Intent Across the Web
Joel Shackelford, Alexander Spizler, Yang Xu

Spacecraft Navigation in Cluttered, Dynamic Environments Using 3D Lidar
Andrew Bylard, Shreyasha Paudel

SpeakerTagger: a Speaker Diarization System
Jordan Cazamias, Naoki Eto, Ye Yuan

Spectral Transition-Based Playlist Prediction
Christopher Billovits, Rahul Prabala, Nipun Agarwala

Speech to Song Classification
Emily Graber

Spoken Character Recognition
Tian-Shun Jiang, Jason Liu, Yuki Inoue

Subreddit Submission Expected Performance
Jeff Setter, Don Mai, Alex Jin

Subspace Clustering
Weiwei Feng

Swing Copters AI
Monisha White, Nolan Walsh

Techniques for Local Ancestry Inference in Admixed Populations
Naveen Arivazhagan, Hyeji Kim, Edwin Yuan

The Lowest Form of Wit: Identifying Sarcasm in Social Media
Vivian Hsu, Saachi Jain

The Price is Right? Estimating Medical Costs with Machine Learning
Samantha Steele, Sarah Rosston

Thyroid Dysfunction: Prediction and Diagnostics
Alexandra Pappas, Albert "Ya-Po" Lui

Top 100 Song Classifier
Gabriel Garza, Julien Kawawa-Beaudan

Top-Rated Series Characterization and Audience Rating Prediction
Yiwen Xu, Yushu Chai, Zihui Liu

Towards Improving the Accuracy of Consumer Heart Rate Monitors
Rea Rostosky

Tracing SPN dendritic branches and classifying their neuronal inputs
Eddy Albarran, Xulu Sun

Training Minesweeper
Luis Gardea, Griffin Koontz, Ryan Silva

UAV Coordination Tables via Learning from Various Logic Tables
Rachael Tompa

Unsupervised Learning for Analyzing Brain Tumors
Teun de Planque, Guillermo Angeris, Christopher Elamri

Unsupervised Learning of Writing Style
Rade Spegar

Upward Reward Perturbation for Reinforcement Learning
Ling Zhu, Zhengyuan Zhou

User Demographics and Profile Pictures as a Predictor of Attractiveness in AI Meets Online Dating Online Dating Profiles
Huyen Nguyen, Tucker Leavitt, Duncan Wood

Using CNNs to Estimate Depth from Stereo Imagery
Jayant Thatte, Skanda Shridhar, Tyler Jordan

Using DNA methylation to predict white blood cells frequencies in tumor tissue samples
Marcos Prunello, Ying-Cheng (Chris) Lee

Using Gaussian Processes to Determine Relative Bearing to an RF Source
Louis Dressel

Using Pre-NBA Data to Predict Early NBA Career Success
Chris House, Ryan Edwards, Nathan Lord

Using Pre-Operative Patient Information to Predict Outcomes of Cerebral Palsy Patients Undergoing Gastrocnemius Lengthening Surgery
Alec McGlaughlin, Jamie Stark, Ellen Tsay

Using Spectral Clustering to Sample Molecular States and Pathways
Surl-Hee (Shirley) Ahn, Johannes Birgmeier

Using machine learning for medium frequency derivative portfolio trading
Abhijit Sharang, Chetan Rao

Vision-Based Hand Hygiene Monitoring in Hospitals
Boya Peng, Zelun Luo, Zuozhen Liu

Whale Detection & Identification from Aerial Photography
Aditya Mahajan, Adrien Perkins

What can we learn from a movie's color?
Ethan Chan, Rajarshi Roy, John Lee

What makes a good muffin?
Ivan Ivanov

What's your Type? Personalized Predictions of Facial Attractiveness
Sam Crognale, Danish Shabbir

Win Some, Learn Some
Ivan Suarez Robles, Joseph Wu

Your Next Personal Trainer
Brandon Garcia, Russell Kaplan, Aditya Viswanathan


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