CS 229 Machine Learning
Final Projects, Autumn 2014

Nonlinear Reconstruction of Genetic Networks Implicated in AML.Aaron Goebel, Mihir Mongia .[pdf]

Can Machines Learn Genres.Aaron Kravitz, Eliza Lupone, Ryan Diaz.[pdf]

Identifying Gender From Facial Features.Abhimanyu Bannerjee, Asha Chigurupati.[pdf]

Equation to LaTeX.Abhinav Rastogi, Sevy Harris.[pdf]

Intensity prediction using DYFI.Abhineet Gupta.[pdf]

Artificial Intelligence on the Final Frontier - Using Machine Learning to Find New Earths.Abraham Botros.[pdf]

Life Expectancy Post Thoracic Surgery.Adam Abdulhamid, Ivaylo Bahtchevanov, Peng Jia.[pdf]

Making Sense of the Mayhem- Machine Learning and March Madness.Adam Ginzberg, Alex Tran.[pdf]

Better Reading Levels through Machine Learning.AdamGall.[pdf]

What are People Saying about Net Neutrality.Adison Wongkar, Christoph Wertz.[pdf]

Bird Species Identification from an Image.Aditya Bhandari, Ameya Joshi, Rohit Patki.[pdf]

Stay Alert.Aditya Sarkar, Quentin Perrot, Julien Kawawa.[pdf]

A bigram extension to word vector representation.Adrian Sanborn, Jacek Skryzalin.[pdf]

Mining for Confusion - Classifying Affect in MOOC Learners' Discussion Forum Posts.Akshay Agrawal, Shane Leonard.[pdf]

Cardiac Arrhythmias Patients.AlGharbi Fatema, Fazel Azar, Haider Batool.[pdf]

Prediction of Average and Perceived Polarity in Online Journalism.Albert Chu, Kensen Shi, Catherine Wong.[pdf]

Cardiac Dysrhythmia Detection with GPU-Accelerated Neural Networks.Albert Haque.[pdf]

Nicolas Sanchez Ruck Those Stats!.Alejandro Sanchez.[pdf]

Classifying Wikipedia People Into Occupations.Aleksandar Gabrovski.[pdf]

Classification of Soil Contamination.Aleo Mok.[pdf]

Automated Essay Grading.Alex Adamson, Andrew Lamb, Ralph Ma.[pdf]

Relative and absolute equity return prediction using supervised learning.Alex Alifimoff, Axel Sly.[pdf]

Seizure Prediction from Intracranial EEG Recordings.Alex Fu, Spencer Gibbs, Yuqi Liu.[pdf]

Predicting Seizure Onset with Intracranial Electroencephalogram(EEG) Data.Alex Greaves, Arushi Raghuvanshi, Kai-Yuan Neo.[pdf]

Classifying Complex Legal Documents.Alex Ratner.[pdf]

Machine Learning Applied to the Detection of Retinal Blood Vessels.Alex Yee.[pdf]

Survival Outcome Prediction for Cancer Patients.Alexander Herrmann .[pdf]

Predicting Cellular Link Failures to Improve User Experience on Smartphones.Alexander Tom, Srini Vasudevan.[pdf]

Yelp Personalized Reviews.Alexis Weill, Thomas Palomares, Arnaud Guille.[pdf]

KMeansSL.Alfred Xue, Colin Wei.[pdf]

Strength in numbers_ Modelling the impact of businesses on each other.Amir Sadeghian, Hakan Inan, Andres Noetzli.[pdf]

Correlation Based Multi-Label Classification.Amit Garg, Jonathan Noyola, Romil Verma.[pdf]

Landmark Recognition Using Machine Learning.Andrew Crudge, Will Thomas, Kaiyuan Zhu.[pdf]

CarveML an application of machine learning to file fragment classification.Andrew Duffy.[pdf]

rClassifier.Andrew Giel,Jon NeCamp,HussainKader.[pdf]

Using Vector Representations to Augment Sentiment Analysis Training Data.Andrew McLeod, Lucas Peeters.[pdf]

What Project Should I Choose.Andrew Poon.[pdf]

Analyzing Vocal Patterns to Determine Emotion.Andy Sun, Maisy Wieman.[pdf]

Predicting the Commercial Success of Songs Based on Lyrics and Other Metrics.Angela Xue, Nick Dupoux.[pdf]

Application Of Machine Learning To Aircraft Conceptual Design.Anil Variyar.[pdf]

Extracting Word Relationships from Unstructured Data.Anirudha Bhat, Krithika Iyer, Rahul Venkatraj.[pdf]

Machine Learning for Predicting Delayed Onset Trauma Following Ischemic Stroke.Anthony Ma, Gus Liu.[pdf]

Classifying Online User Behavior Using Contextual Data.Anunay Kulshrestha, Akshay Rampuria, Aditya Ramakrishnan.[pdf]

Real Time Flight Path Optimization Under Constraints Using Surrogate Flutter Function.Arthur Paul-Dubois-Taine.[pdf]

Real-Time Dense Map Matching with Naive Hidden Markov Models Delay versus Accuracy.Arun Jambulapati, Juhana Kangaspunta, Youssef Ahres, Loek Janssen.[pdf]

Prediction Function from Sequence in Venom Peptide Families.Arvind Kannan, G. Seshadri.[pdf]

Restaurant Recommendation System.Ashish Gandhe.[pdf]

Home Electricity Load Forecasting.Atinuke Ademola Idowu, Pawel Kupsc, Sonya Mollinger.[pdf]

Learning Dota 2 Team Compositions.Atish Agarwala, Michael Pearce.[pdf]

Applying Deep Learning to derive insights about non-coding regions of the genome.Avanti Shrikumar, Anna Saplitski, Sofia Luna Frank-Fischer.[pdf]

Classification of Higgs Jets as Decay Products of a Randall-Sundrum Graviton at the ATLAS Experiment.Aviv Cukierman, Zihao Jiang.[pdf]

SemenFertilityPrediction.Axel Guyon,Florence Koskas,Yoann Buratti.[pdf]

Sentiment Analysis Using Semi-Supervised Recursive Autoencoders and Support Vector Machines.Bahareh Ghiyasian, Yun Fei Guo.[pdf]

Classifying Syllables in Imagined Speech using EEG Data.Barak Oshri, Nishith Khandwala, Manu Chopra.[pdf]

Abraham Starosta-Typeguess.Baris Akis, Mariano Sorgente.[pdf]

Predicting Usefulness of Yelp Reviews.Ben Isaacs, Xavier Mignot, Maxwell Siegelman.[pdf]

Predicting Soccer Results in the English Premier League.Ben Ulmer, Matt Fernandez.[pdf]

Detecting Heart Abnormality using ECG with CART.Ben Zhou, Gaspar Garcia, Paurakh Rajbhandary.[pdf]

Down and Dirty with Data.Bharat Arora, Roger Davidson, Christopher Wildman.[pdf]

Hierarchical Classification of Amazon Products.Bin Wang, Shaoming Feng.[pdf]

Predicting high-risk countries for political instability and conflict.Blair Huffman, Emma Marriott, April Yu.[pdf]

Machine Learning Implementation in live-cell tracking.Bo Gu.[pdf]

Any Given Sunday.Bobak Moallemi, Matthew Wilson, Steven Hoerning.[pdf]

P300 Error Detection.Boyeaux Felix,Chatoor Nehan.[pdf]

Automated Canvas Analysis for Painting Conservation.Brendan Tobin.[pdf]

Office Appliance Classification.Brock Petersen, Gerrit de Moor, Elissa Goldner.[pdf]

Sentiment Analysis on Movie Reviews.Cai Xiao, Ya Wang.[pdf]

Predicting Mobile Application Success.Cameron Tuckerman.[pdf]

Modeling Activity Recognition Using Physiological Data Collected from Wearable Technology.Cezanne Camacho, Jennifer Li, Jeffrey Yang.[pdf]

Neural Network Joint Language Model.Charles Qi.[pdf]

Yelp Recommendation System Using Advanced Collaborative Filtering.Chee Hoon Ha.[pdf]

Prediction of Yelp Review Star Rating using Sentiment Analysis.Chen Li, Jin Zhang.[pdf]

Classification of Bad Accounts in Credit Card Industry.Chengwei Yuan.[pdf]

Classification Of Musical Playing Styles.Chet Gnegy.[pdf]

Email Filtering By Response Required.Chris Knight.[pdf]

Forecasting Utilization in City Bike-Share Program.Christina Lee, David Wang, Adeline Wong.[pdf]

Recommender.Christopher Aberger.[pdf]

Predicting Cell Type-Specific Chromatin States from Genetic Regulatory Networks.Christopher Probert, Anthony Ho.[pdf]

Pose Estimation Based on 3D Models.Chuiwen Ma, Liang Shi.[pdf]

Visual Localization and POMDP for Autonomous Indoor Navigation.Chulhee Yun, Sungjoon Choi.[pdf]

Contours and Kernels-The Art of Sketching.Dan Guo,Paula Kusumaputri,Amani Peddada.[pdf]

Indoor Positioning System Using Wifi Fingerprint.Dan Li, Le Wang, Shiqi Wu.[pdf]

Predicting air pollution level in a specific city.Dan Wei.[pdf]

Prediction of Transcription Factors that Regulate Common Binding Motifs.Dana Wyman, Emily Alsentzer.[pdf]

Multi-class motif discovery in keratinocyte differentiation.Daniel Kim.[pdf]

Defensive Unit Performance Analysis.Daniel ONeel, Reed Johnson.[pdf]

Diagnosing Malignant versus Benign Breast Tumors via Machine Learning Techniques in High Dimensions.Danielle Maddix.[pdf]

Hacking the Hivemind.Daria Lamberson,Leo Martel, Simon Zheng.[pdf]

Diagnosing Parkinson's from Gait.Daryl Chang, Marco Alban-Hidalgo, Kevin Hsu.[pdf]

Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms on GPUs for Real-Time Traffic Sign Classification.Dashiell Bodington, Eric Greenstein, Matthew Hu.[pdf]

Vignette.David Eng, Andrew Lim, Pavitra Rengarajan.[pdf]

Machine Learning In JavaScript.David Frankl.[pdf]

Searching for exoplanets in the Kepler public data.David Glass, Xiaofan Jin.[pdf]

Model Clustering via Group Lasso.David Hallac.[pdf]

Improving Positron Emission Tomography Imaging with Machine Learning.David Hsu.[pdf]

Algorithmic Trading of Futures via Machine Learning.David Montague.[pdf]

Topic based comments exploration for online articles.Deepak Zambre, Ajey Shah.[pdf]

Personal Legal Counselor and Interpreter of the Law via Machine Learning.Derek Yan, Tianyi Wang, Patrick Chase.[pdf]

Personalized Web Search.Dhanraj Mavilodan, Kapil Jaisinghani, Radhika Bansal.[pdf]

Detecting Ads in a Machine Learning Approach.Di Zhang.[pdf]

Predicting Mitochondrial tRNA Modification.Diego Calderon.[pdf]

Collaborative Neighborhoods.Diego Represas, David Dindi.[pdf]

Estimation of Causal Effects from Observational Study of Job Training Program.Dmitry Arkhangelsky, Rob Donnelly.[pdf]

Deep Leraning Architecture for Univariate Time Series Forecasting.Dmitry Vengertsev.[pdf]

Solomon.Do Kwon, Gyujin Oh, Ki Suk Jang, Ji Park.[pdf]

Automatic detection of nanoparticles in tissue sections.Dor Shaviv, Orly Liba.[pdf]

Implementation of Deep Convolutional NeuralNet on a DSP.Elaina Chai.[pdf]

Evergreen or Ephemeral - Predicting Webpage Longevity Through Relevancy Features.Elaine Zhou, Lingtong Sun.[pdf]

MacMalware.Elizabeth Walkup.[pdf]

Extractive Fiction Summarization Using Sentence Significance Scoring Models.Eric Holmdahl, Ashkon Farhangi, Lucio Tan.[pdf]

Identifying And Predicting Market Reactions To Information Shocks In Commodity Markets.Eric Liu, Vedant Ahluwalia, Deepyaman Datta, Dongyang Zhang.[pdf]

An EM-Derived Approach to Blind HRTF Estimation.Eric Schwenker.[pdf]

The Many Dimensions of Net Neutrality.Erin Antono, Deger Turan, Justine Zhang.[pdf]

Learning To Predict Dental Caries For Preschool Children.Fangzhou Guo, Huaiyang Zhong, Yuchen Li.[pdf]

Information based feature selection.Farzan Farnia, Abbas Kazerouni, Afshin Babveyh.[pdf]

Identifying Elephant Vocalizations.Flavia Crisrtina Grey Rodriguez, Sergio Patricio Figueroa Sanz.[pdf]

Predicting Protein Fragment Binding.Flynn Wu.[pdf]

Bike Share Usage Prediction in London.Ford Rylander, Bo Peng, Jeff Wheeler.[pdf]

Localized Explicit Semantic Analysis.Francis Lewis.[pdf]

Robo Brain Massive Knowledge Base for Robots.Gabriel Kho, Christina Hung, Hugh Cunningham.[pdf]

Understanding Music Genre Similarity.Gabriela Groth.[pdf]

Correlated Feature Selection for Single-Cell Phenotyping.Geoff Stanley.[pdf]

Activity Recognition in Construction Sites Using 3D Accelerometer and Gyrometer.Gustavo Cezar .[pdf]

Event-based stock market prediction.Hadi Pouransari, Hamid Chalabi.[pdf]

Recommendation Based On User Experience.Hai Vu.[pdf]

Spectrum Adaptation in Multicarrier Interference Channels.Haleema Mehmood.[pdf]

Exploring Potential for Machine Learning on Data About K-12 Teacher Professional Development.Hamilton Plattner.[pdf]

Player Behavior and Optimal Team Compositions for Online Multiplayer Games.Hao Yi Ong, Sunil Deolalikar, Mark Peng.[pdf]

Algorithmic Trading Strategy Based On Massive Data Mining.Haoming Li, Tianlun Li, Zhijun Yang.[pdf]

Face Detection And Recognition Of Drawn Characters.Herman Chau.[pdf]

Gene Expression Analysis Of HCMV Latent Infection.Hie Hong.[pdf]

A New Kalman Filter Method.Hojat Ghorbanidehno, Hee Sun Lee.[pdf]

Using Tweets for single stock price prediction.Hongshan Chu, Ye Tian, Hongyuan Yuan.[pdf]

Classification of Human Posture and Movement Using Accelerometer Data.Huafei Wang, Jennifer Wu.[pdf]

Naìˆve Bayes Classifier And Profitability of Options Gamma Trading.HyungSup Lim.[pdf]

Vector-based Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews.Ian Roberts, Lisa Yan.[pdf]

A General-Purpose Sentence-Level Nonsense Detector.Ian Tenney.[pdf]

Characterizing Genetic Variation in Three Southeast Asian Populations.Ilana Arbisser, Jonathan Kang.[pdf]

Machine Learning for the Smart Grid.Iliana Voynichka.[pdf]

Predicting Africa Soil Properties.Iretiayo Akinola, Thomas Dowd.[pdf]

Automated Bitcoin Trading via Machine Learning Algorithms.Isaac Madan, Shaurya Saluja, Aojia Zhao.[pdf]

SkatBot.Ivan Leung, Pedro Milani, Ben-han Sung.[pdf]

Tradeshift Text Classification.Jacob Conrad Trinidad, Ian Torres.[pdf]

New York City Bike Share.James Kunz, Everett Yip, Gary Miguel.[pdf]

Predicting Seizure Onset in Epileptic Patients Using Intercranial EEG Recordings.Janet An, Amy Bearman, Catherine Dong.[pdf]

Predicting Foster Care Exit.Jason Huang.[pdf]

Yelp Recommendation System.Jason Ting, Swaroop Indra Ramaswamy.[pdf]

Predicting National Basketball Association Game Winners.Jasper Lin, Logan Short, Vishnu Sundaresan.[pdf]

Predicting Yelp Ratings From Business and User Characteristics.Jeff Han, Justin Kuang, Derek Lim.[pdf]

Predicting Popularity of Pornography Videos.Jessie Duan.[pdf]

Accurate Campaign Targeting Using Classification Algorithms.Jieming Wei, Sharon Zhang.[pdf]

Forecasting Bike Rental Demand.Jimmy Du, Rolland He, Zhivko Zhechev.[pdf]

Predicting User Following Behavior On Tencent Weibo.Jinfeng Huang, Hai Huang, Zhaoyang Jin .[pdf]

Improving Taxi Revenue With Reinforcement Learning.Jingshu Wang, Benjamin Lampert.[pdf]

Learning Facial Expressions From an Image.Jithin Thomas, Bhrugurajsinh Chudasama, Chinmay Duvedi.[pdf]

All Your Base Are Belong To Us English Texts Written by Non-Native Speakers.Joanna Kim, Jonathan Hung.[pdf]

Identifying Regions High Turbidity.Joe Adelson.[pdf]

A Comparison of Classification Methods for Expression Quantitative Trait Loci.Joe Davis.[pdf]

Predicting Mobile Users Future Location.John Doherty .[pdf]

Machine Learning Madness.John Gold, Elliot Chanen.[pdf]

Semi-Supervised Learning For Sentiment Analysis.John Miller, Aran Nayebi, Amr Mohamed.[pdf]

Legal Issue Spotting.John Phillips.[pdf]

A novel way to Soccer Match Prediction.Jongho Shin, Robert Gasparyan.[pdf]

Morphological Galaxy Classification.Jordan Duprey, James Kolano.[pdf]

Predicting Helpfulness Ratings of Amazon Product Reviews.Jordan Rodak, Minna Xiao, Steven Longoria.[pdf]

Predicting Course Completions For Online Courses.Joseph Paetz.[pdf]

An Adaptive System For Standardized Test Preparation.Julia Enthoven.[pdf]

Single Molecule Biophysics Machine Learning For Automated Data Processing.Junhong Choi, Soomin Cho.[pdf]

Understanding Comments Submitted to FCC on Net Neutrality.Junhui Mao, Jing Xia, Woncheol Jeong.[pdf]

Direct Data-Driven Methods for Decision Making under Uncertainty.Junjie Qin.[pdf]

From Food To Wine.Justin Meier.[pdf]

Classifying Legal Questions into Topic Areas Using Machine Learning.Karthik Jagadeesh, Brian Lao.[pdf]

Predicting Hit Songs with MIDI Musical Features.Kedao Wang.[pdf]

Machine Learning Methods for Biological Data Curation.Kelley Paskov.[pdf]

Classifying Forest Cover Type using Cartographic Features.Kevin Crain, Graham Davis.[pdf]

Peer Lending Risk Predictor.Kevin Tsai,Sivagami Ramiah,Sudhanshu Singh.[pdf]

Learning Distributed Representations of Phrases.Konstantin Lopyrev.[pdf]

Estimation Of Word Representations Using Recurrent Neural Networks And Its Application In Generating Business Fingerprints.Kuan Fang.[pdf]

Gender Identification by Voice.Kunyu Chen.[pdf]

Applications Of Machine Learning To Predict Yelp Ratings.Kyle Carbon, Kacyn Fujii, Prasanth Veerina.[pdf]

Methodology for Sparse Classification Learning Arrhythmia.Lee Tanenbaum.[pdf]

Predicting March Madness.Levi Franklin.[pdf]

Net Neutrality Language Analysis.Li Tao, Xinyi Xie.[pdf]

Characterizing Atrial Fibrillation Burden for Stroke Prevention.Lichy Han.[pdf]

Predict Seizures in Intracranial EEG Recordings.Linyu He, Lingbin Li.[pdf]

Automated Music Track Generation.Louis Eugene, Guillaume Rostaing.[pdf]

Characterizing Overlapping Galaxies.Luis Alvarez.[pdf]

Understanding Player Positions in the NBA.Luke Lefebure.[pdf]

Cross-Domain Product Classification with Deep Learning.Luke de Oliveira, Alfredo Lainez, Akua Abu.[pdf]

Predicting Heart Attacks.Luyang Chen, Qi Cao, Sihua Li, Xiao Ju.[pdf]

Prediction of Bike Sharing Demand for Casual and Registered Users.Mahmood Alhusseini.[pdf]

Classification Of Arrhythmia Using ECG Data.Manas Karandikar, Giulia Guidi.[pdf]

What Can You Learn From Accelerometer Data.Manikantan Shila.[pdf]

Speaker Recognition for Multi-Source Single-Channel Recordings.Maria Frank, Neil Gallagher, Jose Kruse Perin.[pdf]

Prediction of consumer credit risk.Marie-Laure Charpignon, Enguerrand Horel, Flora Tixier.[pdf]

Machine Learning for Network Intrusion Detection.Martina Troesch, Ian Walsh.[pdf]

Predicting Paper Counts in the Biological Sciences.Matt Denton, Jose Hernandez, Debnil Sur.[pdf]

Prediction of Price Increase for MTG Cards.Matt Pawlicki, Joe Polin, Jesse Zhang.[pdf]

Twitter Classification into the Amazon Browse Node Hierarchy.Matthew Long, Jiao Yu, Anshul Kundani.[pdf]

Determining Mood From Facial Expressions.Matthew Wang, Spencer Yee.[pdf]

Visualizing Personalized Cancer Risk Prediction.Maulik Kamdar.[pdf]

Predicting the Total Number of Points Scored in NFL Games.Max Flores, Ajay Sohmshetty.[pdf]

Short Term Power Forecasting Of Solar PV Systems Using Machine Learning Techniques.Mayukh Samanta,Bharath Srikanth,Jayesh Yerrapragada.[pdf]

Star-Galaxy Separation in the Era of Precision Cosmology.Michael Baumer, Noah Kurinsky, Max Zimet.[pdf]

Artist Attribution via Song Lyrics.Michael Mara.[pdf]

Accelerometer Gesture Recognition.Michael Xie, David Pan.[pdf]

Arrythmia Classification for Heart Attack Prediction.Michelle Jin.[pdf]

#ML#NLP-Autonomous Tagging Of Stack Overflow Posts.Mihail Eric, Ana Klimovic, Victor Zhong.[pdf]

Scheduling Tasks Under Constraints.Mike Yu,Dennis Xu,Kevin Moody.[pdf]

Classification Of Beatles Authorship.Miles Bennett, Casey Haaland, Atsu Kobashi.[pdf]

Classification of Accents of English Speakers by Native Language.Morgan Bryant, Amanda Chow, Sydney Li.[pdf]

Exposing commercial value in social networks matching online communities and businesses.Murali Narasimhan, Camelia Simoiu, Anthony Ward.[pdf]

Hacking the genome.Namrata Anand.[pdf]

How Hot Will It Get Modeling Scientific Discourse About Literature.Natalie Telis.[pdf]

Permeability Prediction of 3-D Binary Segmented Images Using Neural Networks.Nattavadee Srisutthiyakorn.[pdf]

Automated Identification of Artist Given Unknown Paintings and Quantification of Artistic Style.Nicholas Dufour, Kyle Griswold, Michael Lublin.[pdf]

Predicting Lecture Video Complexity.Nick Su, Ismael Menjivar.[pdf]

Result Prediction of Wikipedia Administrator Elections based ondNetwork Features.Nikhil Desai, Raymond Liu, Catherine Mullings.[pdf]

Predicting The Treatment Status.Nikolay Doudchenko.[pdf]

Error Detection based on neural signals.Nir Even-Chen, Igor Berman.[pdf]

Speech Similarity.OReilly Mavrommatis.[pdf]

Data-Driven Modeling and Control of an Autonomous Race Car.Ohiremen Dibua, Aman Sinha, and John Subosits.[pdf]

Predicting the Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes Using Electronic Medical Records.Oliver Bear Dont Walk IV, David Joosten, Tim Moon.[pdf]

A Novel Approach to Predicting the Results of NBA Matches.Omid Aryan, Ali Reza Sharafat.[pdf]

Automatically Generating Musical Playlists.Paul Martinez.[pdf]

Solar Flare Prediction.Paul Warren,Gabriel Bianconi.[pdf]

Application of machine learning techniques for well pad identification inathe Bakken oil fielda.Philip Brodrick, Jacob Englander.[pdf]

Anomaly Detection in Bitcoin Network Using Unsupervised Learning Methods.Phillip Pham,Steven Li.[pdf]

Two-step Semi-supervised Approach for Music Structural Classificiation.Prateek Verma, Yang-Kai Lin, Li-Fan Yu.[pdf]

Domain specific sentiment analysis using cross-domain data.Praveen Rokkam, Marcello Hasegawa.[pdf]

Instrumental Solo Generator.Prithvi Ramakrishnan, Aditya Dev Gupta.[pdf]

Cross-Domain Text Understanding in Online SocialData.Qian Lin, Shenxiu Liu, Zhao Yang.[pdf]

From Paragraphs to Vectors and Back Again.Qingping He.[pdf]

HandwritingRecognition.Quan Nguyen, Maximillian Wang, Le Cheng Fan.[pdf]

Chemical Identification with Chemical Sensor Arrays.Quintin Stedman.[pdf]

Genre Classification Using Graph Representations of Music.Rachel Mellon, Dan Spaeth, Eric Theis.[pdf]

Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems.Rahul Makhijani, Saleh Samaneh, Megh Mehta.[pdf]

Detecting The Direction Of Sound With A Compact Microphone Array.Rajewski.[pdf]

Finding Undervalued Stocks With Machine Learning.Ramneet Rekhi, Huan Wei, Tucker Ward, Michael Downs.[pdf]

Multilevel Local Search Algorithms for Modularity Clustering.Randolf Rotta, Andreas Noack.[pdf]

Automated Detection and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias.Richard Tang, Saurabh Vyas.[pdf]

Predicting Kidney Cancer Survival From Genomic Data.Rishi Bedi, Duc Nguyen, Christopher Sauer, Benedikt Buenz.[pdf]

Multiclass Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews.Robert Chan, Michael Wang.[pdf]

Classification and Regression Approaches to Predicting US Senate Elections.Rohan Sampath, Yue Teng.[pdf]

Learning from Quantified Self Data.Roshan Vidyashankar.[pdf]

Predict Influencers in the Social Network.Ruishan Liu, Yang Zhao, Liuyu Zhou.[pdf]

Bias Detector.Rush Moody.[pdf]

Constructing Personal Networks Through Communication History.Ryan Houlihan, Hayk Matirosyan.[pdf]

Modeling Protein Interactions Using Bayesian Networks.Sabeek Pradhan, Shayne Longpre, Varun Vijay.[pdf]

Topic Analysis of the FCC's Public Comments on Net Neutrality.Sachin Padmanabhan, Leon Yao, Luda Zhao, Timothy Lee.[pdf]

Predicting Hospital Readmissions.Sajid Zaidi.[pdf]

Analyzing Positional Play in Chess Using Machine Learning.Sameep Bagadia, Pranav Jindal, Rohit Mundra.[pdf]

Yelp Restaurants' Open Hours.Samuel Bakouch, Adrien Boch, Benjamin Favreau.[pdf]

Identifying Arrhythmia from Electrocardiogram Data.Samuel McCandlish, Taylor Barrella.[pdf]

Diagnosing and Segmenting Brain Tumors and Phenotypes using MRI Scans.Samuel Teicher, Alexander Martinez.[pdf]

Exploring the Genetic Basis of Congenital Heart Defects.Sanjay Siddhanti, Jordan Hannel, Vineeth Gangaram.[pdf]

Attribution of Contested and Anonymous Ancient Greek Works.Sarah Beller, James Spicer.[pdf]

Object Detection for Semantic SLAM using Convolutional Neural Networks.Saumitro Dasgupta.[pdf]

Sentiment as a Predictor of Wikipedia Editor Activity.Sergio Martinez-Ortuno, Deepak Menghani, Lars Roemheld.[pdf]

Blowing Up The Twittersphere- Predicting the Optimal Time to Tweet.Seth Hildick-Smith, Zach Ellison.[pdf]

Evergreen Classification_ Exploring New Features.Shailesh Bavadekar.[pdf]

Detecting Lane Departures Using Weak Visual Features.Shane Soh, Ella Kim.[pdf]

Re-clustering of Constellations through Machine Learning.Shanshan Xu, Kaifeng Chen, Yao Zhou.[pdf]

Application of Neural Network In Handwriting Recognition.Shaohan Xu, Qi Wu, Siyuan Zhang.[pdf]

Recognition and Classification of Fast Food Images.Shaoyu Lu, Sina Lin, Beibei Wang.[pdf]

Reduced Order Greenhouse Gas Flaring Estimation.Sharad Bharadwaj, Sumit Mitra.[pdf]

Blood Pressure Detection from PPG.Sharath Ananth.[pdf]

Predicting Low Voltage Events on Rural Micro-Grids in Tanzania.Shea Hughes, Samuel Steyer, Natasha Whitney.[pdf]

Amazon Employee Access Control System_Updated_Version.Shijian Tang, Jiang Han, Yue Zhang.[pdf]

Prediction Onset Epileptic.Shima Alizadeh, Scott Davidson, Ari Frankel.[pdf]

Evaluating Pinch Quality of Underactuated Robotic Hands.Shiquan Wang, Hao Jiang.[pdf]

Reinforcement Learning With Deeping Learning in Pacman.Shuhui Qu, Tian Tan,Zhihao Zheng.[pdf]

Language identification and accent variation detection in spoken language recordings.Shyamal Buch, Jon Gauthier, Arthur Tsang.[pdf]

Enhancing Cortana User Experience Using Machine Learning.Siamak Shakeri, Emad Elwany.[pdf]

Who Matters.Sid Basu, David Daniels, Anthony Vashevko.[pdf]

Predicting Heart Attacks.Sihang Yu, Yue Zhao, Xuyang Zheng.[pdf]

Predicting Seizures in Intracranial EEG Recordings.Sining Ma, Jiawei Zhu.[pdf]

Structural Health Monitoring in Extreme Events from Machine Learning Perspective.Sophia Zhou,Jingxuan Zhang.[pdf]

On-line Kernel Learning for Active Sensor Networks.Stefan Jorgensen.[pdf]

ECommerce Sales Prediction Using Listing Keywords.Stephanie Chen.[pdf]

Review Scheduling for Maximum Long-Term Retention of Knowledge.Stephen Barnes, Cooper Frye, Khalil Griffin.[pdf]

Adaptive Spaced Repetition.Stephen Koo, Sheila Ramaswamy.[pdf]

Do a Barrel Roll.Steven Ingram, Tatiana Kuzovleva.[pdf]

Oil Field Production using Machine Learning.Sumeet Trehan.[pdf]

Predicting Success for Musical Artists through Network and Quantitative Data.Suzanne Stathatos, Zachary Yellin-Flaherty.[pdf]

Better Models for Prediction of Bond Prices.Swetava Ganguli, Jared Dunnmon.[pdf]

Classifying the Brain 27s Motor Activity via Deep Learning.Tania Morimoto,Sean Sketch.[pdf]

Prediction of Bike Rentals.Tanner Gilligan, Jean Kono.[pdf]

Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Based on White Matter Attributes.Tanya Glozman, Rosemary Le.[pdf]

MoralMachines- Developing a Crowdsourced Moral Framework for Autonomous Vehicle Decisions.Tara Balakrishnan, Jenny Chen, Tulsee Doshi.[pdf]

Context Specific Sequence Preference Of DNA Binding Proteins.Tara Friedrich.[pdf]

Predicting Reddit Post Popularity ViaInitial Commentary.Terentiev Tempest.[pdf]

Machine Learning for Continuous Human Action Recognition.Tian Tang.[pdf]

Predicting Pace Based on Previous Training Runs.Tiffany Jin.[pdf]

Probabilistic Driving Models and Lane Change Prediction.Tim Wheeler.[pdf]

Multiple Sensor Indoor Mapping Using a Mobile Robot.Timothy Lee.[pdf]

Bone Segmentation MRI Scans.Todor Markov William McCloskey.[pdf]

#Rechorder Anticipating Music Motifs In Real Time.Tommy Li, Yash Savani, Wilbur Yang.[pdf]

Prediction and Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia.Vasu Gupta, Sharan Srinivasan, Sneha Kudli.[pdf]

Predicting DJIA Movements from the Fluctuation of a Subset of Stocks.Veronique Moore.[pdf]

Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Reviews.Vikram Elango, Govindrajan Narayanan.[pdf]

Mood Detection with Tweets.Wen Zhang, Geng Zhao, Chenye Zhu.[pdf]

Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis.Wendy Ni, Xinwei Shi, Umit Yoruk.[pdf]

Object Recognition in Images.Wenqing Yang, Harvey Han.[pdf]

3D Scene Retrieval from Text.Will Monroe.[pdf]

Predicting Breast Cancer Survival Using Treatment and Patient Factors.William Chen, Henry Wang.[pdf]

Parking Occupancy Prediction and Pattern Analysis.Xiao Chen.[pdf]

Supervised DeepLearning For MultiClass Image Classification.Xiaodong Zhou.[pdf]

User Behaviors Across Domains .Xiaofei Fu, Norman Yu, Abhishek Garg.[pdf]

Seizure forecasting.Xiaoying Pang.[pdf]

Stock Trend Prediction with Technical Indicators using SVM.Xinjie Di.[pdf]

Predicting Usefulness of Yelp Reviews.Xinyue Liu, Michel Schoemaker, Nan Zhang.[pdf]

Obstacles Avoidance with Machine Learning Control Methods in Flappy Birds Setting.Yi Shu, Ludong Sun, Miao Yan, Zhijie Zhu.[pdf]

Yelp User Rating Prediction.Yifei Feng, Zhengli Sun.[pdf]

Demand Prediction of Bicycle Sharing Systems.Yu-chun Yin, Chi-Shuen Lee, Yu-Po Wong.[pdf]

Facial Keypoints Detection.Yue Wang,Yang Song.[pdf]

Is Beauty Really In The Eye Of The Beholder.Yun (Albee) Ling, Jocelyn Neff, and Jessica Torres.[pdf]

Sentiment Analysis of Yelp's Ratings Based on Text Reviews.Yun Xu, Xinhui Wu, Qinxia Wang.[pdf]

Multiclass Classifier Building with Amazon Data to Classify Customer Reviews into Product Categories.Yunzhen Hu, Te Hu, Haier Liu.[pdf]

An Energy Efficient Seizure Prediction Algorithm.Zhongnan Fang, Yuan Yuan, Andrew Weitz.[pdf]

Classifier Comparisons On Credit Approval Prediction.Zhoutong Fu, Zhedi Liu.[pdf]

Appliance Based Model for Energy Consumption Segmentation.Zi Yin, Thanchanok Teeraratkul, Nutthavuth Tamang.[pdf]

analysis on 1s1r array.Zizhen Jiang.[pdf]