CS 229
Machine Learning
Final projects from Autumn 2004

Predicting Freeway Congestion
Chris McNett

Supervised Learning of Query Term Relevant Product Recommendations
Thomas Philip Adams

Robotic Arm Control
Marina Sirota

Network Intrusion Detection
Ryohei Takahashi and Ling Xiao

Multi-Website Name Coreference Resolution
Sarah Solter and Julie Black

Probabilistic Independent Component Analysis for fMRI Data and Validating the Components using Learning Methods
Jian Zhang and Jing Chen

Machine learning algorithms for musical instrument recognition
Joelle Skaf

Classification of Network Flows
Jed Crosby

Vision and Learning for Quadruped Robot
Nick Sivo and Gurjeet Singh

Selection of Relevant Sites in Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
Aswath Manohar and Neha Agarwal

Grammar Acquisition in Natural Languages
Qizhi Chen and Stephane Laidebeure

Neural Network Approach to Option Pricing
Jaemyoung Kim

Unsupervised Learning for DNA Transcription Factors
Diane Schroeder

A System for Segmenting Video of Juggling
David Braginsky and NeilFred Picciotto

An EigenFace based approach to classify cell-signaling profiles
Nikesh Kotecha and Samuel Pearlman

Motor Skill Learning
Ping-Hsien Chin and Yu-Shan Chang

Reinforced Genre Classification and Vocal Segmentation of Popular Music
Daniel Jacobs

Feature Selection based on Maximizing the Separability in Gauss Mixture Models
Sangho Yoon

A Study on Aging Patterns of NBA Players
Andrew Aymeloglu

Chunking based learning of Associative Markov Networks for Segmentation of 3D Scan Data
Gaurav Garg and Geremy Heitz

Document Retrieval using Syntactic Analysis of Queries
Suchi Saria and Josh Taylor

Nonlinear Dimension Reduction Technique for Branching Structure
Joong Ho Won

Applying Sentiment Classification Techniques to the Personalization Problem
Kaan Baloglu and Rahul Pande

Stock Trading Learner
Bruce Lo

Dance, Dance Classification
Jenny Chen and Ian McGraw

Probabilistic Models for Identifying Genetic Basis of Gene Expression Variation
Su-In Lee

This Sentence is Not a Question, or Is It?
Praveen Kankanala

Learning Capital Structure Arbitrage
Russell Cummer and Dan Ben-Moshe

Using unlabelled data for Adaptation of Named-Entity Recognition Systems
Puneet Agrawal

Automated Failure Detection in Web Applications via Changes in User Behavior
Greg Friedman and Lukas Biewald

Using Unsupervised Learning to Build Image Feature Index Databases
Jiang Xuan and Eddy Hartanto

Semantic Context Classification
Benjanmin D'Angelo and Guy Isely

Control parameter optimization for autonomous driving on rough terrain
Joseph Baker-Malone

Machine Learning of Arm Dynamics for Collision Detection
Eric Berger

Probabilistic Group Scheduling For Chaotic People
Mike Brzozowski and Kendra Carattini

Data driven approach to generate dirt textures
Sung Hwan Chung

Simulating Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner using Particle Filters and PCA
Jason Kusuma and Kurt Tadayuki Miller

Separating Format and Content in Hypertext Documents
Michael Tung

Shape completion of nonrigid articulated objects
David Kale

K-Means Heuristics and Other Approaches to Clustering
David Berlekamp and Jared Kaplan

Learning to Focus Reasoning in a Reactive Agent
Nima Asgharbeygi and Negin Nejati

Quadrotor aircraft autonomous flight above ground effect using reinforcement learning control
Gabe Hoffmann

Spam Classification
Thuc Vu

Clustering Methods for Reference Resolution
Itamar Rosenn

Using Statistical Shape with Intensity and Texture Information for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Segmentation
Anthony Sherobondy

Snake robot motion planning for climbing obstacles
Wenmiao Lu

An Empirical Study of Public Education Spending and Student Performance
Avichal Garg

Sheet Music
James Connor and Alex Tomashevskiy

Stock Market Prediction
John Rice

Most Probable Ground Edge Explanation in an Image
Erick Delage

Learning an Event Model for Financial News and Stock Prices
Eric Foley

Shaun Lysen

Localization using Unsynchronized Ultrasonic Sensor Network with Unknown Node Locations
Ashutosh Saxena

Classification of remote sensing images with SVM
Alexandre Boucher

Image Segmentation for Desert Road Following
Kyle Heath

De-Obfuscation for Spam Emails
Honglak Lee