What are the prerequisites for the course?
Students are expected to have basic programming skills, and know some basic probability/statistics and linear algebra. You can find a more detailed description of the prerequisites in the course information.
I have a time conflict with this course and cannot attend the lectures in person. Is it still possible for me to take it?
Yes it is. This class is recorded and televised by SCPD, and so you will be able to watch the lectures online at the SCPD site. Regular Stanford students can access the videos here.
How do I access the forum/newsgroup?
You can access the Piazza forum here.
What is the difference between 3 and 4 units?
The class can be taken with 3 or 4 units. There is no difference in workload between them. We'd set it up this way mainly to give people more flexibility, and you're welcome to pick either. We generally encourage students to register for 4, but if you'd rather do 3 for any reason (such as if you have a cap on their number of units), registering for 3 is fine too.
Is this the same class as the free machine learning class?
No, that is a different class, which is not good for Stanford academic credit. You can learn more about it at www.ml-class.org.
What is the difference between CS229 and CS229A?
  • CS229 focuses on Machine Learning and will teach you all the major ML techniques from the mathematical theory to the practical application.
  • CS229A focuses on Applied Machine Learning. This flipped classroom will teach you the Machine Learning techniques from a practical perspective. It is less heavy on the maths than CS229.